New Balance 993 Vs 990: Which Is Better For You?

Everyone wants to look perfect and your outfit is incomplete without the right pair of shoes. Whether you want to enjoy the versatility of the 993 or the stability of the 990, you will never go wrong with any of these two models as both offer unique features to overcome all your needs and desires. 

As both NB shoes are perfect for daily use but which one may fit better to your feet, it is a long debate which can’t be described in one line. So, delve into this battle in detail and explore the pros and cons of both models. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 993 and 990:

PropertiesNew Balance 993New Balance 990
SupportModerate arch supportEnough support
Forefoot stack height10 mm24 mm
AthletesLight to high activitiesHigh-intensity athletic activities
OutsoleNDurance rubberRubber
Upper solePremium suede and meshLeather, mesh, pigskin and suede
CushioningSufficient cushioningModerately cushioned
DistanceFew to 6.2 miles and a marathon5 km upto half marathon
SpeedModerate Slow, moderate and fast

New Balance 993 Vs 990: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Till now, we have a little bit of idea about both models. However, this section will clearly explain both 990 and 993, so let’s start with:

1) Comfort

NB 993 are more cushioned shoes with padded toe and heel as well as integration of ABZORB technology which produce a cushioning feel and absorb shock under your heel. 

With the well-crafted mesh upper, the shoes let your feet feel ventilated and breathable as well as ensure safety of feet. So when you wear these shoes, your feet will surely be thankful to you because of the cooling effect during intense activities.

Other than this, the presence of dual-density foam in each 993 shoe brings the seamless fusion of tradition as well as enhances performance and comfort. 

In comparison, 990 shoes are also available with the same upper, but pigskin is an extra material which not only provides a cushioning and breathable feel to feet it also keeps your feet dry and cool throughout the day.

The fusion of fuel cell and ENCAP in the midsole provide the next level of stability and cushioning feel. Other than this, the construction of the midsole is in a way that aligns the foot movement and avoids any risk of injury or discomfort.

The presence of PU makes the shoes lightweight, which further provides enough cushioning and shock absorption during running and heavy-duty activities. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 993 is famous among athletes of all levels who prefer durability and comfort in one shoe during different activities. Other than this, the shoes are also versatile, which adds another layer of fame among fashion enthusiasts. 

In contrast, the iconic design and best look of 990 sneakers make them famous among sneakerheads who want to wear comfortable yet stylish shoes. The presence of these shoes on social media platforms is also helpful in growing fame. 

However, both models have major celebrity endorsements and collaborations, which are also contributing factors to their fame. 

3) Running 

When it comes to 990 shoes, these are not suitable for intense running even if these are the inspiration of running sneakers but still are useful for daily use by providing cushioning and support suitable for casual walks and regular runs.

New Balance 993 TOP VIEW

New Balance 990 top view

In contrast, the 993 are designed as running shoes with the addition of many technologies that provide enough traction, support, comfort and shock absorption during long runs and training sessions. 

4) Walking

For walking purposes whether it is performance walks, casual walks, athletic walks or long walks, both models are super comfortable and supportive with cushioned midsole. So, if you want to get a wonderful and memorable walking experience, you will never go wrong with any of these two models. 

5) Flat feet

The NB 990 shoes are super suitable for flat feet because these offer unparalleled arch support and cushioning as well as the wide base and supportive heel evenly spread the weight and align your foot properly. 

Other than this, the NB 993 are highly regarded as performance shoes with enough support, cushioning and stability that can also go better with people having flat feet

6) Design

New Balance 990 are considered as the most classic and timeless shoe which has become the love of fashion enthusiast who wants to enhance their style game with stylish yet quality sneakers. The upper construction of these shoes is known with leather, suede, mesh and pigskin that provide enough ventilation to your feet even during the hottest days. 

With the thick midsole having a 12 mm heel-to-toe drop, the shoes feel secure to your feet and joints. But the drop also feels heavy, which offers more shock absorption, but at the same time, it affects performance during races. 

The durable rubber outsole provides enough traction and grip that hold the feet in place and let you perform different activities on various types of terrains. 

The sophistication and intertwining of NB 993 shoes make them super cute. However the presence of mesh and suede in their upper bring a strategic look as well as keep the shoes cool and ventilated. 

With the incorporated ENCAP technology and dual-density foam, the shoes bring harmony at each step and ensure a responsive feel during athletic pursuits. 

The base of this model is also equipped with rubber which acts as the protective sole with better stability and traction on many surfaces. However, the presence of multi-tread patterns allows you to take each step with confidence while delivering high performance

What do customers think?

New Balance 990: The shoes are available in many sizes from narrow to wide so people with wide feet consider them super fit and comfortable. Other than this, some people claim that the shoes are really cute so these may be the better option to complement with any outfit, sweatpants or jeans. 

Quality-wise, the shoes are also perfect, but the presence of slight space at the toe box and looseness at the heel make them not a suitable choice unless you tighten the laces. Other than this, the slightly more space at the toe lets the feet come out.

For some users, the shoes are lightweight while for some, these are unstable on different types of terrains and uneven surfaces. 

New Balance 993: For many customers, the shoes feel comfortable and supportive. However, some say that the shock-absorbing feature of these shoes is unbeatable.

Size-wise, the shoes run small for many of the customers who have purchased and tested these shoes. But some claim that these shoes are perfect in fit and comfortable so they are good to go for casual runs and walks. 

The signature feature of these shoes is extra ankle support, which minimizes the risk of many injuries and issues to ankles. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

It is the end of this battle and it is hard to decide the winner because both are similar in styles and features. However, there is a little bit of difference in construction; otherwise, both are neutral shoes and suitable for daily training.

If you prefer more cushioning, then 993 is a worthy investment. If you prefer a light and soft feel, then 990 is the better option.

However, what shoes will be your choice, it is based on your personal needs and preferences. So happy searching for the right shoe. 

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