New Balance 840 Vs 940: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance has introduced many shoes with different categories based on their comfort, stability and support level. It means some new balance shoes lie in the comfort category and are known for their comfy feel, while some shoes are more stable than others. 

When it comes to supporting level, two New Balance shoes, 840 and 940 are the rivals. NB 840 is for regular runners and is considered an all-rounder shoe. While NB 940 provides enough support and is suitable for overpronators, it is considered a high-density running shoe. 

However to get further explanation of how both models can overcome your feet needs, read this article till the end. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 840 and 940:

PropertiesNew Balance 840New Balance 940
TerrainPavements, grass, gravel and dirtSidewalks, roads, trails and pavements
SupportBalanced supportEnough arch support
Heel-to-toe drop12 mm8 mm
AthletesLight athletic activitiesLight athletic activities
MidsoleFresh foamABZORB
CushioningSingle cushioningDouble soft cushioning
SpeedSlow and moderateSlow and moderate

New Balance 840 Vs 940: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Now I will explain some major points of both models that can differentiate one from another and help you know which must be your choice:

1) Comfort

When we talk about the comfort of New Balance shoes, these are on top and highly recommended by podiatrists. 

New Balance 840v5
NB 840

With the breathable upper, the shoes feel cushioned as well as ventilated and don’t let your feet feel dry or warm even during whole-day wear. However, people with more age or flat feet should go for 940 rather than 840.

New Balance 840 shoes feel comfy like walking on the marshmallow floor. With the secret recipe of ABZORB in the heart of 840, these feel like revolutionary comfort by absorbing shock and eventually distributing weight. This recipe not only creates a cushioned experience, but it is about the personalized fit at each step.

Stepping into these shoes means cradling your feet to return energy, stroll along the city and move through the busy routine. 

New Balance 940 feels like entering the cozy world with stability and gentle embrace side by side. The incorporation of T-beam technology is the unsung hero in these shoes, which provide the right harmony among stability and comfort as well as support your natural motion.

With the dual density and padded collar, the shoes feel like hugging your ankles and embracing swish comfort and structural integrity. Due to the well-organized support system, your feet can walk comfortably without sacrificing stability

2) Popularity

New Balance 840 is well-known for its versatile design, timeless aesthetic and comfortable feel that lets you wear it while walking and other activities. 

However, the fame of the 940 series lies in its stability and supportive features that let all feet types, even flat feet move around the city without feeling tired or injured. 

Other than this, both models are durable and have earned a huge reputation due to positive user experience and high demand in the footwear market. 

3) Running 

NB 840 is designed for runners who prefer balanced support while running. However, if you have an overpronation issue or flat feet, then 940 shoes are suitable because they can control motion while running. 

New Balance 840v5 top view


Cushioning-wise, both models are equipped with ABZORB technology that also absorbs shock even during long day runs, recovery runs or casual runs

As 940 is more supportive and stable so some people consider these shoes as enough supportive and don’t like them for running. However, it is better to consult the podiatrists to know which New Balance model can be suitable for running. 

4) Walking

Both New Balance models are suitable for walking, but the 940 is mainly designed for people who have overpronation issues and require enough support to get a comfortable walking experience. 

If your feet don’t require much stability and you want a comfortable yet versatile walking shoe, then 840 is good to go.

However, if you prefer extra stability and support to overcome your foot conditions, then the 940 is a suitable walking shoe. 

5) Flat feet

The NB 840 shoe is designed for people who prefer balanced support as well as enough cushioning to control pronation and cradle heel.

However, NB 940 shoes are designed for people who have flat feet or high arches because of the incorporation of Rollbar technology that can avoid overpronation. As well as, the shoes are equipped with N-ergy cushioning to support and cradle the heel. 

6) Design

When it comes to design, 840 is the winner because of its modern and stylish design. The crisscross and stylish patterns make the shoes suitable for the young generation. The shoes are available in tri-color and different colors in the soles. 

The crafted upper made with mesh and leather, as well as the iconic N logo, show the brand’s commitment to breathability, style and performance. 

With the incorporation of ABZORB technology, the shoes remain pressure-free from the outside and absorb shock while running and walking. 

Other than this, the 940 is the most traditional shoe with an almost old look and is suitable for old runners. These shoes also have a gradient look and white soles. 

Colorways, the shoes offer many vibrant hues, sporty edges and muted tones that can complement with any outfit and occasion. 

The mid-cut design provides stability, and the upper design is composed of mesh and overlays that enhance ventilation to ensure functionality and comfort. 

With the incorporation of T-beam technology, the shoes remain flexible and provide enough stability and arch support. Other than this, the technology can avoid bending and shearing of shoes and keep the foot locked. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 840: People consider these shoes as comfortable and supportive for walking. However, some say that the heel is not padded and can injure feet and cause issues.

For some, the shoes are available in true size while others complaint against the small size and the poor quality. Other than this, the people are also happy with the heel-to-toe drop, which is nice according to them. 

The small toe box feels like hell to many customers who prefer shoes with enough room to avoid injuries and pain to the toes, so they consider wasting their money by choosing 840 shoes. 

New Balance 940: Loved by many customers who prefer enough support and stability while choosing the shoes. Especially people with flat feet and overpronation especially consider these shoes super comfortable as these avoid foot injuries. 

At the same time, people appreciate the roomy toe box that cradles the toe without causing any pain. People with arthritis in ankles and feet highly preferred these 940 shoes.

Size-wise, the shoes are true to size, and people with wide feet consider them suitable for running, walking and other activities. The quality and length of the shoes are also the best things and they fit perfectly. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

To me, the winner is 940 because it has many happy customers, is suitable for flat feet, running and walking as well as provides enough support and stability. The better thing is its affordability than its rival 840.It does not mean that 840 is not a good option. You can also choose 840 shoes for efficient grip and everyday use.

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