New Balance 806 Vs 1006: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance has earned a lot of attention and love from all over the world because of its cushioning shoes with a lot of great features. In the 800 series, the 806 shoe is a valuable addition, while the 1006 is also a purposeful shoe with many features and a lightweight feel. 

As both these are known as tennis shoes, they are famous among traditional club players. For more details about 806 and 1006 shoes, stay with me till the end. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 806 and 1006:

PropertiesNew Balance 806 New Balance 1006
SupportModerate to highModerate
Forefoot stack height23 mm21 mm
OutsoleNon-marking rubberNon-marking rubber
MidsoleC-Cap and ABZORBRevLite
Upper soleFull grain leatherSynthetic and mesh
CushioningModerate cushioningModerate cushioning
Distance4.8-6.4 km8 km

New Balance 806 Vs 1006: Good, Bad and The Worst:

New Balance offers shoes with unique features and many positive things but at the same time, the shoes have some flaws which need to be addressed before deciding between 806 and 1006:

1) Comfort

Stepping in both NB shoes is not about wearing the footwear, but it is about embracing the comfort specially customized for your feet at each step. 

The presence of full-grain leather in the 806 upper means these shoes are more stable, supportive and cushioned. While the upper of 1006 is made with mesh and synthetic overlays that further enhance ventilation and breathability at each step you take towards the new journey. 

With the incorporation of ABZORB and RevLite in both models, these feel like a cushioned and cozy cocoon to your feet yet enhancing stability and support, so cradle your feet on various activities. 

As the shoes are available in various sizes and shapes so, these provide you the feel that is specially made for my feet and can be adapted according to unique foot anatomy. 

The padded collar and gentle tongue in both models means your ankles will feel the gentle embrace, prevent irritation and add a new layer of coziness to boost the overall experience. 

2) Popularity

The specialized performance in all athletic and cross-training activities, as well as exceptional comfort to ensure the personalized fit, become the hallmark of fame of both models. In addition, the shoes are constructed durably with quality materials, so they bring versatility and overcome many needs. 

The design and style, as well as brand heritage and positive customer experience, also added fame to both models. 

3) Running 

Both 806 and 1006 are designed for court sports, mainly tennis, so they offer support and stability for such activities. However, when it comes to running, both models are not a suitable choice, especially during long runs or on different surfaces. 

New Balance 806 TOP VIEW

New Balance 1006 TOP VIEW

The sole of both shoes is designed for lateral movement on the court, but they never provide the same level of flexibility and shock absorption as needed for running. 

Other than this, the cushioning technologies for running and court shoes are different, so 806 and 1006 are not preferred for running. 

4) Walking

Unlike running, court shoes are preferred for walking but for short distances and casual walks. This is because the sole is not designed to provide enough flexibility and cushioning for prolonged walks. Other than this, both models are heavier, which then impacts cushioning or comfort during longer walks. 

So for regular or prolonged walks, it is better to choose another New Balance shoe especially designed for walking. 

5) Flat feet

For people with flat feet, podiatrists never recommend 806 and 1006 tennis shoes because these offer moderate arch support that may never overcome the need for overpronation or high arches. Also, the cushioning is not enough for flat feet. 

6) Design

New Balance 806 may look unattractive or dull to many people but actually, these are worth investing shoes. The full grain leather upper in 806 shoes provides comfort and support to feet and allows them to play with full potential. 

Wearing these shoes, you can play in the hottest weather or overheated conditions because the upper is much more breathable and provides a cooling room to feet but the major downside of the upper is that it is not durable which may not allow aggressive moves. 

With the roomy toe box, heel counter, tongue and lacing system, the shoes are easy to put on and off as well as perfect for wide feet to avoid any type of pain. The midsole is equipped with ABZORB and ROLLBAR technology, and the outsole is made with non-marking rubber

New Balance 1006 shoes look nice and sleek, so you can wear them on the court confidently. When we talk about the upper construction, the mesh and synthetic materials are present by offering a nice look as well as a breathable feel that may feel refreshing to your feet.

However, the toe area in the design of the 1006 shoe is a little bit uncomfortable and stiff, but with time, your toe may feel relaxed and fine. Other than this, the heel counter and ankle support are the best features that can ease your chronic ankle sprain. 

Due to one strap lacing system, the shoes don’t ask you to tie up laces all the time. However, the absence of metal eyelets makes the lacing holes less durable. The shoes also have removable insoles, so you can replace them with custom orthotics as per your needs. 

Moreover, the midsole is mainly composed of RevLite EVA foam, and the outsole construction is the same as NB 806, but the only change is the modified herringbone tread pattern in the 1006 outsole. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 1006: People who love to play tennis daily find these shoes comfortable with wide width but also complaint against the less breathable space. However, due to exceptional support, the shoes can overcome swelling and pain problems. 

The fit is perfect as well as colors are nice, which makes 1006 as a good outdoor court shoe. Some people also claim that the stability is good and the price is affordable for such a wonderful court shoe. 

For some people, the shoes are lightweight and nicely cushioned in the heel and ankles but some purchasers say that the shoes are much heavier that may often cause discomfort to feet. 

New Balance 806: A customer said that the New Balance shoes are going down day by day due to quality mainly, the 806 sole was separated from the top, which caused falling on the court. 

However, many people claim that the shoes are narrow with limited width, but some say that the comfort of 806 shoes is exceptional and reduces the pain and blisters underneath the foot. 

For some people, the shoes are magical and let the back and hip feel better by offering enough stability while walking and exercising. 

Most customers say that New Balance has introduced the best court shoe for pickle ball 806 as it provides great support while moving forth and back. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Hopefully, you found this article helpful because I have provided you with much detail related to New Balance 806 and 1006 shoes.

If you prefer court shoes with enough support, stability and comfort, then the 806 must be your choice, but also consider its drawbacks, such as lack of durability and break-in flaws.

However, to get excellent comfort and plush cushioning, you should enjoy playing tennis and pickleball in 1006. But this shoe is not considered as much supportive and stable. 

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