New Balance 550 Vs Dunk Low: Which Is Better For You?

When we have to choose between Nike Dunk Low and New Balance 550 shoes, it may be a difficult choice if we consider style with fit. Both models have earned huge attention because of their unique history and design philosophy. 

The Dunk Low originated as basketball shoes with streetwear icon while the NB 550 has deep roots and attract the athletic community as well as those who prefer the contemporary style. 

This article will explore many significant changes in between two models from two different brands. It will help you decide the right pair of models according to your needs. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 550 and Dunk Low:

PropertiesDunk LowNew Balance 550
SupportModerate supportAmple support
Heel stack height10 mm35 mm
AthletesLight to heavy athletic activitiesHigh-intensity athletic activities
MidsolePhylon foamFoam and EVA
Upper soleSynthetic leatherSynthetic and mesh
CushioningModerate cushioningPremium cushioning
Distance3.2-8 km1-8 miles and half marathons or 10ks
SpeedModerateSlow, moderate and fast (with limitations)

New Balance 550 Vs Dunk Low: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Whether you prefer Dunk Low or NB 550, you have to consider many factors that can ease your decision-making process. Let’s have a look on:

1) Comfort

When we talk about the comfort of Nike dunk low, it is necessary to check its size and how it is adapted according to foot shape and size. Due to their snug and narrow fit, the shoes not only feel secure while also provide a comfortable feel during sports-related activities. 

As it is considered as a basketball shoe so, it offers the perfect level of support and stability that aligns with the foot. However, when we consider the comfort of everyday wear, it may vary based on the shape and size of feet. 

As the shoes have firm midsole and moderate arch support so it may not be the better choice for many users mainly those who prefer enough cushioning. However, to get an enhanced comfortable experience, the shoes have removable insoles which can be replaced with orthotics. 

On the other hand, the padded collar and soft lining of the shoes are welcoming to feet and don’t cause blister, friction and discomfort. 

The New Balance 550 are highly comfortable for daily use with a huge legacy that makes them functional as well as stylish. The shoes are equipped with a balanced fusion of comfort and support that makes them withstand for a long period. 

The spacious toe box is the iconic feature that not only provides a snug fit while it adds a new layer of comfort and allows the toe to move and spread naturally. 

The 550 shoes are designed in a way that keeps balance with softness on top without sacrificing structural integrity. The padded collar and tongue of the shoes ensure the snug and cushioned fit around the ankles which then reduce the risk of chafing and discomfort. 

2) Popularity

The Nike Dunk low shoes have proven to be effective in enhancing functional experience because of innovative design and features that further enhance comfort and athletic abilities. Other than this, the shoes have eared many certificated from the famous institutions that ensure their reliability and quality. 

The shoes are more famous because of many happy customers and testimonials that serve as strong endorsements and are a testament that shoes are an exceptional part of everyday lives. 

On the other hand, NB 550 shoes are famous because of their retro designs, versatility and many styles that make them suitable to pair up with any outfit. The collaboration of shoes with many brands, artists and designers also added a new status of fame. With celebrity as well as influencers, athletes and musicians endorsements, the shoes are the love of many people.  

3) Running

When we talk about the significance of dunk low shoes for running then you must be thankful for the latest features that provide the same level of stability and support to feet and make the shoes perfect for casual running purposes

New Balance 550 TOP VIEW


As dunk low shoes are more cushioned and supportive and are mainly designed for casual wear so these may not be the better choice for dedicated runners

Similar to Dunk Low, NB 550 is also designed as a versatile casual wear shoes that may be the suitable option for running errands, outings and casual walks but these are also not suitable for serious runners. 

4) Walking

Similar to running, the Nike Dunk low shoes don’t offer enough cushioning that makes them suitable for walking and standing all day long. However, if you have to go for casual walks, these shoes will work best but not for prolonged walks. 

In contrast, the NB 550 shoes are equipped with supportive and shock-absorbing features that make them suitable for prolonged periods of walks. On the other hand, the cushioned midsole serves as the best platform to offer an outstanding walking experience. 

5) Target Market 

If you prefer stylish yet comfortable shoes with padded collars then Nike Dunk Low is for you. However, some people prefer the low-top version of basketball shoes, so they can also go with this model. 

However, NB 550 shoes mainly target users who prefer style and comfort. So whether you are an athlete, fashion lover or someone who has to stand on your feet for a long time then these shoes can cover all your needs. 

6) Flat feet

New Balance 550 are designed as casual shoes but unfortunately these never provide enough support and stability that is required for flat feet or flat arches. 

Similarly, Nike Dunk Low is designed as classic and versatile sneakers but these are also not the perfect choice for flat feet. 

So people with flat feet should choose the shoe that offers enough stability, support and cushioning. If you are confused about which shoes to go for flat feet then consult the podiatrist. 

7) Design

Nike Dunk Low are retro-inspired shoes with a sleek look and neutral shades. The shoes are designed with four different leather sections such as swoosh, heel, eyestay and backtab. The leather used in these shoes is of a modern, understated finish that gives the overall nice look. 

However, the area behind the swoosh section, collar and toe is designed with soft material that adds a new level of design and appealing look. Above all, the shoes have a black Nike logo which adds a classic look. 

The upper of the shoes is made with leather, suede and synthetic material which make them durable as well as easy to clean. Due to the synthetic upper, the shoes feel flexible and breathable. All the upper materials are dyed and provide a unique texture and appearance

Below the upper sole, the heart of the shoes lies in the form of a midsole equipped with EVA that serves as the lightweight and most flexible material to ensure shock absorption and cushioning. This layer provides enough support to the feet at each step

The last layer is the outsole made with durable rubber and a waisted design which means the sole is wider at the heel, narrow at the arch and wider at the top. Due to the grippy and flat look as well as the multidirectional pattern, the shoes ensure forward and lateral foot movement

New Balance 550 shoes are the result of a seamless fusion of vintage style with contemporary flair that makes them suitable for the sneaker culture. These are designed as basketball shoes from the 1980s with classic silhouettes, timeless and misty vibes that attract the attention of fashion and sneaker lovers. 

The shoes are equipped with clean and crispy colors with bold statements that effortlessly add a new style. The proper color arrangement in shoes makes them versatile for any fashion communal. Other than this, the iconic N logo is the brand’s commitment to legacy, quality and functionality. 

With the classic cupsoles, the shoes provide a clean and smooth look as well as ensure durability with a touch of reliability. However from tongue to heel, the shoes are branded to contribute vintage appeal. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 550: The shoes feel fantastic with the durable outsole and better control. As well as, the fibreglass insole feels like shoes can be molded according to feet shape. 

For some customers, the shoes are comfortable and nothing can beat them but at the same time, some say that the break-in period is almost 2-4 days.  

Purchasers claim that the shoes have large foot openings around the heels that may cause heel slippage because of the presence of silky material around the heel. However, the forefoot feels fine to users but the shoes are a little bit narrow so people with wide feet don’t consider them as supportive and comfortable. 

Nike Dunk Low: Many users love the cuteness as well as the quality and colors of the shoes. However, some claim that the shoes are classic and comfortable for everyday use and a better addition to the sneaker collection. 

For many users, the shoes are just love with the right fit and versatility that make them suitable with any outfit and a few say that you can’t neglect these wonderful shoes. 

Some people with tight budgets consider shoes much more expensive but at the same time, some users say that the shoes are not highly priced when it comes to their quality and construction. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Before deciding which one must be your choice to add to the sneaker collection, make sure to consider the size and comfort of each model. As both sneakers offer different styles and fits so it is not necessary that one model suitable for some may also be perfect for others. 

People who prefer an athletic look, they should choose dunk low with sporty heritage and, a snug and supportive fit. However, for people who prefer all-day comfort and a casual look with a wide fit, they should go with NB 550. 

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