New Balance 840 Vs 860: Which Is Better For You?

Many footwear companies are working on enhanced stability in their shoe lines, while some are just behind in development. When we talk about New Balance, we can confidently say that the company is overwhelming the challenging world with its continuously producing unique and stable products.

With the main focus on stability, comfort and performance, NB has introduced two models, 840 and 860. Both models create a balanced ride that cleans the way towards a stable and comfortable world. 

To dive deep into the core properties, similarities and differences of both models, stick to this article.

Comparison Table Between New Balance 840 and 860:

PropertiesNew Balance 840 New Balance 860
SupportBalanced supportModerate to high support 
Heel-to-toe drop12 mm10 mm
AthletesLight athletic activitiesLight athletic activities 
Upper soleMeshEngineered mesh 
CushioningSingle cushioningModerately cushioned 
Distance5 miles4.8-13 km
SpeedSlow and moderateModerate 

New Balance 840 Vs 860: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Both models are not the same as they look, even if they belong to the same family line. There are many aspects that differentiate 840 to 860, such as:

1) Comfort

New Balance 840 comfort is like the organized cocoon for your feet because the magic of cushioning lies in the ABZORB technology that brings harmony among comfort and support at a time. With this technology, your shoe absorbs shock at each step you take, so it offers a personalized fit. 

Stepping into this shoe feels like sinking your feet into the plush cloud or marshmallow floor. With advanced technologies, the shoe creates a smooth and energy returned journey. From strolling along the city to dancing in the streets, your 840 shoes will surely bring comfort. 

With the crafted mesh upper, the shoe offers a gentle embrace to the feet while providing a cooling and dry effect. The ventilated and breathable room is not only about your comfort, but it is about creating the style. 

New Balance 860 shoes are equipped with a comfortable and secure upper, plus the heel counter ensures the foot lockdown and snug fit to your feet. Each step into this shoe is composed of a unique rhythm that brings harmony among comfort and support

In the heart of these shoes, fresh foam is present, which provides a fusion of plushness and responsiveness. This material connects your feet with the ground and translates each step into the supportive language. From navigating around the streets to going for morning jogging, you will enjoy outstanding comfort. 

Similar to the 840 shoes’ upper construction, the 860 shoes are also breathable and bring a cooling and drying effect even after long miles of wear. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 840 shoes are famous because of their renowned comfort that absorbs shock. Along with this, the versatility and timeless appeal of the shoes are also contributing factors to fame. The shoes are not only famous among performance seekers while style and comfort seekers can also get benefit from 840. 

NB 860 shoes are known for their supportive stability for runners and walkers, as well as dynamic cushioning that allows a comfortable underfoot experience. Other than this, the quality construction and adaptability of shoes to different terrains make them super famous

3) Running 

Both NB models are designed for runners and provide extra cushioning, support and comfort to runners of all levels. With the incorporation of EVA and dual-density foam in the midsole, the shoes provide better performance and shock absorption during running. 

New Balance 840v5 top view


4) Walking

Same as running, both models also offer an excellent walking experience because of the presence of fresh foam X technology and breathable upper that provide a comfortable, cushioned and supportive feel needed for long-distance walks on pavements or sideways. 

However, overpronate walkers also consider 860 shoes suitable because of the medial post that provides support and stability, which then minimizes pain and fatigue. From indoor to outdoor walking on gravel, grass or pavements, both shoes are an excellent choice. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 840 are stable running shoes and provide extra support with dual-density cushioning to control overpronation. Also these shoes provide cushioning pads to heels and become suitable for flat feet.

On the other hand, 860 shoes are also stable and supportive, so they are an excellent choice for flat feet. Due to stability, these shoes address overpronation and offer enough support. 

6) Design

New Balance 840 is a modern shoe with crisscross lines and different patterns. However, when it comes to color options, the shoes are available in tri-colour varieties with an extra colouring effect on the sole. 

NB 840 shoes have simple outlines with an athletic aesthetic. Other than this the crafted upper and N logo show commitment with comfort, style and performance. 

With the incorporation of ABZORB technology, the shoes remain cushioned and remain resilient to outdoor pressure. The EVA foam in the midsole absorbs shock and ensures cushioning during running and walking.

The classic 840 shoes also have the cushioned footbed from the toe to the arch but unfortunately, it don’t cover the high arches. Also, the fusion of simplicity with high performance in these shoes ensures the best output. 

New Balance 860 shoes are the fusion of aesthetics with functionality and create a supportive plus stable look. Each element of this shoe is designed extraordinarily by keeping performance in mind.

The architecture of this shoe is stable and well organized, with dual-density foam as the foundation that brings cushioning and stability to feet on different types of terrains. 

Other than this, the energetic colors, from bold to subtle to vibrant and fluid lines and foam, make the shoes super appealing. Also, the upper and dynamic N logo adds a new layer of look and breathability. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 840: Most of the customers say that these shoes are super comfortable for walking. However, some customers don’t agree with this point of view regarding comfort because for many people, 840 shoes don’t offer padded heels and cause injuries.

For people with big toes, the shoes run small and disappoint them very much. But at the same time, some people say that the shoes are true to size and are of super quality. 

A customer said that 840 shoes are just the dream that turned into reality because these offer enough support and cushioning even after bunion surgery and knee replacement. 

New Balance 860: Due to easy to put on and off feature as well as enough cushioning, these shoes are the love of many users who have to walk long miles. On the other hand, some people complain that the shoes may feel narrow to men, but overall, the support is good for healthy joints and feet. 

Construction-wise, the shoes are super satisfying and wrap the feet in a comfortable cocoon that also absorbs shock and reduces painful conditions. However, the soft sole may easily collapse after a few runs and walks, which is the major complaint of many customers.

People with extra wide and flat feet consider 860 shoes stable, comfortable and supportive from the lateral side. Other than this, the wide-toe box is roomy enough to stabilize and cushion flat feet.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

This battle article ends here with a lot of information provided to you regarding New Balance 840 and 860. To me, both shoes are worth investment because of their unique features and core elements that lead them towards the winning journey.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to try both models and make your decision easier and smooth with no mess and fluff. 

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