Ultraboost 4.0 Vs 5.0: What Should I buy?

Running is crucial to keeping yourself healthy and improving your overall well-being. This is why many people prefer running shoes from reliable brands. 

Among all others, the top and most known brand is Adidas with its Ultraboost line of running shoes. As this series has been updated many times but now its latest versions are Ultraboost 4.0 and 5.0. 

So let’s talk about both models of Adidas but before it, have a look at:

What’s New In Ultraboost 5.0:

The difference lies in the midsole which indicated that the old version has standard boost compounds while the new version had an updated boost compound for better comfort and support. Other than this, the upper also has a little bit of improvement with Primeknit+ in Ultraboost 5.0 that ensuring maximal ventilation and air pass

As well as, the continental stretchweb rubber outsole is also updated and the heel counter is also redesigned. Moreover, the newer model Ultraboost 5.0 uses recycled materials in the upper and laces while Ultraboost 4.0 has limited use of recycled materials. 

Comparison Table Between Ultraboost 4.0 and 5.0:

PropertiesUltraboost 4.0 Ultraboost 5.0
TerrainPaved surfacesRugged terrains
SupportAmple support Better support 
Forefoot stack height20 mm21 mm
Weight 10.6 oz11.3 oz
AthletesLight athletic activitiesLight athletic activities
OutsoleContinental rubberContinental stretchweb rubber
MidsoleTPUBoost compound
Upper solePrimeknitPrimeknit +
CushioningSuperior cushioningMore cushioning
Distance15-20 km12-15 miles
WorkoutRoad running, moderate hiking, walking and light gym workoutsTrail runs, long hikes and gym workouts

Major Differences Between the Models:

This section will explore some major differences to help you decide with which model you should overcome your running needs:

Material and Design

The Ultraboost 4.0 shoes come with a sleek, smooth and minimalist design. With the breathable knit materials in the upper, the shoes give a modern look. Moreover, the adidas stripes are present on the sides of the shoes while the logo is present on the tongue and heel. However, in color options, the shoes offer a variety of colors from black to white to more vibrant shades such as blue and red.

Conversely, Ultraboost 5 has an innovative and sporty look with Primeknit+ stretchable and flexible upper that offers a snug fit. The lacing system not only keeps the shoes secure while also provides an appealing aesthetic. 

The outsole of Ultraboost 4 is equipped with continental rubber along with grid-like patterns and deep grooves that ensure superior grip and stability on different surfaces and keep the shoes long-lasting even after regular wear. On the other hand with the stretchweb rubber compound outsole, the Ultraboost 5 offers a natural and flexible feel as well as grip. However, the outsole is lightweight compared to the Ultraboost 4 outsole. 

With TPU full-length boosted midsole and pellets, the Ultraboost 4 shoes allow energy return and responsiveness at each step. Moreover, the boosted technology minimizes the risk of fatigue during long runs. While Ultraboost 5 also has the same boost compound with some updates which make these shoes 20% more responsive. Also, these shoes use a torsion system in the midsole. 


The Ultraboost 4 has incorporated boost technology that ensures exceptional energy return at each step as well as this technology absorbs stress and releases it during toe off which then offers a more responsive ride. 

However, Ultraboost 5 also uses the same technology with updates for a more explosive and energized experience so it is famous among performance-oriented runners. 

With the addition of supportive and stable features, the shoes ensure high performance on all surfaces during running. 


Ultraboost 4 and 5 are designed as durable running shoes because of the incorporated sturdy continental rubber outsole. So you can run on long mules without causing any damage to your shoes. 

However, the rubber outsole is optimized in new version 5 so it offers abrasion resistance and allow the outsole design to flex as the foot move which further increases its lifespan and keep the shoes durable for regular running. 


Running is affected by many factors such as running style and the type of surface on which you have to run. So in such cases, both Ultraboost 4 and 5 are suitable shoes with cushioning and responsiveness for all running styles. 

Ultraboost 4.0 top view

Ultraboost 5 top view

While Ultraboost 5 is an updated shoe with more flexibility that allows enhanced foot movement during running so it is ideal for runners who want a natural and adaptable fit. 

For rugged and uneven terrains, Ultraboost 5 is good to go while for routine running on paved surfaces and roads, Ultraboost 4 is the right choice. 


For walking purposes, both Ultraboost 4 and 5 are suitable because these offer maximal cushioning, support, stability and breathability which are the demanding factors for walking long distances without causing your feet to feel discomfort and injury. 

Flat feet

Both Ultraboost 4 and 5 are not specially designed for severe flat feet because these don’t offer enough cushioning and arch support. 

However, people with mild flat feet can choose Ultraboost 4 because of its boost midsole and Primeknit flexible fit. While for mild to moderate flat feet, Ultraboost 5 is the better option because it offers a torsion system to promote natural foot motion. 

What Do Customers Think?

Ultraboost 5: Style-wise, the shoes seem attractive and nice as well as they are extremely comfortable but some people have an issue with size that often goes large. However, people with knee or back surgeries consider the shoes great because they can lessen the pain and don’t put a strain on the knees. As well as, healthcare workers also consider Ultraboost 5 suitable to wear for long hours. 

Most customers consider these shoes are good investment because of their snug fit, proper size and easy to washable. Also, the shoes offer enough comfort and support during walking without the worry of shoelaces. The lightweight feel also lets customers feel like walking on the cloud. 

Ultraboost 4: Same as Ultraboost 5, these shoes also feel so comfy for people and give them a feel like walking the clouds and for some the shoes run as fast as Cheetah and cuddle your feet in the cosy cocoon.

Many professionals say that these shoes not only boost the steps but also boost confidence in the workplace and seem like stylish shoes with any outfit.  Other than this, the daily walks feel comfortable in these activated shoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Ultraboost suitable for weightlifting?

Ultraboost is equipped with quality materials that offer enough support and cushioning but not be a better option for weightlifting. Other than this, the boosted midsole also lacks stability for heavy weight lifting activities so it may cause injury. 

Are Ultraboost 4 and 5 suitable for running with plantar fasciitis?

Both Ultraboost 4 and 5 offer better cushioning and shock absorption so these are suitable for mild to moderate plantar fasciitis. However Ultraboost 5 is more suitable for runners who need extra support to minimize impact on plantar fasciitis because of the stability and heel counter. 

Are Ultraboosts a good option to wear in the rain?

Yes, both models 4 and 5 are made of Primeknit upper and other materials that resist water but keep in mind these shoes are not fully waterproof so wearing them in heavy rain may cause water entry and irritation. 

Are Ultraboost 4 and 5 use sustainable materials?

Adidas aim to use sustainable materials in all its products so Ultraboost 5 is equipped with some eco-friendly and recycled materials in the laces and upper. However still, Adidas need to improve many areas and make them sustainable. 

Can Ultraboost 4 and 5 be worn without socks?

It is never recommended to wear both these shoes without socks because these may cause friction, discomfort and blisters. Moreover, these may increase the risk of bacterial growth and odour production. 

What is the process of cleaning of Ultraboosts 4 and 5?

You have to clean them using a mild soap and a damp cloth. For better and deeper cleaning, remove the insoles and laces. Don’t use harsh products and dry the shoes properly before wearing them.

Conclusion: What Should You Buy?

Adidas Ultraboost 4 and 5 are quality running shoes and offer support as well as stability on all terrains during running and workouts. 

However performance-wise, both models are highly recommended by athletes and runners because of the use of Boost technology that enhances energy return and cushioning. 

As Ultraboost 5 is the newer version with many updates so some athletes prefer it a lot while some people are happy with the old version Ultraboost 4. So the decision between the two is based on your preferences and needs. Happy searching for the right Ultraboost.

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