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Welcome to Shoelyf.com, a vibrant blog where our goal is to help you make informed choices in your shoe buying journey.

Muhammad Arib Khan (co-founder Shoelyf.com)
Muhammad Arib Khan (Co-founder ShoeLyf.com)

Allow us to introduce ourselves – I’m Muhammad Arib Khan, a true shoe enthusiast with an insatiable passion for the world of footwear. Currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Iqra University in Karachi, I thrive on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

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I’m Nimra Atta, a dedicated writer and proud graduate with an M.phil in Botany or Plant Sciences from the esteemed University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Combining my love for writing and my expertise in plants and science, I offer a unique perspective that adds depth and insightful comparisons to the world of shoes.

Meet Tooba Shahid, the third co-founder of Shoelyf.com. Hailing from Karachi, Tooba completed her schooling at Shamsi School and is currently pursuing her pre-medical studies at Khursheed Government Degree College. With her diverse educational background and drive for excellence, Tooba contributes her unique insights and passion to our team, shaping the vision of Shoelyf.com.”

Together, we have created Shoelyf.com as a platform to help you navigate the world of shoes with confidence. Our focus is on providing comprehensive comparisons of different shoe brands and models, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Our commitment is to deliver accurate and well-researched content that equips you with the necessary knowledge to choose the perfect pair of shoes.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey at Shoelyf.com. We invite you to explore our blog, dive into our insightful comparisons, and trust that our content will be your trusted companion in finding your ideal footwear.