Asics Gel Venture 7 Vs 8: What Should I buy?

Now people are much health conscious so looking for running shoes that offer comfort as well as keep the feet supportive and minimize injury. Here comes the Asics gel venture line with many models and two are famous such as Gel Venture 7 and 8. 

These are off-road running shoes with equipped rearfoot gel technology that offer cushioning and support. However, to know more about both Asics models, read till the end. 

What’s New In Asics Gel Venture 8:

This new version has a wider fit and roomier toe box that offers maximal cushioning and comfort. Other than this, Gel Venture 8 has more layers in the upper sole and the lacing system is more updated to ensure a secure fit compared to the old version of Gel Venture 7. 

However, there are minimal changes in the midsole as well as the outsole is also similar in both gel ventures 7 and 8. Moreover, Gel Venture 8 is also available in many colors and styles compared to Gel Venture 7. The new version also has 5 perforations at the edge of the forefoot. 

Comparison Table Between Asics Gel Venture 7 and 8:

PropertiesAsics Gel Venture 7 Asics Gel Venture 8
TerrainModerate to technical trailsSmooth and well-maintained trails
Forefoot stack height18 mm19 mm
OutsoleRubberRe-engineered rubber
Upper soleMesh and syntheticSynthetic and mesh
Distance5-8 km3-5 miles
SpeedSlow and moderateSlow and moderate
WorkoutRegular training and hikingTrail running, walking, hiking and short road runs

Major Differences Between the Models:

The Asics Gel Venture 8 is the updated version of 7 and has many improved features compared to the old version. Let’s discuss some differences between these two versions:

Material and Design

Both Asics models are equipped with gel technology in the heel that offers maximal cushioning and absorbs shock which then minimizes the impact of running on different terrains. Other than this, both shoes offer enough stability and speed while running.

With the synthetic and mesh upper, both models ensure breathability and ventilation but the new version of Gel Venture 8 has a few additional layers in the upper for improved comfort. As well as, the EVA midsole is also similar in both versions and ensures maximal cushioning. 

However, the outsole construction is similar in both versions that provides enough traction and grip on all types of surfaces for different activities. But the gel venture 8 has somehow improved the outsole for traction on hard paths.

In terms of heel area, the name is printed in each model while the embossed patterns are different. Another thing is that Gel Venture 8 is printed in 2 rows while Gel Venture 7 is printed in 1 row. 


Both gel venture versions are suitable on different terrains because these offer good cushioning and are more responsive which makes them suitable for walking and jogging. As well as, the proper stability and support due to the designed outsole keep the shoes good to go for different activities and perform better. 

However, Gel Venture 7 is an ideal choice for walking, hiking and light jogging while Gel Venture 8 is perfect for fast walking, jogging and light trail running. 


Due to the sturdy outsole in Gel Venture 7, the shoes ensure durability while running on different terrains. As well as, the well-cushioned heel counter with thick foam at the heel to keep the feet in place and ensure enough durability. 

On the other hand, Gel Venture 8 is also a durable shoe and suitable for different activities because of the premium quality and durable synthetic materials that can allow the shoes to withstand for a long time. Other than this, the reinforced overlays further added protection and durability to resist abrasion. With double stitching, the shoes also feel strong and durable. 


As both Gel-Venture 7 and 8 are running shoes but these are suitable at slow to moderate speeds which makes them perfect for short-distance running. As these shoes prefer comfort over responsiveness so they are less suitable for fast runs. However, beginners and casual runners can find these shoes supportive on smooth and well-maintained surfaces. 

Asics Gel Venture 7 TOP VIEW

Asics Gel Venture 8 TOP VIEW


For a better walking experience, both shoes are suitable even all gel venture models are designed to be versatile because of comfort and support during different outdoor activities such as walking and trail running. 

The incorporated gel cushioning and sturdy outsole with durable construction make Gel-Venture 7 and 8 suitable for short to long-distance walks. 

Flat feet

Due to the presence of rearfoot overlays, supportive midsole and enough stability, both versions may be suitable for flat feet and can overcome overpronation issues. Moreover, the cushioning keeps the feet comfortable and reduces the risk of plantar fasciitis and even minimizes pain in flat feet. With the flexible forefoot area, the shoes allow feet to move naturally

However, people with severe flat feet consider these models as less supportive because gel ventures 7 and 8 don’t offer enough support that overcome the needs of severely high arches so those people should find another shoe. 

What Do Customers Think?

Gel Venture 7: For most of the users who have tested Gel Venture 7, these shoes are fit and comfortable but they also claim that the tongue is a little bit puffy. Other than this, people with different foot issues such as plantar fasciitis also consider these shoes supportive and cushioned. 

Most of the purchasers claim that these shoes are perfect for 7-hour hikes even if these are not designed for long hikes but still good to go. However, walkers and runners prefer Gel Venture 7 for long distances and say the shoes don’t feel annoying to feet.

Gel Venture 8: A customer said that all Gel Venture shoes are not true to size because some go small while some run large but this version of Gel Venture 8 is perfect and snug fit so he will never replace it. 

Due to the wide toe box and comfortable as well as light feel, the shoes feel good to feet not too tight nor too loose. The quality and support of the shoes are also the loving features among many users. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does the Gel Venture 8 have upgraded cushioning technology compared to the Gel Venture 7?

Yes, Gel Venture 8 has updated cushioning technology which offers more responsiveness, shock absorptions and comfort compared to Gel Venture 7. 

How you can address breathability in Gel Venture 8?

Due to updated upper materials, the shoes offer enhanced breathability which ensures a comfortable running and walking experience. 

Does Gel Venture 8 have enhanced arch support than its rival Gel Venture 7?

Asics considers customers’ feedback and Gel Venture 8 has many enhanced features such as arch support that may make them more suitable for flat feet. However, it is better to try both models to know which is more supportive for flat feet.

Which gel venture model is more suitable for winter conditions?

Neither of these models is designed for winter conditions but Gel Venture 8 has a slightly firm midsole with deep lugs that enhance traction and make them suitable for icy and snowy surfaces. 

Does Gel Venture 8 have a wider toe box than Gel Venture 7?

Yes, this new version has many updated features and the toe box is also wider which allows people with wide feet to walk and run comfortably. 

Conclusion: What Should You Buy?

Asics has introduced a gel venture line with 7 and 8 models as high-quality running shoes. As the name suggests, these models have Gel technology that ensures maximal cushioning and minimizes the risk of injury.

However, Gel Venture 8 is the new and updated version with many improved features such as a wide toe box, breathability, comfort and arch support. 

So many people consider gel venture 8 as the better option for running but gel venture 7 may also go better in many cases. So test both models to see which is better. 

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