How to Clean White on Cloud Shoes – 5 Easy Steps

White on-cloud shoes are a popular casual shoe style known for their bright white appearance. However, keeping them looking crisp and clean can be a challenge. Dirt, stains, and discoloration can easily occur with regular wear. If you want to restore your white on-cloud shoes to their original pristine condition, follow these 5 easy steps.

Supplies Needed:

  • White shoe cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Old toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Laundry detergent
  • White shoe polish
  • Toothpicks

Now let’s go through the 5 easy steps to clean White on Cloud Shoes:

Step 1: Remove Laces and Loosen Dirt

Start by removing the laces from the shoes. This will allow you to clean the shoe tongue area more effectively. Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush off any loose dirt or debris on the surface of the shoe.

Pay close attention to the crevices and grooves which tend to collect more grime. A toothbrush can help scrub small spaces. Brushing off this top layer of dirt will prepare the shoes for cleaning.

Step 2: Make a Cleaning Solution

In a small bowl or bucket, make a cleaning solution by mixing a few tablespoons of laundry detergent with warm water. You can also use a dedicated white shoe cleaner if you have one available. The detergent helps lift staining and stuck-on grime.

Dip the soft bristle brush in the solution and scrub all surfaces of the shoe. Focus on stained or discolored areas using a light scrubbing motion. Use an old toothbrush dipped in the solution to scrub the grooves and any intricate design details on the shoes.

Step 3: Treat Stubborn Stains

If there are any stubborn stains or heavily discolored areas, use baking soda to help lift them. Make a paste by sprinkling baking soda directly onto the brush after dipping it in water.

Gently scrub the stained areas using a circular motion. You can also make a thick baking soda paste and apply it directly to the stains. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. The baking soda will bubble up and help break down stubborn marks.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

Once you’ve scrubbed the entire shoe clean, rinse off all the soap residue. Wipe the shoes down with a damp microfiber cloth. Stuff the shoes with paper towels or tissue paper to help them retain their shape as they dry. Allow the shoes to fully air dry. Never put wet shoes in the dryer or near direct heat, which can damage the materials.

Step 5: Whiten and Polish

For bright white results, apply white shoe polish using a clean applicator sponge. Coat the entire outer surface of the shoes with the polish to freshen up the color. Let the polish dry completely before wearing it again.

You can also dip a toothpick in white shoe polish to touch up any scuffs or scratches for a quick fix. Buff the shoes with a microfiber cloth to make them look shiny and new.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning White on Cloud Shoes:

  • No bleach or other harsh chemicals that may yellow the shoes
  • Avoid putting shoes in washer or dryer machines
  • Don’t scrub too aggressively on delicate canvas or knit materials
  • Don’t use heat to dry shoes – let air dry only
  • Avoid getting shoes excessively wet or soaked through
  • Don’t wear shoes before polish and cleaning agents fully dry
  • Don’t over-polish to avoid caking or buildup


With the proper supplies and techniques, you can keep your white-on-cloud shoes looking like new. Regular cleaning and upkeep will help maintain their fresh white color.

Be sure to avoid harsh chemicals, heat, and over-wetting, which can cause permanent damage. Follow these simple steps periodically to care for your shoes and enjoy them for seasons to come.

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