Revitalign Vs Vionic: Which Is Better For You?

Foot pain is common if you don’t wear the right pair of shoes. So why don’t you prefer avoiding or preventing foot pain? Here comes Revitalign and Vionic as the better option to prevent pain and let your feet feel supportive and comfortable.

Revitalign sandals come with a contoured footbed while Vionic sandals already have arch support which further minimizes stress on the feet. 

This comparison table will explore some similarities and differences for your day-to-day needs. So in the end, you will know which sandal will work best for you. 

Comparison Table Between Revitalign and Vionic:

Revitalign Vionic  
Contemporary and functionalVersatile and casual
Sandals, boots, slippers and flip-flopSandals, sneakers, boots and dress shoes
Good durabilityExcellent durability
Relaxed fit and true to sizeRelaxed fit and true to size
Suitable for work and dress occasions, walking, exercise and everyday wearSuitable for everyday wear, walking, work, casual activities and travel
LightweightSlightly heavyweight
More breathableBreathable
Affordable Slightly costly 
Limited warrantyLimited warranty

Overview of Revitalign:

John Doe discovered uncomfortable shoes with a lack of styles in the footwear market which encouraged him to create a brand based on the philosophy of proper body alignment to maintain overall well-being so Revitalign was born in 1997 through the collaboration of biomechanical experts, designers and fashion enthusiasts who believed that people should not compromise on comfort and style when it comes to footwear. 

Doe has manufactured footwear with contoured footbeds that support arches, heels and feet which further promote natural movement and minimize stress on the joints. 

Revitalign footwear line is wide ranging from sandals to sneakers to boots and many of its styles have 360° heel cups for better stability during everyday and formal wear. 

The Waco Shoe Company has been in the footwear market for almost 80 years and it also manufactures Revitalign shoes in the USA with its headquarters in Waco. 

The Revitalign Kholo Sandal is the most stylish and comfortable option with a suede upper and cushioned footbed. Also, the sandal is adjustable and a better choice for wide feet and high arches. This is why the Kholo sandal is considered as the best-selling product of Revitalign. 

Overview of Vionic:

Vionic was founded by an Australian Podiatrist Philip J. Vasyli in 1979 as an affordable brand for foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis, overpronation and flat feet. At first, the brand was named Orthaheel because of the incorporated Orthaheel technology while in 2015, the brand earned the name Vionic. 


From 2018, the owner of this brand is Careles Inc. which aims to produce more supportive shoes for the general crowd. The brand has made a scientific advisory board containing podiatrists, medicine experts and more to guide along the development process. 

Vionic aim to provide footwear for all ages and genders because the brand promise to manufacture shoes with in-built Vio Motion arch support, insoles and cushioning materials for people to use during different activities. The best thing about orthotic inserts of these shoes can be used with any other shoe to get maximal support and cushioning. 

Vionic shoes are available throughout the world because the brand ensures fashionable and functional benefits which attract many users to enjoy three-zone comfort for all-day wear. However, the shoes are made in China and Taiwan but now the brand is focusing on moving the production to the US.  

The best-selling Vionic Tide II Post Sandals have a contoured footbed that offers support to arches and firm cushioning to minimize plantar fasciitis. 

Differences Between The Brands

Revitalign and Vionic show many similar features as well as they differ in many aspects which will be explained in this section:


Revitalign shoes are equipped with contoured footbeds to keep your feet in place and minimize pain in ankles, feet, heels and knees. Other than this, these shoes have metatarsal pads that offer maximum support. 

With the shock-absorbing sole, the shoes offer support and put less stress on the feet which then enhances comfort. The use of a deep heel cup realigns the feet and allows you to take each step with confidence. More than this, the shoes have a wide toe box that lets the toes move freely. 

Vionic shoes already have an arch support and orthaheel technology that maximize more responsive cushioning, comfort and support as well as become the biggest advantages to different foot conditions. However, the lightweight feel of the sandals doesn’t let your feet feel tired and allows to wear for a long time. 


Both Revitalign and Vionic have earned a lot of fame in the footwear market because of their commitment to supportive and comfortable shoes with the incorporation of footbed and cushioning technologies. 

Other than this, the brands are helpful in relieving foot pain and other issues which makes them super choice and famous among users who want to promote foot alignment. Not only their comfort and support are the famous features while the style of both brands is something unique. 

Target Market

Revitalign and Vionic mainly target people looking for comfortable and supportive shoes with a variety of styles. Vionic shoes mainly offer support to feet and ankles for proper alignment. While Revitalign shoes mainly focus on comfort for people with many foot issues. 

A brief description of the target market of both brands:

  • People with foot pain
  • People who have to stand for a long time
  • People looking for comfortable and stylish shoes
  • People looking for shoes to enhance foot posture and alignment


On average, the Revitalign shoes are available under $200, however sandals cost around $70, sneakers are available at almost $120 and boots at $160. 

On the other hand, the average cost of Vionic shoes is $100 but some styles are available at $50 and some may also go upto $200. 


Both brands manufacture trendy and fashionable shoes that can be suitable for different occasions. However in terms of the versatility of styles and designs then Vionic is the winner and can be paired up on any casual and formal occasion.

Revitalign shoes are designed as fashionable and comfortable footwear because the brand aims to offer enough support to feet without sacrificing style.

With the variety of color palettes from classic neutrals to trendy bolds as well as the use of premium quality materials not only bring an appealing look while these also ensure the durability of the shoes. 

The anatomically contoured footbed and strategically placed cushioning as well as breathable lining provide the perfect level of comfort and support and reduce foot issues by providing a healthy environment for feet

The iconic feature of Revitalign shoes is their orthotic technology that aligns the feet and lower body as well as enhances posture and puts less pressure on joints. 

With the addition of a tread pattern in the durable outsole, the shoes not only look functional but also add a new layer of sophistication to the overall design. 

On the other hand, Vionic shoes are a seamless blend of fashion aesthetics with innovative biomechanical technology. Due to keen attention to detail and chic and trendy design as well as colors and patterns from neutrals to bolds to vibrant, the shoes look sophisticated and are a reliable choice for any occasion. 

The game-changing Orthaheel and ergonomic footbed cradle your arches and offer the biomechanical feel to align the foot and promote natural foot gait. 

The iconic feature is the plush cushioning which is placed strategically in the shoe and offers a gentle embrace to the feet as well as the breathable lining allowing it to wear for an extended period. 

In the end, the durable outsole with sleek and functional tread patterns not only makes the shoes sophisticated while also ensures traction and grip. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Now I will summarize the whole comparison article to ease your decision making.

Both brands offer unique products but Revitalign focus on contoured footbed. However, Vionic produces shoes with in-built arch support. 

Style-wise, both brands are the winner because of the availability of shoes in many styles, colors, patterns and designs. However, Revitalign is somehow more affordable than its competitor Vionic.

However size wise, Revitalign may run small for some customers so make sure to check the size. On the other hand, customers say that the Vionic shoes are true to size.

In the end, I want to say consider your needs for comfort, style, durability and budget then choose the brand that will be the champion in all terms

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