Hey Dude Vs Reef: Which Is Better For You?

Are you on summer vacation and looking for new shoes? Do you need a shoe that not only looks stylish but also lets your feet feel cool and comfortable as well as protects them from the sand? 

Hey Dude and Reef are among the famous footwear brands for your summer needs. As both brands offer many unique products but there are also some similarities between the two. However, the major difference is that the Reef is suitable for wear in water. Other than this, Hey Dude is considered as a regular shoe with many styles and colors. 

Let’s get a detailed overview of both brands. 

Comparison Table Between Hey Dude and Reef:

Hey DudeReef 
Casual and modern Cushioned and innovative
Offer exceptional arch support Offer enough arch support
Slip-on shoes, loafers, boots and sandals Shoes and sandals
Durability may vary with the model (2-3 years)Durable and long-lasting (2-5 years)
Relaxed fit and wide-toe boxSuperb fit 
Suitable for casual wear and sports Suitable for beach activities, outdoor adventures and everyday wear
Breathable More breathable
lightweightSlightly bulky
Affordable Affordable
2-months limited warranty 1-year warranty

Overview of Hey Dude:

In 2008, Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute combined comfort and class in shoes and launched Hey Dude in the heart of Italy. 


The brand is well-known for its highly-performing sneakers, slip-ons and lace-ups for men, women and children that transcend style and quality. 

Due to their modest plus modern style and versatility, the shoes are the perfect addition to jeans and any other outfit, making them a super choice for outdoor activists, urban explorers and eco-conscious users. 

Hey Dude is committed to sustainability in each shoe, along with biodegradable packing and eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, cork and recycled materials

All Hey Dude shoes are lightweight and super comfortable with innovative technologies that enhance cloud-like cushioning and allow natural extension of the feet.

With the passing years, Hey Dude has earned huge fame and success in the footwear market. The brand sold almost 1 million shoes in 2011, and now this number is continuously growing because of quality products. 

To get some deals and discounts, you can visit the “Sale Tab” on the official store of Hey Dude and get the shoe at a discounted price. The brand also offers 15% off to new customers after signing up. 

Hey Dude shoes are manufactured in Indonesia and China, and the brand is committed to fair labor practices, which ensure fair pay for employees. 

As the brand has a wide range of product lines but the best-selling product is the “Wendy Canvas Sparkling shoe” with a rose gold shine that keeps it glittery in the sun. The shoes are super comfortable and minimize the chances of aches and pains. 

Overview of Reef:

Olukai is a Hawaiian island-inspired footwear brand with a deep commitment to nature. It was founded by Bill Worthington and Matt Till in 2005 for the creation of supreme quality and comfortable shoes to showcase the culture and spirit of Hawaii

olukai founder

In the heart of Olukai, the Aloha spirit lies, which reflects the way of deeply rooted love, care and respect for the world around it. This philosophy serves each step of Olukai, from sustainable construction methods to commitment to the conservation of marine life

Olukai is dedicated to serving the community along with the conservation of marine life with the use of premium materials and quality craftsmanship. Each Olukai shoe reflects the finest materials, such as fabrics, sustainable components and full-grain leather. Due to this construction and attention to each detail, Olukai shoes not only look appealing but also bring durability and comfort. 

The unique anatomically contoured footbed reflects the natural curve of the Hawaiian island. Due to this unique feature, each shoe offers an unparalleled level of support and comfort so you take each step with pleasure whether you navigate around rough terrains or beaches. 

Olukai partners with the Ama Olukai Foundation, which shows cultural support and conservation of the environment in Hawaii and its surrounding areas. 

The brand is a Certified B Corporation with a main focus on sustainability and manufacturing of shoes that not only last long but also minimize the carbon footprint. 

Olukai shoes are mainly designed in the US and crafted in Asia, Mexico and China by adhering to high-quality standards and environmental sustainability. 

The Olukai Ohana flip-flop sandal is considered as a best-selling product because it symbolizes the Aloha spirit and offers unparalleled comfort and support to live with an open heart. 

Differences Between The Brands

After reviewing both brands in detail, it is time to explore some major differences between the two to know which got the edge over the other:


Reef shoes are the most comfortable with a cosy footbed and are mainly manufactured according to foot size so offer maximum cushioning. The shoes also use quality and flexible materials which then reduce the risk of injuries and discomfort.

Other than this, the shoes offer proper support and distribute the body weight evenly when then put less pressure on the feet and reduce tiredness. 

In comparison, Hey Dude shoes are also comfortable with flexible and cushioned uppers that allow you to wear them for a long day. As the shoes have a wide toe area and use premium materials so they keep the feet comfortable and allow natural movement to reduce cramps.

Due to light materials, the shoes don’t absorb water and are not considered suitable for water activities which may let your feet feel uncomfortable. 

However, the breathable and ventilated materials allow you to wear them for a long day and keep your feet comfortable and reduce blisters. 


Hey Dude shoes are considered as the best for extended and long day walks because of their lightweight construction as well as breathability and support.

However Reef shoes are mainly designed for water activities so these may become suitable for walks around and in the water but for long-distance walks on different terrains, the shoes will never go perfectly. 

Flat Feet

When it comes to flat feet, Hey Dude shoes are equipped with Flex and fold technology as well as a wide base and enough cushioning which all contribute to a comfortable and supportive feel for flat feet and people with plantar fasciitis. 

However, Reef shoes don’t offer enough arch support because these are mainly suitable for water activities so never become the better choice for flat feet. 


Reef is famous for its use of quality and water and sun-damage-resistant materials. Other than this, the durability of the shoes makes them suitable to remain for almost 2-5 years without breaking. 

Hey Dude shoes are also famous because of their style and comfort. However, the fan following of this brand has reached almost 439k followers on instagram as well as the brand has been featured in many outlets such as Motherly, news, yahoo and more. 

Target Market

If you want to enjoy water activities, stroll along the beach and the city as well as move around the poolside or park, Reef shoes are for you because these feel comfortable in water and support heels and tendons.

On the other hand, if you want to walk and hike for a long time as well as you have any foot issues then you must choose Hey dude shoes. 

Both brands target all ages and genders as well as these are the better choices for the summer season. 


Reef shoes come with an average cost of $40-$100

In contrast, hey dude shoes have an average price of $50-$100, almost similar to Reef.


Reef shoes are available in the informal style with many colors and patterns such as bold, smooth and versatile. As well as, the shoes are embellished, embroidered, stitched and fabricated so look iconic. 

With the incorporation of EVA and soft foam in the shoes, these feel cushioned and supportive during the whole day long.

In contrast, Hey Dude shoes are simple with 3 eyelets, lace closures and different patterns and color pallets. In common the shoes have cotton lining, synthetic overlays and flexible mesh which keep them super iconic and comfortable. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

In the end, Reef is considered as the better option because the shoes have great fit, more styles and durable construction as well as these are famous among many people who love to take part in water activities.

It does not mean Hey dude shoes are not a better option. These shoes are also the right choice for people with flat feet and can overcome the needs of many people

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