Twisted x Vs Ariat: Which Is Better For You?

In the world of Western and work boots, the decision between Ariat and Twisted X feels like choosing between two friends each with their own features. What if you have Ariat on one side, the brand serves as the fusion of style and performance while Twisted X on the other side, the brand focuses on durability and a laid-back Texan attitude

Obviously you feel confused as with which brand you should go to because both are champions. Don’t panic and embark on the journey to unlock the potential of both brands to know which will fit your feet.

Comparison Table Between Twisted x and Ariat:

Twisted xAriat
Contemporary and colorfulTraditional and Modern  
Western boots, work boots and casual footwearRiding boots, work boots, cowboy boots, Equestrian boots and shoes 
Sturdy More durable and can last for a long time 
Run a bit larger True to size and slightly relaxed fit 
Suitable for Western activities, outdoor and casual activities Suitable for everyday wear, hiking, light outdoor activities, labour and work and equestrian activities 
Breathable Ultra-breathable 
Slightly heavier Lightweight 
Pricier Costly 
1-year warranty 1-year warranty 

Overview of Twisted x:

Bob Frazier with the experience of many years founded Twisted X in 2005 with the aim to create comfortable and durable boots for cowboys and girls. The brand is committed to add experience and passion to each of its products and design from cowboy boots to work boots and casual shoes. 

Twisted x FOUNDER

Twisted X World is a testament to craftsmanship in the heart of Texas because the brand was born from dusty trails and sun-soaked landscapes which indicates that the brand is committed to the spirit of the American West. 

With the focus on sustainable and durable shoes, the brand an overcome many customer needs who prefer western, work and casual styles. Due to sustainability, the brand has been awarded many times. 

Twisted X boots are equipped with many innovative technologies such as Cell stretch, removable and washable insoles and footbeds as well as premium materials such as full grain leather and slip and oil-resistant outsole. 

As Twisted X boots are crafted in the USA to keep the tradition alive and support local craftsmanship which further adds a new layer of authenticity.

Among many other Twisted X products, one can steal many hearts and consider as the best-selling product is the Twisted X Driving Moc with its unique design and comfortable feel. 

Overview of Ariat:

Ariat is a well-known American footwear brand and was launched in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker who aimed to incorporate athletic footwear technology in highly performing western and English shoes, boots and sneakers. 

The brand manufactures shoes for work industries, outdoor activities and equestrian sports which sets it apart from other footwear brands’ competitors because it mainly focuses on the needs of riders and horse enthusiasts.

Ariat mainly focuses on innovative technologies and craftsmanship as well as all the shoes offer comfort, durability and stability to all types of terrains and weather. 

With the aim to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment, Ariat uses different eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. All the Ariat boots are manufactured with duratread outsole and Advanced torque stability technology which make them super durable in different outdoor environments. 

After the founding date, the brand has released two boots and expanded its distribution to Japan, Mexico, Australia and the US. 

In 2009, Ariat got sponsorship from the Professional Bull Riders while the brand also collaborated with many other organizations such as International Federation for Equestrian Sports and Allen Home For Wounded Warriors. After all in 2020, Ariat was considered as the largest and most famous footwear company for Equestrian Boots. 

Among other sneakers of the Hilo line, the best-selling product is the Hilo 360 which is also a lightweight and breathable shoe with an easy slip-on silhouette and can regulate temperature. 

Differences Between The Brands

After getting an idea about both brands, let’s dive into this section to explore some differences such as comfort, fame, target market, design and price:


Ariat boots are stiffer and equipped with a leather substance that offers ultimate comfort to feet. Other than this, the Hilo line of Ariat is equipped with an EVA midsole which ensures shock absorption.

Due to the thicker heels and quality materials, Ariat shoes are super cushioned and supportive to feet. As well as, the Ariat boots are easy to slip because of the upgraded lacing system that doesn’t let you worry about laces.

The secret of comfort lies in the ATS technologies of the Ariat boots that also promote foot alignment and reduce foot fatigue. Mostly Ariat boots are waterproof so keep your feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions

Other than this, the availability of Ariat boots in many styles and widths makes them comfortable for all foot sizes

Twisted X boots are also comfortable and need less break-in time to feel cushioned. As well as an antimicrobial insole of the shoes is cushioned and allows the wearer’s feet to feel comfortable and absorb moisture. 

With the touch of Western soul and innovative technologies, the shoes feel like a cosy haven for your feet. Moreover, the comfortable footbed allows the shoes to be molded according to foot type and offer personalized comfort. 

The use of soft leather and breathable fabrics supports your feet and allows them to move naturally while exploring the city. 


Twisted X has earned fame in the footwear market because of the use of high-quality materials, craftsmanship and style. As well as, there are many customer testimonials and extensive research regarding this brand which further enhanced its fame. 

Other than this, Ariat boots are also famous in the equestrian community because of the use of innovative technologies and materials which make the shoes durable and satisfying for riders. 

Target Market

If you are a rider, horse lover or someone involved in equestrian activities then Ariat boots are for you as these ensure high performance, durability and comfort. Also, professionals and leisure riders come under the target market of Ariat.

In contrast, Twisted X cover the needs of people in work setting, professionals, outdoor activists and people who prefer comfortable and stylish boots. Also, you may choose these boots for everyday wear or special occasions. 


Ariat Hilo are more costly shoes compared to Twisted X and are available at the average cost of $100-$400. 

However, the Twisted X cowboy boots are available from $100-$300. Some less costly models are available with the use of synthetic materials. However, models with high cost are equipped with premium leather. 


Ariat shoes are available in almost 100 designs and equipped with full-grain leather as well as some cushioning and supportive technologies such as ATS, duratread and more. These let the shoes feel comfortable, durable and supportive on different terrains.

The classic and Western-inspired design with decorations and stitching further makes the shoes stylish. With exceptional protection, moisture-wicking line, footbed and the sole system as well as colors and patterns, the shoes become versatile. 

Twisted X boots are available in many styles from classic to modern as well as unique stitching and bold colors. Also, the boots have a driving moccasin which fuses style and comfort.

The unique feature of Twisted X boots is that they use sustainable materials such as recycled rubber and bamboo. The boots are the symphony of rugged elegance and a testament to the American West spirit. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

The comparison between Ariat and Twisted X indicated that both brands are famous for Western boots. However, these may be different in many aspects such as Twisted X is a better option for comfort and wide toe box that can cater for the needs of wide feet.

In contrast, Ariat is famous for its design and style and can overcome the needs of people who want fashionable shoes in a traditional Western setting.

However durability-wise, Ariat is the winner but price-wise, Twisted X is the champion. Try both brands and make the final decision. 

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