Altra Paradigm 5 VS 6: Which Is Better For You?

Altra is a famous footwear brand that aims to manufacture shoes on some core principles such as zero drop effect and wide toe box, which are present in every shoe or trainer of this company. 

One shoe of this company is Altra Paradigm, known for its cushioning, stability, and built zero drop and wide toe box that makes the Paradigm line a perfect choice for trainers and runners. 

Two famous shoes of this line are Altra Paradigm 5 and 6. As 6 is a new version so it has many updates that make these shoes a new trainer from Altra. 

However, there are also so many things better in Paradigm 5. So let’s go through the comparison and differences of both shoes to know which is better for you. 

Comparison Table Between Altra Paradigm 5 and 6:

FeaturesAltra Paradigm 5Altra Paradigm 6
Launched In20202021
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing8-10.5 for men and 5.5-10 for men7-15 for men and 5.5-12 for women
Weight 11.2 oz for men and 9.2 oz for women10.8 oz for men and 9.3 oz for women
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
OutsoleFoot Pod technologyFootpod 
MidsoleAltra EGOAltra EGO Max
Upper soleEngineered meshBreathable engineered mesh
Retail Price$150$170

Altra Paradigm 5 Vs 6: Good, Bad and The Worst:

After getting an idea about both shoes, it is time to discuss some differences that make one shoe superior to another. So I will talk about:

1) Comfort

Altra Paradigm 5 is a traditional and stable shoe with many overlays for enough support, but it makes shoes more restrictive for runners. However, the comfort is okay because of less cushioning, but the wide toe box enhances natural foot movement. 

Altra Paradigm 6 is a modern and stable shoe with fewer overlays which make shoes flexible and less restrictive for runner. However, the extra cushioning with soft midsole makes these shoes comfortable for long runs. 

So, it is concluded that Paradigm 6 offers more comfort to runners because of its flexibility and less restrictive foot movement. 

2) Popularity

Both Paradigm 5 and 6 are famous, but overall, Paradigm 6 is more popular than 5 because it is a new version and has many happy customers. Paradigm 6 is ranked on number 12th among stability shoes while Paradigm is ranked on number 17th.  

Paradigm 5 is famous because of good stability, wide toe box, and durability, while Paradigm 6 is famous because of soft cushioning, lightweight, and flexibility. 

3) Running

Altra Paradigm 5 and 6 are neutral running shoes with stability and wide toe box but some differences make Paradigm 6 a perfect running shoe than Paradigm 5.

Altra Paradigm 5 Outsole

Altra Paradigm 6 Outsole

Altra Paradigm 5 is a traditional stability shoe with restrictive movement, while Paradigm 6 is a modern stability shoe with no restrictive movement and offers flexibility and comfort during long runs. 

4) Walking

Paradigm 5 and 6 are perfect walking shoes because of the comfort, support and flexibility these shoes offer while walking. 

The zero drop feature of these shoes enhances comfort, the foot shape toe box enhances stability, and maximum cushioning provides a comfortable feel and durability while walking. 

5) Flat feet

Altra Paradigm 5 is perfect for people with flat feet because of proper arch support due to Guiderails and the stability and cushioning these shoes provide to flat feet while running and walking. 

However, Altra Paradigm 6 offers extra cushioning and stability but these are not perfect for flat feet because of no arch support and Guderails but may be perfect for flat feet of runners who don’t need more arch support. 

6) Design

Altra Paradigm 5 is made up of engineered mesh upper that enhance airflow and keep feet comfortable and cool and upper overlays are made from synthetic materials that enhance support and stability. 

The midsole of Paradigm 5 is equipped with EGO Max cushioning that makes these shoes comfortable, lightweight and responsive and helps to absorb shock.

The outsole is equipped with foot pod technology and Durathread rubber that make them durable and abrasion resistant to enhance traction on different surfaces.

The outsole also has many flex grooves that enhance natural foot movement and runner proprioception. 

Altra Paradigm 6 has fresh colors and a sleeker design, which provide style without sacrificing functioning with a breathable engineered mesh upper to provide ventilation room to your feet on hot days during long runs, and the tubular laces on the upper are customizable. 

The midsole of Paradigm 6 is equipped with EGO Max foam which is soft and more durable than Paradigm 5 which makes this shoe lightweight, cushioned and responsive. 

 The outsole is wave-shaped and is equipped with rubber and foot pod technology to enhance traction, flexibility and shock absorption on all types of surfaces.

What do customers think?

Altra Paradigm 5: Customers say that these shoes are perfect for running and walking because of zero drop and toe box and proper support to legs and back.

A customer said that these shoes are a reliable option for gym use because they allow you to get a wide forefoot for balance.

The extra cushioning of these shoes makes them more comfortable and stylish, which makes them the happy choice for many runners.

People also like the fit and size, which make them perfect, but also they don’t like the less cushioning, which makes them imperfect for long runs. 

Altra Paradigm 6: Customers like the extra stability of these shoes, but they also claim that the toe box is too narrow, which doesn’t offer comfort and cushioning. So they asked Altra to set the toe box and cushioning to make Paradigm 6 good for running.

The flexibility and lacing system of these shoes is the love of many customers who want to prevent slipping due to loosened laces. 

Many people say that these shoes are good for walking and gym workouts because of lumbar cushioning and stability. 

A customer said that these shoes are expensive without any arch support which makes them imperfect for flat feet. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Now you have an idea about both shoes in detail. If you are still confused about the right pair of shoes, then you must keep in mind your preferences and running needs. Then make the right decision. 

According to me, Paradigm 6 is the better option because of extra cushioning, stability and less restrictive movement but the only drawback is that it does not offer arch support which is more pronounced in Paradigm 5. 

Now it’s your time to decide which shoes are better for you. 

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