Adidas Spezial Vs Samba: What Should I buy?

Adidas, a well-known footwear brand with many unique offerings is the love of many fashion enthusiasts. Regarding classic sneakers, Adidas offer Samba and Spezial which have been in the industry since many years. However their pattern is somehow similar but due to some dissimilarities, both are versatile.

The main difference lies in their construction because Samba is designed as an indoor soccer shoe while Spezial is designed as a handball shoe. 

Both models have grown very fast over the past years and are champions in their own rights. Let’s first check the comparison of both models:

Comparison Table Between Adidas Spezial and Samba:

PropertiesAdidas Spezial Adidas Samba
SupportModerate to ample arch supportMinimal arch support
Forefoot stack height18 mm11.9 mm
AthletesLight impact activitiesLight impact activities
OutsoleGum RubberGum Rubber
CushioningGood cushioningModerate cushioning
Distance10-20 km5-10 km
SpeedSlow, moderate and fastSlow and moderate
WorkoutCasual wear, light gym workouts, streetwear and fashion and low-impact outdoor activitiesIndoor sports and activities, shopping, running errands, leisurely walks and weightlifting

Major Differences Between the Models:

Adidas Samba and Spezial are somehow similar in many aspects but they are also different in many aspects such as:

Material and Design

As both models seem similar but the difference lies in their upper which indicates that Samba has full grain leather and suede T-toe braces upper but Spezial has nubuck suede upper with a slim toe box. 

Other than this, Samba prefers to use cruelty-free and vegan materials in construction while Spezial don’t focus on such an approach. 

However, in terms of design, Sambas has a classic and retro style with three stripes and high cuts as well as the Adidas trademark on the heel and Samba logo on the tongue while Spezial has a modern look with the same three reflective stripes, low cut and smooth outline as well as Spezial logo on tongue with flat laces. 

In the formation of the midsole, both models use EVA but Spezial also has an orthotic insole present in the sole to ensure relief in different foot conditions. 

Moreover, the outsole construction is also similar to gum rubber and herringbone design that provides enough and better traction on all types of surfaces but the Spezial has a thick outsole with different grip patterns. It means Spezial offers grip in indoor areas while Samba offers grip in slippery areas. 


Adidas Spezial shoes are designed as handball and basketball so offer enough support and stability for indoor activities and traction for different surfaces. 

Other than this, the thick sole, cushioned upper and large heel counter make the shoes suitable for running. These shoes offer support and padding to wearers who prefer more cushioning. 

However, the Samba is designed as a soccer shoe and is lightweight and low profile so allowing it to move smoothly on different fields. Moreover the thick sole and classic upper with traditional heel counter make the shoes suitable for athletic activities. 

The use of gum rubber enhances traction on various surfaces and allows fine stretchability but minimum padding makes them superb for walking. The shoes offer a natural and outstanding ground feel. 


Both Adidas Samba and Spezial are made with supreme materials so are durable but the winner is Samba because of its durability for a long time. However when we talk about the durability of colors then the winner is Spezial because the colors don’t fade out quickly. 

Samba has a long history in the footwear market and is designed as a hard-wearing shoe with quality materials that resist damage. Moreover, the gum rubber outsole makes the shoes durable while the toe cap ensures the protection of the shoe and avoids quick wearing out. 

In comparison, Spezial is another hard-wearing shoe and is more suitable for daily wear than athletic sports. Due to the quality constructed upper, the shoes are stretchable. Moreover, the gum rubber outsole makes the shoes durable but the rubber is not heavy-duty compared to Samba. 


For running purposes, Spezial may be the better option because it offers enough support and cushioning required for different athletic activities. 


Adidas Samba TOP VIEW

However, Samba shoes are not designed for running while these are lifestyle and soccer shoes with a lack of features present in running shoes. So wearing these shoes for running may cause discomfort and injuries. 


Both Adidas sneakers are designed as lifestyle shoes so may be suitable for daily walks on even surfaces but not for long walks on challenging terrains. Due to moderate cushioning and fashion-oriented style, the shoes are not a perfect option for an extended or dedicated walking experience. 

Flat feet

Both Spezial and Samba models are available with wide toe boxes that offer enough space for flat feet for free movement which also reduces the risk of pressure on toes and overpronation. Moreover, the removable insoles allow to use the orthotics for extra arch support and stability for flat feet. However, Spezial has in-built arch support with firm midsoles that may be more stable for flat feet. 

What Do Customers Think?

Adidas Samba: For many purchasers, the sneakers are awesome and durable while many users claim the sneakers have poor quality and construction.

At the same time, many customers say the sneakers are narrow and don’t fit properly with less padding and incorrect soles. However, the remarkable comfort and better arch support make the shoes famous among many users.

In terms of style and performance, Samba is the winner for many users who also claim that these offer better traction on different surfaces while playing an intense match. 

Adidas Spezial: Some customers were surprised to check the exceptional arch support of these sneakers as well as the style that is really nice. Also, they claim that the shoes are true to size with the perfect fit so they will surely buy it again. For most customers, the shoes are unbelievably comfortable and supportive

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do Adidas Spezial sneakers feel comfortable?

Many people find these sneakers super comfortable while wearing during different activities from walking to running to more because of the incorporated leather and EVA.

What is the reason behind the fame of Adidas Samba?

With versatility and timeless elegance, the sneakers have earned fame as the true fashion icon. However, the iconic suede T-shaped toe box further enhances its fame. 

Do people with wide feet consider Spezial suitable?

Commonly people with wide feet find it challenging to choose the right fitted shoe but Adidas Spezial has solved this issue by creating show allowances to ensure the comfortability of the user. 

How to maintain and clean Adidas Samba sneakers?

For the cleaning of Samba sneakers, you have to add a drop of soapy solution in the middle of the cloth and rub it on the sneaker to remove all dirt. Sambas has great shine which may fade out with time when the leather absorbs conditioner. 

Do Sambas run narrow?

Yes, Sambas run narrow so it is better to choose the half size up. However, it is crucial to check the size of the model before making the purchase. 

Conclusion: What Should You Buy?

Adidas Samba and Spezial have been in the industry for many years with versatile features. Samba is the winner in fashion and sports while Spezial is the winner in regular use.

Samba is the better option for people who want to embrace their style during different activities while Spezial overcomes the needs of users who just want to embrace style with ease. 

Whether you go for Spezial or Samba, your choice will never go wrong because both models are confident with quality construction. 

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