New Balance 410 Vs 510: Which Is Better For You?

In the athletic footwear market, choices are unlimited, and each pair of shoes is a journey towards adventure and innovation. As we enter the New Balance footwear world, we come across a variety of shoes and two of them are 510 and 410.

This article is mainly for these two rivals of the same brand, as these have unique stories to tell. But a question arises NB: 510 and 410: Which will be your next companion? To deeply gain an idea and answer this question, I will discuss some aspects of both models. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 410 and 510:

PropertiesNew Balance 410New Balance 510
TerrainPaved surfaces, light gravel paths and dirt trails Off-road surfaces and uneven terrains 
SupportModerate support Good support 
Heel stack height22 mm24 mm
Forefoot stack height14 mm16 mm
OutsoleRubber and AT Tread Rubber and AT Tread 
Upper soleSuede and nylon Synthetic and mesh
CushioningModerate cushioning Moderate cushioning 
DistanceUpto 5 miles Upto 10 miles 
SpeedModerate Moderate 

New Balance 410 Vs 510: Good, Bad and The Worst:

In this section, I will explain some good and bad points of both NB models. Then we will move to customer reviews to know what other people think of these shoes:

1) Comfort

New Balance 510 shoes offer unparalleled comfort, mainly in the most challenging terrains. The secret recipe of shoes lies in the midsole, which serves as the hidden cosy world for your feet. With the incorporation of cushioning technologies, the shoes let you feel like walking on the clouds instead of rocky terrains. Other than this, the shoes are also shock absorbers and push your feet forward. 

At the twisting and windy trails, the shoes have a rugged canvas of lugs that provide enough grip. Due to this design, the shoes not only provide better traction while also minimize the risk of injuries and discomfort. Other than this, the shoes have a high-cut profile, which offers support and comfort to the feet. 

With the comfortable and breathable upper, the shoes keep the feet ventilated and prevent overheating even during long tracks. 

New Balance 410 shoes are also a testament to a comfortable feel with the incorporation of cushioning technologies that cradle your feet at each step with a gentle embrace. So you can go with these shoes in city streets, parks and other places.

With an outsole that feels less rugged, the shoes maintain comfort on urban surfaces as well as ensure stability. Other than this, the fusion of suede and nylon in the upper keeps the balance between durability and breathability. 

In simple, 410 is not only the shoe, but it is the soft cocoon that lets your feet feel comfortable during the rhythm of daily life. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 510 is famous for its specialized design for outdoor activities and trails. Due to adventurous spirit and high cut profile, the shoes are considered as a reliable partner. Other than this, their durability and enough resilience make them suitable for different activities such as hiking, trekking and more. 

New Balance 410 earned fame due to its versatility and low profile appeal that brings the transition from casual wear to daily activities. With the iconic brand heritage, the shoes symbolize craftsmanship and the blend of fashion with legacy. 

3) Running 

New Balance 510 are suitable for Trail Running and off-road adventures because of their high cut profile for ankle support and durable outsole that makes them perfect on challenging trails and provides protection to feet. 



On the other hand, the New Balance 410 are suitable for Everyday Running because of its low profile outlines and classic design that make it good to go on urban streets and maintained paths. Other than this, the comfortable feel without any specialized features doesn’t let you wear these shoes during trail running. 

4) Walking

Similar to running, the NB 510 shoes are the right option for walking on trails and uneven surfaces such as rocks and others like that because of their durable construction and better traction on all challenging trails.

While NB 410 shoes are suitable for daily walks because of their lightweight feel and comfortable midsole that makes the shoes traditional but not make them good to go on challenging trails. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 510 offers moderate cushioning and good support that may make it suitable for flat feet. However, if people with flat feet need more cushioning to absorb shock, then the shoes are not the right option. Other than this, flat feet require shoes with flat outsole and less aggressive tread but these shoes don’t fit under this criteria. 

On the other hand, NB 410 shoes also offer moderate cushioning and support which doesn’t make them suitable for flat feet or people who prefer specialized support. As the shoes have flat soles with less aggressive patterns so these may be preferable for flat feet on hard surfaces. 

6) Design

In the world of footwear suitable for rugged terrains and outdoor exploration, the NB 510 shoes are designed as the most functional and stylish sneakers. With the high cut profile, the shoes not only enhance design while these provide enough ankle support. 

The masterpiece outsole, as the canvas of multidirectional lug patterns, provides a firm grip on challenging trails and allows the wearer to conquer all nature’s challenges. 

In the middle of the shoes, the real ingredient of the recipe lies as the midsole is equipped with many cushioning technologies to absorb shock and provide a comfortable yet soft feel on challenging trails.

The upper describes the true story of the shoes with the blend of mesh and synthetic overlays to bring an aesthetic appeal and ensure ventilation to feet. 

New Balance 410 serves as the classic charm and timeless elegance shoes with low profile silhouettes that act as the canvas where simplicity fuses with versatility. With the less aggressive and well-crafted outsole, the shoes ensure reliable traction on urban streets and casual surfaces. 

The unsung hero in the form of the midsole is equipped with cushioning technologies that provide a comfortable foundation to your feet at each step. 

With the blended suede and nylon upper, the shoes maintain the balance between lightness and durability. Also, the availability of shoes in muted tones to vibrant shades to bold colors make them versatile and invite wearers to step into the world of grace and timeless elegance. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 510: For some users, the shoes are perfectly fitted, but some say that these are too tight from the toe area; otherwise, there is nothing wrong with these shoes. 

People with foot issues such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis consider these comfortable shoes, but they also say that the narrow toe puts enough pressure and makes them feel uncomfortable. However, some people are not happy with less cushioning in the heel and arches. Size-wise, the shoes are available in the right length with regular width and make the feel look slimmer. 

New Balance 410: Some purchasers claim that the shoes are a little bit tight however, they may go better for casual walks. On the other hand, some people say that the look of these shoes is not good. A lot of customers love the shoes and say that the quality is superb and the shoes don’t rip or tear off from the sole, nor do these shoes have any wrinkles. 

For many customers, the shoes feel light and breathable as well as waterproof, so they surely recommend 410 to others who want durable shoes at a reasonable price. People with wide feet consider these shoes comfortable and true to size. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

As our journey to choose between 510 and 410 comes to an end with a lot of information regarding both models as well as their unique features which may make one model superior to the other. 

The NB 410 shoes are versatile and act as your timeless companion so it is considered as the better choice for those who want the traditional shoe to enjoy the charm of daily life.

On the other hand, 510 shoes are an innovator and ready to chase different terrains from ordinary to challenging as these have an adventurous spirit. 

So, in the world of two models, there is no specific winner. So to draw the winner, make sure to consider your needs and preferences. 

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