Nike Blazer Mid Vs High: What Should I buy?

The Nike Blazer was released as the earliest Basketball shoe by Nike and became a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. As shoe has earned fame in the basketball industry but now every streetwear enthusiast also considers the Blazer an iconic footwear

However, many people are confused between Blazer Mid and High. Don’t be confused anymore because this article will highlight some main points of both models.

Is the Nike Blazer High No Longer Available?

Unfortunately, this version of Blazer is not available now on the market, official site and Amazon. However, you may find it at any other store like eBay.

Nike has discontinued the Blazer High and mainly focuses on the Blazer Mid because this version has earned more fame among users. 

If you have tried Blazer High and its ankle support then your transition to Blazer Mid is also easier because Mid offers a quality and comfortable feel and you will not notice any major difference in between the two models. 

Other than this, the availability of blazer mid in a variety of styles and versatility make it more famous and the better alternative to Blazer High. 

Comparison Table Between Nike Blazer Mid and High:

PropertiesNike Blazer Mid Nike Blazer High
TerrainSmooth surfaces and indoor courtsSmooth and light trails
SupportAdequate supportHigh ankle support
Heel stack height25 mm26 mm
AthletesLow impact activitiesLow impact activities
Distance480-800 km300-500 miles
SpeedSlow and moderateSlow and moderate
WorkoutCasual wear and skateboardingStreetwear, walking and casual hiking

Major Differences Between the Models:

As we have an idea about both Nike Blazer High and Mid so it is time to explore some other points such as:

Material and Design

The major difference between the two blazers is the design. Blazer Mid is available with a low profile so become the better option for daily use while High is available with a high profile so become the love of fashion enthusiast. Other than this, the sole of High is thicker for added stability and cushioning. 

Moreover both Mid and High are available in many colors from muted to bright shades. The Nike swoosh logo is printed on both shoes but the materials used in the outsole, midsole and upper sole are almost similar. 

Other than this, the lacing system is distinctive in both blazers for a more secure fit. Mid comes with classic laces and 5 eyelets while high comes with unique laces and 7 eyelets. Blazer Mid has 36 style options while High is not available so it doesn’t have many style options


Both Blazers are suitable for daily wear but performance-wise, these are somehow different. Due to the lightweight feel, minimum cushioning and low profile of Blazer Mid, these shoes are good for daily activities and walking.

However high are suitable for more rigorous activities and running because of thicker soles with added cushioning. 

For traction and better grip on different surfaces, both models are equipped with herringbone outsole patterns. For indoor activities, mid is perfect while for outdoor activities, High offers more traction.


Both Blazers are equipped with rubber overlays at the toes and a durable heel counter that adds a new layer of durability. With the padded collar and sturdy construction, High offers a comfortable fit and can last for a long time. 

Similar to High, Blazer Mid also has durable construction with a rubber outsole that enhances traction as well as durability and keeps the shoes withstand for many years if you properly care about them.


For running purposes, the better option is Blazer High because of its thick sole, enough ankle support and stability which also make it suitable for basketball and skateboarding. However, in some cases, the shoes offer a restrictive running experience.


On the other hand, Blazer Mid is also the right running option because it ensures comfort and flexibility as well as the light feel and breathable materials that keep the feet cool in hot conditions. 


Both Nike Blazers are an ideal option for short walks because of their basic cushioning but unfortunately, these don’t offer enough support required for extended walks and hikes. 

Moreover, blazers can be worn in different weather conditions but remember that are not waterproof so for rainy weather or other wet conditions, make sure to find another walking shoe.

Flat feet

People with flat feet require shoes to ensure stability, motion control and enough arch support but unfortunately both blazers are not designed with all these factors so don’t overcome the needs of overpronated feet. 

However mild and moderate flat feet can wear any of these models for casual walks and keep the feet comfortable. 

What Do Customers Think?

Nike Blazer Mid: Overall the sneakers are loved but unfortunately the tongue quality is cheaper. However many customers concerned with size consider Mid true to size and the look is also cute.

The shoes are easy to slip on and off but they also have the drawback that the foam exposes underneath laces. Otherwise Mid are stylish and colorful from neutral tones to muted shades and comfortable for daily wear.

Nike Blazer High: The shoe has mixed reviews as some love the style and comfort while some complain about the durability of the shoes. The high-top design of the shoes makes them classic and perfect for street photography

Some customers say that the shoes are really supportive and fit perfectly for wide to flat feet. But unfortunately, the size is not perfect nor the shoes offer customized fit which may cause discomfort and pinching. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the major differences between Nike Blazer Mid and High?

The major difference in both Blazers is their ankle length because High has more coverage than mid but the length is not much significantly changed. 

Another difference is in the soles which indicated that High has a thick sole while Mid has a thin sole but the rubber quality is outstanding in Blazer Mid compared to Highs.

Do Blazer Mid and High offer ankle support?

Yes, the mid-top and high-top design of Blazer Mid and High ensure proper ankle support but High offers more support so it is suitable for users who prefer extra support. 

Which Blazer is versatile and offers many styles?

Both models are versatile but your selection between the two is based on needs and preferences. Blazer Mid are good to go for different outfits while High are famous among fashion enthusiast. 

Does Blazer High feel uncomfortable because of its high ankle design?

Some users enjoy the snug fit and comfort of Blazer High while some love the low-profile Blazer Mid so it is better to try both of these models to find the most comfortable one. 

Which Blazer is better for warm conditions?

The Blazer Mid is preferred for warm conditions because it offers enough ventilation around the ankles. However, some people also consider Blazer High as suitable for warm weather. 

Conclusion: What Should You Buy?

Nike Blazers are the perfect shoes and are famous among many people but when you have to decide between Mid and High, you may feel overwhelmed because both models are stylish and comfortable so can be worn with any outfit. The Blazer Mid has a padded collar while the Blazer High has a high cut collar with a full-length midsole. 

As Blazer High is now not available officially but if you want shoes with extra ankle support, a thick outsole and a timeless look then you can find High at different online stores. 

To me, Blazer High is the winner in many aspects but your decision will be based on your preferences. 

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