New Balance 680 Vs 860: Which Is Better For You?

Comparing 860 and 680 is another battle between two New Balance rivals to help you add another new pair of shoes to your collection. 

To ease your decision-making, I have compiled many things after deep research regarding comfort, functionality, support, running, design and popularity. 

Other than this, you will also know what other people think of both models and for whom 860 or 680 is suitable. So let’s start with:

Comparison Table Between New Balance 680 and 860:

PropertiesNew Balance 680New Balance 860
SupportModerate to high support Moderate to high support 
Heel-to-toe drop8 mm10 mm
AthletesLight to moderate athletic activities Light athletic activities 
OutsoleRubber Rubber 
MidsoleDual-density fresh foam Dual-density fresh foam 
Upper soleEngineered mesh Engineered mesh 
CushioningModerate cushioning Moderately cushioned 
Distance3-8 miles 4.8-13 km
SpeedModerate Moderate 

New Balance 680 Vs 860: Good, Bad and The Worst:

In the next step of the battle between two NB models, I will explore major points in detail to get an idea of which model is more suitable for you:

1) Comfort

New Balance 860 shoes feature a comfortable and secure upper because of the incorporation of engineered mesh that enhances breathability and ventilation as well as a heel counter that keeps or locks the foot in place while offering a snug fit. 

Stepping into 860 shoes means unveiling a new level of comfort where each element is made to bring rhythm at every step. Due to the incorporation of cushioning technologies and foam, they let your feet feel comfortable and provide a gentle embrace

Other than this, the midsole technology brings harmony between feet and ground, so translate each step into the supportive language. From navigating around the city to going for jogs, the shoe feels well-organized and comfortable.

The comfort of 680 shoes starts from the ground, where the latest cushioning technologies combine to form the symphony of comfort and support. With the incorporation of TRUFUSE technology, the shoes cradle your feet and offer a customized experience at each step. 

Other than this, the dual-density foam is a stable foundation that also creates a balance between support and softness. With the padded collars and tongue, the shoes bring a gentle embrace to ankles and prevent injuries. 

The versatility of shoes with a variety of shapes and sizes makes them adaptable to all foot types and ensures comfort. 

2) Popularity

Both models are almost similar in construction and design, so they earned more fame among runners and walkers. Other than this, the stability, cushioning and versatility of shoes are also the contributing factors to fame. The variety of style options is a loving feature of fashion enthusiasts.

3) Running 

Both New Balance models are known as running shoes because these offer enough cushioning, stability and support to your feet even during long runs. However, people commonly prefer 860 shoes for light runs, but 680 is a versatile shoe and is suitable for short to long runs

New Balance 680 V7 TOP VIEW


4) Walking

New Balance 860 and 680 shoes are also suitable for walking because they offer a comfortable and supportive walking experience as well as they absorb shock and ensure responsiveness on hard surfaces such as pavements and sidewalks. 

Other than this, the medial post stability feature of 860 shoes control pronation and ensure enough support to foot arches so it is the best option for walkers with flat feet. The durability of shoes makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. 

5) Flat feet

NB 680 and 860 shoes are also suitable for flat feet because both offer enough arch support, stability and cushioning that let flat feet move, walk and run without facing any foot issues, injury or fatigue. Also these shoes promote proper foot alignment that is required to address overpronation. 

6) Design

New Balance 860 are designed as appealing and functional shoes with a symphony of style and stability at each step. With these shoes, you can turn your journey into a memorable experience.

The incorporation of engineered mesh with dual-density foam in 860 not only offers a cushioned feel but also provides a stable and supportive ride. Fluid lines and supportive overlays bring flexibility to each shoe and maintain a secure fit.

The shoes are available in different color ranging from energetic hues to vibrant shades to bold tones and each allow you to express your style. Moreover, the padded collars and versatile tread pattern design make the shoes stable and durable on different surfaces. 

New Balance 680 are known as artistry-designed shoes with a fusion of style and performance. The sleek outlines are not only about aesthetics while they also streamline the performance. The shoes are not designed randomly while these are constructed to offer both visual appeal and functional aspects. 

With the breathable and ventilated upper, the shoes infuse the touch of comfort and style even during intense activities. The range of different color options speaks to your style. 

Both models have an Iconic N logo that represents the brand’s commitment to style, innovation, performance and comfort. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 860: For some the shoes run to high mileage, while for others, they feel comfortable to only a few miles ranging from 20-25 miles. However, people still love 860 shoes as these are easy to take on and off because of proper length laces. 

A few purchasers claim that the shoes are highly satisfied because of their solid construction, cushioning feel and shock absorption that let them feel relaxed without pain and injury. 

The soft sole may become the cause of collapsing of shoes while running and walking, but the long-lasting and balanced foam sole feels stable and cushioned. 

People with wide feet consider these shoes supportive and true to size as they offer lateral support and a roomy toe box to accommodate the needs of all types of feet. 

New Balance 680: Some versions of this model are narrow, so they can’t overcome the needs of wide feet but some people still consider 680 shoes perfectly fit.

People with Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis mostly use these shoes because of the support and comfort required for such problems. The most loving thing about 680 shoes is that these are reasonably priced, so they come under the budget of many people.

Most people consider these shoes light, nice and airy because of the engineered mesh upper. So these shoes leave the best impression and provide a pleasurable experience. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Hopefully now you have an idea and got answers to many questions that may be in your mind before reading this article.

If you want to enhance your performance level with the solid shoe, then 860 is the better choice because of more comfort, minimized pronation and enhanced leg alignment. 

However, if you want a flexible shoe to enjoy maximum support and minimize the risk of injuries, then the better option is 680 at an affordable price. 

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