Adidas Spezial Vs Samba: What Should I buy?

Adidas Spezial Vs Samba

Adidas, a well-known footwear brand with many unique offerings is the love of many fashion enthusiasts. Regarding classic sneakers, Adidas offer Samba and Spezial which have been in the industry since many years. However their pattern is somehow similar but due to some dissimilarities, both are versatile. The main difference lies in their construction because … Read more

Nike Blazer Mid Vs High: What Should I buy?

Nike Blazer Mid Vs High

The Nike Blazer was released as the earliest Basketball shoe by Nike and became a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. As shoe has earned fame in the basketball industry but now every streetwear enthusiast also considers the Blazer an iconic footwear.  However, many people are confused between Blazer Mid and High. … Read more

Ultraboost 4.0 Vs 5.0: What Should I buy?

Ultraboost 4.0 Vs 5.0

Running is crucial to keeping yourself healthy and improving your overall well-being. This is why many people prefer running shoes from reliable brands.  Among all others, the top and most known brand is Adidas with its Ultraboost line of running shoes. As this series has been updated many times but now its latest versions are … Read more