New Balance 624 Vs 608: Which Is Better For You?

inding a new pair of New Balance shoes is not so challenging nor so easy. It requires some attention to each pair because almost every second model is similar to each other. However, to make your selection process easier and shorter, I have compiled some main points of two NB models, 608 and 624. 

Both models belong to the same line 600, but are their designs and construction also the same? Maybe it is the main question that comes to many minds. To answer this question in detail, I am starting with:

Comparison Table Between New Balance 624 and 608:

PropertiesNew Balance 624 New Balance 608
FeaturesLightweight and durableBreathable and versatile
SupportModerate supportHigh support
Forefoot stack height6 mm4 mm
OutsoleRubberNDurance rubber
Upper soleLeatherSuede and leather
Distance3-10 miles5-12 miles
SpeedSlow, moderate and fastSlow, moderate and fast

New Balance 624 Vs 608: Good, Bad and The Worst:

This section is designed to explain some major differences between 624 and 608. So let’s start with:

1) Comfort

NB 608 are the most comfortable shoes with moderate sole height that offer enough lift and keep the feet comfy all day long. Other than this, the availability of shoes in many widths and sizes offers enough cushioning and snug fit to all foot types.

The sneakers are lightweight and feel like walking on a cloud without feeling like carrying bricks. With the heel drop, shoes keep your feet light and comfortable, as well as support each step. 

The shoes also offer a roomy toe box and enough space for your feet and toes to move freely, which then enhances maximal cushioning and comfort. 

With the incorporated ABZORB and EVA cushioning technologies, the shoe midsole and footbed feel soft and cushioned, which then reduces the risk of shock to your feet during movement. Other than this, this cushioning feature also evenly distributes weight on the feet and reduces pain in ankles, arches and toes. 

NB 624 lets your feet feel like walking on a marshmallow bed because of the incorporation of IMEVA foam that not only feels lightweight but also durable and can handle repeated beating on the pavements.  

These shoes are equipped with ABZORB technology, which is the composition of polymer present in the heel area between the out and midsole. This technology is incorporated to add shock absorption and comfort features while reducing the risk of pain and injury to the feet. 

However, when we talk about comfort from the upper of the shoe, this sole is equipped with leather instead of mesh, so it feels slightly heavier than its competitors. However, the upper is perforated and keeps your feet cool and breathable all day long wear.

Plus, the padded features, along with the heel counter, keep the feet locked and comfortable. The inside cushioned lining is also the main feature to keep feet cushioned. 

2) Popularity

NB 608 is known for its commitment to preventing injuries while improving performance during different physical activities. Other than this, the model has earned fame in the market as well as holds many certifications from fitness agencies. The athletes and trainers also endorsed this model, which then adds credibility. 

NB 624 is famous for its versatility for different activities as well as its comfortable and supportive features. The main focus of this model is on cross-training, which appeals to fitness lovers who prefer durable shoes. Also, the availability of this model in different widths caters for the needs of the users with varied foot sizes and shapes. 

3) Running

New Balance 608 shoes are an excellent option for long runs on roads and tracks because of the incorporation of cushioning technologies that also reduce shock across joints. 


New Balance 608 TOP VIEW

Other than this, 624 shoes are designed as cross-training shoes and are excellent options for outdoor and indoor activities such as walks, light runs and gym. However, these never offer as much comfort and versatility as the 608, so it is not a dedicated running shoe. 

4) Walking

Both models are designed to provide an excellent walking experience because these offer enough cushioning and support. So whether you have to walk along the city or just want to indulge in light activities, these shoes are good to go.

5) Flat feet

Both models are considered suitable for flat feet. People with moderate to severe flat feet should go with 608 shoes because they offer high arch support. However, if you have mild flat feet or need flexible shoes, then you must consider 624 because it offers moderate arch support. 

6) Design

New Balance 608 is designed as a fusion of timeless and trendy styles. The coolest elements with contemporary flair in these shoes ensure a good look.

The sleek outlines along the shoes not only create a unique look but also let you feel like you are walking on the runway. Due to versatility, the shoes can be suitable with favourite jeans and other outfits. 

From vibrant hues to bold statements to diverse color palettes, the shoes look beautiful and attractive. These colors and styles of shoes enhance the full spectrum of hues and allow you to elevate your style.

New Balance 624 is a straightforward and reliable shoe with the perfect blend of many materials. From running errands to the gym to going for coffee, the shoes are suitable for all occasions and act as your reliable partner. 

With the fusion of quality materials, the shoes enhance resilience and longevity, so you can wear them on countless adventures. 

From the durable outsole to the robust upper, each section of the shoe is meticulously designed by keeping durability in mind. So, stepping into these shoes means opening a new chapter of the journey. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 624: Some viewers consider the width of these shoes narrow and feel uncomfortable. However some people say that the shoes are suitable for walks and don’t feel bulky nor cause injury or pain to feet.

The built quality of the shoes is super, with extra padding that feels cushioned around the ankle, and the shoes are worth investing in. On the other hand, customers also negatively rate these shoes and say 624 shoes are just unusable.

Most of the customers find the shoes they are looking for, but some complain that the shoe cuff and sole are different, so they prefer to send these shoes back to the company. However, people looking for low-ankle shoes love them. 

New Balance 608: A customer said that he has plantar fasciitis and the doctor recommended him wear NB shoes, so he decided to buy 608 and these are just magical because of enough arch support and cushioned sole. Also, people with wide feet consider 608 suitable because these can cater for the needs of all foot types and sizes. 

Some customers are unhappy with rubber soles that create a terrible walking experience. Other than this, users also say that the shoes are not the same and create a mess and become unglued after a few weeks of wear.

The fit is true but the upper suede material is more prone to stains and water damage that may damage the shoe look and become difficult to clean.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In both 608 and 624 shoes, there are many similarities, such as leather upper and rubber outsole, that make them responsive on different terrains during walking and everyday wear.

However, 624 offers more flexibility, while 608 offers enough support. Other than this, the comfort level is almost similar but the 624 is more cushioned under the heel. Size-wise, both shoes are true to size, but the 608 is a little bit wider than its competitor

It’s all from my side. Now it is your turn to decide with which model you have to go. 

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