Brooks Launch Vs Revel: What Should I buy?

Brooks is considered the trusted company for running shoes among athletes and two of the most famous models of this brand are Launch and Revel which are often compared because of their unique features and performance for different levels of runners.

The launch is a lightweight shoe with a main focus on speed and performance and it is more delicate than its rival Revel. However, Brooks Revel has a snug and massive fit so it is ideal for regular use. 

However, the selection between these models is based on your needs and running style. To know the right running model for your needs, read out this article. 

Comparison Table Between Brooks Launch and Revel:

PropertiesBrooks Launch Brooks Revel  
TerrainSmooth paths and light trailsSmooth roads, pavements and gravel paths
SupportMedium to highMedium
Forefoot stack height28 mm20 mm
OutsoleGreen rubberRubber
Upper soleAir meshKnit
CushioningSpeed cushioningEnergized cushioning
SpeedSlow, moderate and fast Slow and moderate 
WorkoutSpeed runs, tempo runs, walking and jogging, Walking, light jogging, strolling and running 

Major Differences Between the Models:

After comparing both models in many aspects, it is time to wind up some differences that can ease decision-making:

Material and Design

Due to its feathery pattern and responsiveness, Brooks Launch is considered an average running shoe suitable for short to long-distance runs. However, the significant feature is the BioMoGo DNA midsole for extra padding and it shows that the model uses eco-friendly materials to overcome the needs of athletes and ensure them personalized fit. 

Moreover, these shoes have fragmented crash pads that level the transition between heel to toe and absorb shock. With the tracery upper, the shoes feel comfortable, cool, fresh and airy. The padded collar and tongue as well as the blown rubber outsole make the shoes durable and grippy. 

Other than this, Launch has a wider toe box with a variety of color options, delicate patterns and reactive padding that lets users choose the desired style. 

Brooks Revel is known as an iconic running shoe and is suitable for moderate running experience because of its snug and reactive ride. With the knit upper, the shoes ensure an appealing look and offer a snug and customized fit for added comfort. However, the presence of abundant tongue and collar ensures exceptional support. 

The midsole construction is similar to the launch with reconciling foam for the cosy and performing ride. As well as, the outsole is designed with blown rubber that provides a stable and better ride during long-distance running and training. 


Brooks Launch is designed as a speedy shoe with the incorporated DNA flash technology for a reactive and feathery feel. So it becomes the ideal choice for runners who want to push their stride fast. However, the 10 mm heel-to-toe drop ensures a balance between cushioning and performance. 

On the other hand, Brooks Revel is a versatile shoe for many activities with the same DNA technology for snug and cushioned rides during running. Moreover, the 8 mm heel-to-toe drop of these shoes allows innate foot strike and smooth control. 


Both Brook models are durable and designed to last for a long time because of the use of durable and high-standard materials that resist rigorous activities. 

Brooks Launch is a hard-wearing shoe with a durable blown rubber outsole that not only ensures stability while also provides better traction on all types of rugged and rough terrains. 

Similarly, Revel is also designed with a durable high-erosion rubber outsole for better traction and longevity on all terrains. 

However, the durability and longevity of both models may differ based on some factors such as the weight of the runner, running style and terrain. 


Brooks Launch is a neutral running shoe that follows speedy workouts because of its feathery weight and modest membrane that offer padding and reactiveness for all types of runners. Other than this, eco-conscious athletes also love these shoes because of their sustainable materials. 



In contrast, Brooks Revel is also a running shoe with a snug fit that becomes the choice of runners who want to get a better running experience without hitting the prize. It means the shoes are for runners who prefer easy and affordable footwear. 


Both Revel and Launch are versatile shoes so these are not only suitable for running while may also be the better option for light-impact activities such as casual walking, light jogging and fitness activities. With the cushioned and responsive feel, the shoes are suitable for walking activities. 

Flat feet

Brooks Revel and Launch are designed as neutral running shoes so become an ideal option for neutral to underpronated foot types. However, people with overpronation should find another shoe with enough stability and adequate arch support. 

What Do Customers Think?

People love the ease and padding of Brooks Launch and consider them perfect for feet even during long runs. However, some users claim that the shoes seem a bit massive at times. On the other hand, Revel feels light and snug with the smooth patterns that users claim. However, they also say that the shoes don’t offer much aid so may not be ideal for runners who prefer more stability. 

Many of the customers prefer Brooks Launch even after the high range because these offer additional cushioning while Revel offers a snug fit and doesn’t look like hard-wearing shoes so these may be damaged after some time. 

However support-wise, both models are ideal and offer neutral support which may overcome many foot issues but don’t cater for the needs of severe flat feet or overpronation. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Brooks Launch better than Revel for long-distance running?

However, both models can handle long-distance running but some people prefer Launch for extended runs because of its more responsive feel.

Is Brooks Launch suitable for speedy workouts?

Yes, Brooks has introduced the light and responsive design of Launch which may be suitable for speedy workouts but some people also consider Revel as good to go for speedy runs.

Do people with wide feet consider Brooks Launch and Revel suitable?

Yes, both models are designed in different widths and even can overcome the need for wide feet. However, it is always recommended to try both these shoes to know which will fit best for your wide feet. 

Does Brooks Launch and Revel use sustainable materials?

Brooks is committed to sustainability and both of these models also use eco-friendly materials to overcome the needs of eco-conscious users. 

Can you customize Brooks Launch and Revel in different color options?

Unfortunately, you don’t have such a customization option but Launch and Revel are available in different colors so you can choose your favourite combination.  

Conclusion: What Should You Buy?

After reviewing Brooks Launch and Revel, it is concluded that both models have some pros as well as cons. In terms of delicacy, Launch is the winner and often prefers to use eco-friendly materials at the average price label. However, Revel is an economical shoe with a massive feel and has less eco-friendly materials in construction. 

So whether you want to go with the feathery feel of the Launch or the iconic design of Revel, your choice will never go wrong. 

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