New Balance 550 Vs Nike Jordan 1: Which Is Better For You?

Step into the vibrant footwear market, where sneaker lovers meet to enjoy the style and comfort of shoes. Two rivals of this article are Jordan 1, which has a basketball legacy and street culture, and NB 550, which is the commitment to artistic work with vintage charm and modern flair.

It is the biggest battle not between two models but between two well-known brands. So, without wasting time and creating more curiosity, let’s delve into the journey of exploring both models to know which will win the stage or become the champion. 

Comparison Table Between NB 550 and Jordan 1:

PropertiesNike Jordan 1 New Balance 550
SupportModerate supportAmple arch support
Heel stack height32 mm35 mm
AthletesLight activitiesHigh-intensity athletic activities
OutsoleNon-slip rubberRubber
MidsoleFoamFoam and EVA
Upper soleLeather and syntheticSynthetic and mesh
CushioningAdequate cushioningPremium cushioning
DistanceUpto 5 miles1-8 miles and half marathons or 10ks
SpeedModerateSlow, moderate and fast (with limitations)

NB 550 Vs Jordan 1: Good, Bad and The Worst:

No battle article can be completed without discussing major points which sneaker lovers are looking for. So be ready to explore all such significant points that can ease your decision:

1) Comfort

The New Balance 550 are highly comfortable everyday wear shoes with a rich legacy that brings style and functionality in one place. The fusion of support and comfort makes the shoes suitable to wear for a long time. Other than this, the wide toe box of the shoes makes them fit and roomy for feet to move naturally without any fear of discomfort or injury. 

With the padded collars and tongue, the shoes feel snug and comfortable around the ankle, which then minimizes the risk of chafing in that specific area. 

Jordan 1 is another comfortable sneaker with the incorporation of Zoom air technology that provides a cushioning feel while lessening the impact and stress on the feet. Other than this, the addition of gel insole makes the shoes super comfortable and allows you to take each step with a cushioning and confident feel. 

2) Popularity

The NB 550 are known as the most versatile and retro appealing sneakers, which have become the super choice for many fashion lovers. Other than this, the shoe has collaborated with many brands, artists and musicians which also increased their fame. However, as the shoes are released very often, they bring a sense of desirability and increase demand among many sneaker lovers. 

Jordan 1 is famous for its swoosh iconic outline and modern look in the sneaker culture. As the model is inspired by Michael Jordan’s signature basketball sneaker, it is available in low and high-top editions. Other than this, the model has collaborated with many creative people such as Dior, Virgil Abloh and Levi’s.

3) Running

NB 550 shoes are designed for casual wear and are suitable for running errands, casual walks and outings. But unfortunately these don’t offer enough support and cushioning required for long-distance runs so serious runners should consider the shoes mainly designed for running. 

New Balance 550 TOP VIEW


Jordan 1 is designed as a versatile basketball shoe that is suitable for lifestyle and fashion but is not a good choice for running. As the shoes don’t offer advanced cushioning and support while the main focus of this model is on style so it may not accommodate the natural foot movement during running. 

4) Walking

For walking, both models from different brands are suitable options because these offer enough cushioning, support and stability needed for casual and long-distance walks. Other than this, the versatility of both models makes them suitable to walk along any terrain. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 550 and Jordan 1 are mainly constructed as casual and lifestyle shoes so they don’t offer enough support and stability required for flat feet and may cause discomfort and lead to pain. So, podiatrists never recommend these shoes for flat arches. 

6) Design

New Balance 550 shoes are designed in the seamless fusion of vintage style and modern flair that make them stand apart in the sneaker culture. With timeless elegance, classic outlines and misty vibes, the shoes resonate with the needs of all sneaker and fashion lovers

The availability of shoes in many colors from clean to crispy to bold. All these are not only shades while they express your style and make the shoes versatile to wear them with any outfit. Moreover, the presence of the N logo on 550 shoes shows the brand’s commitment to authenticity and appeal. 

The shoes are equipped with many premium materials in all soles, such as EVA, mesh and rubber, to make them super comfortable, stable, supportive and durable. On the other hand, the presence of retro brand detailing such as subtle elements, tongue labels and heels are also the contributing factors in the vintage aesthetic of the shoes

Jordan 1 provides the royal feel because it was designed after the collaboration of Nike with Michael Jordan. So the shoes offer the cultural vestige, the feel of revolution and the canvas of self-expression. With bold and clear outlines and a high-top design, the shoes look royal. 

The iconic Wings logo is placed strategically on the collar, which acts as a symbol to empower the spirit of Michael Jordan. With the availability of this model in many colors, the shoes describe the story of legacy, culture and victory. 

Not only in look, the Jordan 1 is also famous for its addition of premium and luxurious materials such as leather and robust suede that add a touch of craftsmanship. Beneath the upper portion, the shoes have engineered soles that not only bring style while also make them super comfortable and performing. The foundation of Jordan 1 exceeds the courts and provides a plush feel to the wearer at each step. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 550: A customer has purchased these shoes for his son and he claimed the quality, fit, comfort and style of the shoes are outstanding and he will surely recommend it to others who prefer all these factors in their shoes.

Due to loose stitching around the midsole and the poor leather quality, the shoes are not highly recommended. But some people say that the colors and styles of the shoes are super.

For some people, the shoes feel like wearing uncomfortable leather on the feet because they feel heavy or bulky, which is not a good thing. At the same time, many users claim that the shoe size is small and the toe box is much bigger. 

Jordan 1: For some people, the shoes are fine and 100% satisfying, but some claim that these shoes can easily break down. However, many purchasers said that the material and style as well as colors are top-notch. 

Quality-wise, the shoes are also the best, so many people think that nothing is better than Jordan 1 as a gift to their loved ones. However, size-wise, the shoes are true to size and feel royal to feet. Some users claim that the shoes offer extra protection with a thick midsole but the crease can be seen after a few wear. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In this battle to declare the single winner, the answer is still invisible because both stand as pillars in the market with their own story to tell.

The timeless elegance and basketball power, as well as the urban look, make the Jordan 1 super choice for many people. But on the other hand, the NB 550 with refined elegance and a seamless fusion of vintage appeal and modern edge, has become the love of many fashion lovers.

The true winner emerges not in the superiority of one model over the other, but it can be chosen according to your needs and self-expression. So elevate your every step and style with the right shoes. 

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