Are Rothy’s Good for Wide Feet?

Hey there, fellow shoe lover! If you’re someone with wide feet who’s been eyeing those trendy and eco-friendly Rothy’s flats, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to dive deep into the question: are Rothy’s good for wide feet? After all, finding comfortable and stylish shoes when you have wider tootsies can sometimes feel like a never-ending quest.

First things first, let’s talk about what makes Rothy’s so unique. These sustainable sneakers and flats are made from repurposed plastic water bottles and other recycled materials, which is pretty darn cool. But beyond their eco-friendly cred, Rothy’s are also known for their signature seamless knit construction, which is designed to stretch and mold to your feet for a “second skin” fit.

So, how does this knit design hold up for those of us with wider feet? Well, the verdict is… it depends. Like with any shoe brand, some Rothy’s styles and models will work better for wide feet than others. But overall, many customers with wider feet have reported that Rothy’s can accommodate their needs quite well – as long as you choose the right styles and sizes.

The Benefits of Rothy’s for Wide Feet

Let’s start with the good news: there are several reasons why Rothy’s can be a great option for those blessed with wider foot shapes:

Stretchy Knit Material

The seamless knit material used in Rothy’s shoes is incredibly stretchy and flexible, which can be a game-changer for wide feet that often feel constricted in rigid, non-stretchy materials. This knit fabric has the ability to conform and expand to the unique shape of your foot, providing a snug yet comfortable fit.

No Break-In Period

Unlike leather or other stiff materials that require a lengthy break-in period, Rothy’s knit fabric is soft and pliable right out of the box. This means no painful blisters or rubbing as the shoes slowly stretch to accommodate your wide feet – they’re ready to wear with comfort from day one.

Accommodating Styles

While Rothy’s flats and sneakers come in a range of styles, some are better suited for wide feet than others. Their popular Point and Loafer styles, for example, tend to run a bit narrow. However, the Round and Square styles, as well as their sneaker designs, often get high marks from wide-footed wearers for their roomy toe boxes and overall generous fit.

Customizable Insoles

Many Rothy’s styles come with removable insoles, which can be a major plus for wide feet. This allows you to swap in your own custom orthotics or inserts for added arch support and a more personalized fit.

Potential Drawbacks for Wide Feet

Of course, like any shoe brand, Rothy’s aren’t perfect – and there are a few potential downsides to consider if you have wide feet:

Sizing Can Be Tricky

While the stretchy knit material has its benefits, it can also make sizing a bit of a challenge, especially for those in between standard shoe sizes or with significantly wider-than-average feet. Some customers have reported having to size up or down to find their perfect Rothy’s fit.

Limited Wide Sizing Options

Unfortunately, Rothy’s doesn’t currently offer dedicated “wide width” sizing options like some other shoe brands do. This means you’ll need to rely on the general stretch and roominess of certain styles to accommodate your wide feet.

Potential for Overstretching

On the flip side of the stretchy knit material, some wearers have reported that their Rothy’s can stretch out too much over time, leading to a sloppy, unsupportive fit – especially if you have very wide feet that put extra pressure on the knit fabric.

Lack of Arch Support

While the removable insoles offer some customization options, many Rothy’s styles don’t provide substantial built-in arch support out of the box. This can be an issue for those with wide feet who also need extra arch reinforcement to prevent pain and fatigue.

Tips for Finding the Best Rothy’s for Wide Feet

So, what’s a wide-footed fashionista to do? Here are some tips to help you navigate the world of Rothy’s and find the best, most comfortable fit:

  • Focus on styles with a roomy toe box, like the Round, Square, and most sneaker designs.
  • Consider sizing up, especially if you’re between standard sizes or have very wide feet.
  • Take advantage of Rothy’s generous return policy to try out multiple sizes and styles until you find your perfect match.
  • Don’t be afraid to swap out the insoles for custom orthotics if you need extra arch support.
  • Pay attention to the material composition – some Rothy’s styles feature a higher percentage of stretch compared to others.
  • For maximum stretch, look for styles with a higher percentage of the brand’s signature seamless knit material.

At the end of the day, finding comfortable shoes as someone with wide feet is all about trial and error. But with Rothy’s focus on flexible knit construction and accommodating styles, you may just discover your new go-to shoe brand.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Rothy’s and wide feet:

Q: Do Rothy’s run true to size for wide feet?

A: This can vary from person to person, but many wide-footed customers recommend sizing up, especially if you’re between standard sizes or have very wide feet. The stretchy knit material provides some flexibility, but proper length sizing is still important.

Q: Which Rothy’s styles are best for wide feet?

A: The Round, Square, and sneaker styles tend to get the highest marks from those with wide feet thanks to their roomier toe boxes. The Point and Loafer styles can run a bit narrow.

Q: Can I return or exchange Rothy’s if they don’t fit my wide feet?

A: Absolutely! Rothy’s has a generous return and exchange policy, allowing you to try out multiple sizes and styles until you find the right fit.

Q: Are Rothy’s good for walking long distances with wide feet?

A: This can depend on the specific style and your need for arch support. The knit material and flexible design can make Rothy’s comfortable for extended wear, but some wide-footed customers recommend swapping in custom orthotics for added support during long walks.

Q: Do Rothy’s offer any wide width sizing options?

A: Unfortunately, no – Rothy’s does not currently offer dedicated wide width sizes. You’ll need to rely on the stretch and roominess of certain styles to accommodate wide feet.

Q: How do I prevent my Rothy’s from overstretching with wide feet?

A: Pay close attention to the material composition when selecting your Rothy’s style. Styles with a higher percentage of the seamless knit material may be more prone to stretching out over time compared to those with a tighter knit or less stretch. Proper sizing can also help prevent overstretching.


Remember, the key to finding the perfect Rothy’s for wide feet is patience, an open mind to trying different styles and sizes, and taking advantage of that generous return policy. With a little trial and error, you may just discover your new favorite walking shoes that are as eco-friendly as they are comfortable!

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