Durango Vs Ariat Boots: Which Is Better For You?

In the past years, western cowboy boots were only famous among ranchers, horseriders and field workers. But now the fame of these boots has extended to everyday outdoor users.

Ariat and Durango are among the renowned cowboy boot brands with a touch of traditional and modern look. 

Some people become confused in between these two brands to decide which one will be better to buy. So we will examine some features as well as major differences between both brands for an informed decision. 

Comparison Table Between Durango and Ariat Boots:

DurangoAriat Boots
Classic and enduringClassic and Modern 
True to size A little larger than exact size 
Cowboy boots, western work boots, roper boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, wading and casual wear boots Riding boots, work boots, cowboy boots, Equestrian boots and shoes 
Long-time durable More durable and can last for a long time 
Suitable for horseback riding, rodeo, ranching, farm work, hiking, hunting, fishing and casual wear Suitable for everyday wear, hiking, light outdoor activities, labour and work and equestrian activities 
Less breathable Ultra-breathable 
Slightly heavier Lightweight 
Much expensive Slightly costly 
1-year warranty 1-year warranty 

Overview of Durango:

Durango has a rich history dating back to 1966 when the brand was founded as a Western footwear company with a main focus on durability, rugged style and comfort but the brand still has the West adventurous look. 

From cowboy boots to work to fashion boots, the brand offers many styles with attention to detail and premium craftsmanship. 

Due to the versatility of each boot, the brand emphasizes to wear these boots from roping cattle to going out in the town. Other than this, the use of quality materials makes the boots waterproof and breathable as well as supportive. 

The brand imports material from different parts of the world and mainly manufactures boots in the USA that is why this has a higher price range. However, some boots are also made in China to cut the cost but Durango never compromises on the quality of boots either made in the USA or China. 

In 1970, Durango cowboy boots earned fame among people because of the use of genuine and exotic leather to ensure comfort. Since then, the brand has brought many iconic products with innovative technologies such as Easy-Fit, Suspension System, and X-treme Comfort Footbed. 

Durango has featured the Waterproof Cowboy boot as the best-selling product on the official site because this boot has X-treme construction and is suitable for all weather conditions. 

Overview of Ariat:

Ariat is a well-known American footwear brand and was launched in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker who aimed to incorporate athletic footwear technology in highly performing western and English shoes, boots and sneakers. 

The brand manufactures shoes for work industries, outdoor activities and equestrian sports which sets it apart from other footwear brands’ competitors because it mainly focuses on the needs of riders and horse enthusiasts.

Ariat mainly focuses on innovative technologies and craftsmanship as well as all the shoes offer comfort, durability and stability to all types of terrains and weather. 

With the aim to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment, Ariat uses different eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. All the Ariat boots are manufactured with duratread outsole and Advanced torque stability technology which make them super durable in different outdoor environments. 

After the founding date, the brand has released two boots and expanded its distribution to Japan, Mexico, Australia and the US. 

In 2009, Ariat got sponsorship from the Professional Bull Riders while the brand also collaborated with many other organizations such as International Federation for Equestrian Sports and Allen Home For Wounded Warriors. After all in 2020, Ariat was considered as the largest and most famous footwear company for Equestrian Boots. 

Among other sneakers of the Hilo line, the best-selling product is the Hilo 360 which is also a lightweight and breathable shoe with an easy slip-on silhouette and can regulate temperature. 

Differences Between The Brands

This section is very useful and informative for those who want to decide with which brand they should go or which brand is suitable in which conditions:


Ariat boots are highly comfortable and stiffer because of the use of leather materials as well as the incorporation of EVA to ensure comfort and shock absorption.

With the thicker heels, the boots feel more supportive and cushioned as well as the upgraded lacing system is the most prominent feature that lets you easily slip on the shoes. Moreover, the incorporation of many technologies such as ATS makes the shoes supportive, comfortable and minimizes foot fatigue which then enhances foot alignment. 

As some Ariat boots are waterproof so are the better choice to use in a wet environment and keep your feet comfortable. However, the broad sizes of the boots make them superb for all foot shapes and sizes. 

On the other hand, Durango shoes have cushioning insoles and supportive midsoles to ensure enough comfort even after a long day of wear. The brand focuses on the use of different technologies to reduce stress and pressure on your feet. With the incorporation of a suspension system and soft footbed, the shoes feel comfortable.

Moreover the ergonomic fit, flex and EVA and Rebel Composite toe features make the boots cushioned as well as supportive and stable. Due to shock and fire-resistant properties, the shoes are good to go in power plants and other areas where fire and electrical hazards are common. 


For walking purposes, Durango may be the better choice because some boots of this brand offer the support and comfort required for walking. However, these are designed as work and western boots so most models are not suitable for walking.

On the other hand, Ariat boots are also designed as work boots with enough support, protection and durability that make them superb for farms and ranches but not for long-distance and casual walks. 

Flat Feet

Commonly work boots are not designed to offer enough arch support to flat feet. So Ariat boots are not the right option for any foot condition and flat feet.

However, the presence of a suspension system, shank and stable midsole make Durango boots as arch supportive. In common, Durango western boots are suitable for wide feet but not for flat feet. 

On the other hand, the casual Durango shoes offer moderate arch support which makes them suitable for mild flat feet. Moreover, the athletic models of Durango offer good arch support and are suitable for flat feet. 


Ariat boots are famous in the equestrian community because of their premium quality materials, craftsmanship and innovative technologies. Other than this, the long-lasting Ariat boots are also well-performing.

Durango boots are also of premium quality and have earned huge fame in footwear because of the incorporation of traditional techniques and innovative methods as well as the brand’s focus on detailing and craftsmanship. 

Target Market

Ariat mainly targets riders, horse lovers and people who want to enjoy equestrian activities because the boots offer more comfort, durability and performance. Other than this, the professionals and leisure riders also consider these shoes.

Durango boots are famous for their durability, reliable grip and waterproof features so become the better choice among outdoor activists such as campers, hikers, ranch workers and more


Ariat boots ask you to pay $100-$400 while Durango boots are also available in almost the same but slightly more price ranging from $100-$500. 


Ariat boots are stylish boots with almost 100 designs, full grain leather and incorporation of many technologies such as ATS and Duratread that offer cushioning, support, stability and better grip as well as resistance on all types of surfaces. 

With the classic and western-inspired design, detailed stitching and decorations, the shoes come in many styles which make them versatile and suitable for any outfit. As well as, the colors and patterns of the boots are superb along with other features such as a moisture-wicking line, footbed and sole system. 

Ariat boots also use 4LR technology which is the combination of critical elements to ensure comfort and support. However, the lightweight shank keeps the feet stable and reduces the risk of foot fatigue. 

Durango boots are also available in many styles from classic to modern with unique stitching and patterns that make them versatile and allow you to choose according to taste and preferences. 

The use of rubber outsole in the Durango boots makes them a shock absorber and ensures maximum grip in different conditions. Durango mainly aims to produce boots with comfortable insoles and a snug fit to ensure all-day comfort. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Both Durango and Ariat are winners in many aspects because these excel in different areas. Ariat mainly focuses on innovation, comfort and safety features so become the reliable choice for users who prefer performance boots.

However, Durango mainly focuses on classic flair, durability and Western aesthetic so become the love of people who prefer roughness in their boots. 

In the end, your decision is based on needs and preferences. As both brands offer different styles to overcome many tastes and expectations. So you can go with any of these brands. 

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