How To Wash Bobs Shoes – 4 Easy Steps

Bobs shoes are known for their comfort and style but like all other shoes, they get dirty and muddy so require regular cleaning for better performance. Whether your bobs shoes suffer from dirt, debris, mud or wear and tear, you need to clean them for giving them a fresh and new look. But how to wash Bob’s shoes without damaging them? Let’s have a look at the answer to this question. 

Supplies needed

  • A soft bristle brush
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild detergent
  • A clean cloth or towel

4 steps to wash Bobs shoes

Following these steps, you can wash your bobs shoes without damaging their structure and integrity:

Step 1: Removal of insoles and laces

Start your cleaning process by removing the insoles and making the shoes laces free. This step is crucial to remove debris, dirt and dust present on the surface and interior of the shoes using a soft brush.

However, some shoes come with fixed insoles so they need much care while the cleaning process. 

Step 2: Preparation of the cleaning solution

For effective hand washing of your bobs shoes, you should make the mild detergent solution. For this take a container and fill it with lukewarm water as well as a few drops of the detergent. Ensure to use lukewarm water as it can minimize the damage to the shoe’s fabric. 

Step 3: Scrubbing of the shoes

In the next step, take a soft bristle brush and dip it into the mild detergent solution. Then scrub the shoes in a circular motion from top to bottom and the interior as well as the surface. Never dip your shoes in the solution as it may damage the delicate fabric. 

Step 4: Rinsing and drying of the shoes

In the last step, rinse your Bob’s shoes under clean water to remove any left-over soap residues to avoid any possible damage that may be caused by the detergents. 

After rinsing, take a clean towel or cloth to pat the shoes and keep them in a ventilated and airy area for proper drying. 

Things to look for when washing Bobs shoes

Bobs shoes are comfortable as well as durable and can last for many years if you care about them properly. To maintain your bob shoes, follow these tips:

Regular cleaning

Ensure to regularly clean your Bob’s shoes, remove all dust, grime and dirt after exposure to mud to increase the lifespan of the shoes as well as shine and freshness. 

Air dry fully

Dry your Bob’s shoes in the full air and never rely on sunlight, dryer or other heat sources. Air drying of shoes can absorb extra moisture and prevent bacterial and mold growth. 

Store in the shoe bag

Never keep your Bob’s shoes outside while storing them in the shoe bag when not in use to maintain their condition and integrity. 

Inspect shoe material

Always check the materials of the shoes to decide how much cleaning is required for the shoes. 

Watch for color transfer

As wet bobs shoes transfer color to cleaning towel and other tools so check if this happens. 

Check the severity of the dirt

More dirty shoes require vigorous cleaning while less mudded shoes require gentle cleaning so ensure to check the severity of the dirt. 

Use a shoe deodorizer 

Always use the shoe deodorizer that may be spray, or sachet to keep them smell fresh. 

What not to do when washing Bob’s shoes

Never do the following things while washing your bobs shoes:

Machine Washing:

Avoid washing your Bob’s shoes in the washing machine as more spinning may damage their materials as well as shape. 

Harsh Chemicals:

Never use harsh chemicals such as bleach as it may affect the color and fabric of the shoes.

Direct sunlight:

Drying your shoes in direct sunlight is as harmful as harsh chemicals because it also damages the shoe’s integrity. 


No need to soak your bobs shoes in the cleaning solution as exposure to more water may weaken their adhesives and shrink their shape. 


Washing your bob’s shoes is a straightforward and easier task that can keep them clean and fresh. By following the above steps and tips to follow, you can keep them in good condition for many years. You may also follow the instructions for cleaning provided by the shoe manufacturer. 

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