New Balance 2002r Vs 993: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance continuously introduces new shoes in the footwear line and each shoe is named with a number such as 993 and 2002r. Both are retro athletic lifestyle sneakers with almost similar construction. 

The NB 993 is a heavyweight and chunkier shoe while the 2002r is a lightweight and breathable shoe. To learn more about both models and the significant changes in between them, let’s have a look at the comparison table first:

Comparison Table Between New Balance 2002r and 993:

PropertiesNew Balance 2002r New Balance 993
TerrainPavements and sidewalksRoads, tracks, trails and pavements
SupportEnhanced arch supportModerate arch support
Heel stack height30 mm14 mm
Heel-to-toe drop10 mm4 mm
AthletesLight athletic activitiesLight to high activities
OutsoleRubber and N-ergyNDurance rubber
Upper soleLeather, mesh and suedePremium suede and mesh
CushioningHighly cushionedSufficient cushioning
Distance5-10 kmFew to 6.2 miles and a marathon
SpeedSlow, moderate and fast (with limitations)Moderate 

New Balance 2002r Vs 993: Good, Bad and The Worst:

We can’t neglect the comfort, style, fame and other factors of both shoes when it comes to deciding between the two. So, briefly explain both models:

1) Comfort

NB 993 shoes are highly cushioned and comfortable because of the incorporation of ABZORB technology that not only enhances a soft feel under the heel and toe while it also minimizes the risk of shock under the heel area. 

Other than this, the precise mesh upper lets the shoes feel breathable and provides a unique look, which then protects the feet from molds even during high-impact activities. 

The use of cushioning technologies transfers high forces and provides a gentle embrace while running and working. Other than this, the dual-density foam is the seamless fusion of tradition and technology, which makes the shoes suitable for rigorous activities. 

In comparison, NB 2002r shoes are equipped with suede overlays and mesh uppers to elevate the look as well as provide enough cushioning and ventilated room for feet on the hottest or extreme days. 

The secret of comfort lies in the ABZORB midsole and SBS ABZORB heel which provide a more stable and supportive as well as cushioned feel. Other than this, the incorporation of N-ergy outsole keeps the feet comfortable. 

2) Popularity

NB 2002r shoes are highly popular among athletes of all levels. Other than this, the versatility and stylish look of the shoes is famous among fashion enthusiast. Moreover, sneakerheads also prefer these shoes and love to add them to their sneaker collection. 

The fame of these has increased because of celebrity endorsements and growth on social platforms. 

On the other hand, NB 993 shoes are famous for high-performance designing, durability and cushioning. Whether you are a runner or an athlete, the shoes provide enough support and comfort and become famous. 

3) Running 

As 2002r inspired by running shoes but unfortunately not the perfect option for running. However, it is considered as the every day use shoes with maxima support and cushioning needed for light runs but not for long-distance runs. 

New Balance 2002r TOP VIEW

New Balance 993 TOP VIEW

However, NB 993 is designed as a running shoe with the integration of technologies that not only enhance traction while also absorb shock and make them suitable for long runs to intense training sessions. 

4) Walking

Both NB models such as the 993 and 2002r are considered as the best for performance, athletic and long walks because these offer enough support and cushioning while walking on different terrains. 

5) Flat feet

Both models are also suitable for people with flat feet because the incorporation of ABZORB technology provides enough support, stability and cushioning which maintain the foot alignment and make the shoes suitable for flat feet. 

Other than this, the incorporation of an SBS heel in the 2002r shoes provides a secure and snug fit which becomes the best choice for flat feet or high arches. 

6) Design

With a sleek and modern look, the NB 2002r shoes feel versatile. The lightweight feel and mesh upper are the contributing factors to breathability and ventilation. So, wearing these sporty and fashionable shoes, you not only bring a unique look while also allowing your feet to enjoy comfort and performance. 

The incorporation of ABZORB and Revlite technologies maintains the feet’ shape and lets them perform better. On the other hand, the rubber outsole with N-ergy makes the shoes superb with enough traction and grip on all types of terrains. 

On the other hand, the NB 993 come with a sophisticated and intertwining look. The use of mesh and suede in the upper enhances the cooling effect during intense activities while also bringing a strategic look to shoes. 

However, the secret midsole equipped with ENCAP technology and dual-density foam brings harmony among support and comfort and lets each step feel responsive and cushioned. 

In the last, the durable outsole serves as the protective base for your feet with multi-tread patterns that let you take each step with confidence while enhancing sophistication. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 2002r: Mostly customers say that the shoes are nice looking as well as feel comfortable, so they will surely recommend 2002r for casual wear and walking, but they will never suggest wearing them for runs. However, some people say that the style and colors of the shoes are just wow, which makes the shoes versatile and suitable for any outfit.

People who have to travel a lot also consider these shoes supportive and comfortable which never make their feet injured. 

At the same time, the incorporation of many technologies that offer enough arch support so the people with flat feet consider these shoes perfect. However, some other people claim that the shoes are comfortable and prevent other foot issues. 

New Balance 993: According to some customers, the shoes are comfortable and let you feel like walking on the marshmallow bed. Also, the supportive and shock-absorbing features of the shoes make them good to go.

However, some people have complained that the shoes run small so people with wide or long feet don’t feel comfortable. But some people say that these lifestyle sneakers are also good for running and walking.

The extra ankle support is also a great feature which prevents heels and ankles from injuries. Plus the availability of shoes in many styles and colors are the love of fashion enthusiast. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both 2002r and 993 are considered as the signature shoes with many qualities and features. For people looking for daily wear shoes with comfort, they can go with 2002r. 

However, people looking for durable shoes with the incorporation of thick materials, they can go with 993 shoes. 

To me, the 2002r is the better option than its rival 993 because it can complement any outfit and is affordable that lets you remain within your budget. 

It’s the end from my side. Now it’s your turn to decide the right pair of sneakers to add to your next collection. 

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