New Balance 460 v2 Vs v3: Which Is Better For You?

In the world of athletic shoes, the NB 460 series is the commitment of the brand to innovation and excellence. The question is whether to go with 460 v2 or v3 for your next athletic activity. The answer to this question lies in this battle article.

This battle is not between two versions of 460 shoes while it is about the exploration of shoes that are suitable for your running experience. So, let’s dive into this article with the goal of exploring the champion.  

Comparison Table Between New Balance 460 v2 and v3:

PropertiesNew Balance 460 v2 New Balance 460 v3
SupportModerate support Moderate support 
Heel stack height24 mm24 mm
OutsoleRubber Rubber 
MidsoleIMEVA Dual-density EVA 
Upper soleSynthetic meshTextile and mesh
CushioningAdequate cushioning Adequate cushioning
Distance5-10 ks and half marathon Half to full marathon 
SpeedModerate Moderate 

New Balance 460 v2 Vs v3: Good, Bad and The Worst:

In construction as well as comfort and other factors, both models belonging to the 460 series are different. So, I will briefly discuss everything in this section:

1) Comfort

New Balance 460 v2 shoes are considered as the most comfortable and dedicated running shoes with time-tested technologies that bring cushioning and support at each step. With the incorporated cushioning technologies in the engineered midsole, the shoes provide the perfect balance of shock absorption, comfort and support as well as minimize the impact on your joints. 

Other than this, v2 shoes are equipped with cushioning and padded tongue and collar that provide a soft sensation around the feet and ensure a secure fit, which then reduces the risk of discomfort during long day runs. 

At the upper sole, the mesh provides a ventilated room and keeps your feet breathable and cool even after long day wear. So, the shoes are considered as the legacy of comfort for runners and allow them to enjoy running instead of putting strain on their feet. 

New Balance 460 v3 feels like stepping into the cocoon of softness and plush cushioning that adds a new layer of comfort to feet. With the adaptation and incorporation of different technologies, the shoes provide a responsive and dynamic feel as well as help in energy return.  

With the precisely crafted upper, the shoes ensure a snug fit, maintain breathability and boost ventilation and cooling effect during prolonged runs. Other than this, the padded collar and tongue are also the comfort contributing factors. 

2) Popularity

All the 460 series shoes of NB are well-established and of high quality. When it comes to 460 v2 and v3 shoes, both are famous because of their versatility, comfort and stylish design. Most importantly both models are affordable but v3 is cheaper as well as it has updated technologies and the latest innovations so it has earned huge fame among customers and athletes. 

As both models are not available on the official site but you can buy them from other online retail stores such as Amazon and Zappos etc. 

3) Running 

NB 460 v3 is designed as dedicated running shoes because these offer an exact and secure fit to feet as well as, their enough comfort and support make them super for long-distance running and high-intensity workouts. So whether you are a new or seasonal runner, these shoes will surely overcome all your running needs. 



On the other hand, 460 v2 is also marketed as running shoes with crafted comfort, support and performance during running activities. However, many people consider these shoes for casual runs but mostly prefer them for long-distance runs. 

4) Walking

For walking purposes, both models are the perfect choice because these can absorb shock, ensure comfort and support during walking activities. Other than this, the outsole design of both models makes them suitable for walking on different surfaces. 

5) Flat feet

People with flat feet consider both models suitable because these offer adequate cushioning and moderate support as well as stability that reduces the risk of discomfort and pain to flat arches while ensuring the secure and snug fit and roomy toe box which then prevent blisters and irritation. 

6) Design

New Balance 460 v2 is designed according to the symphony of performance and aesthetics for discerning runners. However, with modern aesthetics and cutting-edge technologies, the New Balance 460 v3 shoes are represented as evolution. From upper to outsole, each element is the commitment to reliability and style. 

With the engineered mesh upper to promote airflow, the shoes keep your feet cool and breathable all day long wear. Other than this, the presence of a padded collar and tongue provides a snug fit and ensures flexibility to runners without compromising their freedom of movement. 

The heart of each shoe is termed as the midsole, so v2 and v3 shoes have ABZORB technology and EVA foam that provide the cushioning feel as well as absorb shock yet offer a plush and responsive feel at each step you take. 

The end or base of these shoes is made with durable rubber, a strategic tread pattern and multidirectional lugs that provide better control, traction and stability on all types of surfaces as well as ensure runners to run confidently to tackle any path whether it is City Street or nature trails.

What do customers think?

New Balance 460 V2: For people who prefer to walk mostly rather than running, the shoes are perfectly fit because they offer adequate cushioning. However, some users say that the shoes have less durable and shiny laces that may slip as you tie or may even become loose during walking. 

With positive reviews for comfort and many negative reviews regarding fit, the shoes have a mixture of customers’ thinking that may even confuse many new purchasers. However the pronated people consider the shoes supportive with in-built insoles and say that these are worth investing. 

New Balance 460 V3: For many people, the shoes are a saver but few people wish that the sole must be squishier to provide enough cushioning. After all, the shoes are better and don’t cause any blisters, and their grip on wet surfaces is outstanding

Some purchasers claimed that the shoes started wearing out after a few months and the quality was just cheap, so they will never try these shoes again. While color and style-wise, the shoes are extremely superb and many fashion enthusiasts love to wear 460 v3. Size-wise, the shoes run small for some people, while some say the toe area is roomier. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

As we have reached the finishing line of the exploration of both models, NB 460 v2 and v3 th,e decision is based on technologies as well as personal preference. 

NB 460 v2 is the statement of reliability and has become the trusted partner in the fitness journey. While 460 V3 come with updated features and embraces the future of runners. 

Well! It’s all from my side. Now it’s your turn to choose which model will suit better for you. 

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