New Balance 519 Vs 619: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance is the most reliable and worth investing footwear brand that always offers quality running and training shoes, sneakers and casual wear shoes. 

With time, the brand updates its products and releases some new versions that go on hype among purchasers. The brand mainly focuses on performance but never sacrifices style. 

With modern technologies in each NB shoe, two models (519 and 619) are the discussion of this battle article. Both shoes are equipped with advanced technologies and unique features compared to other models. But these may be different in many aspects from each other. 

Stick to this article and know the major differences and similarities between 519 and 619. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 519 and 619:

PropertiesNew Balance 519New Balance 619
TerrainSidewalks, roads, trails, gravel and dirtPavements, grass, paths and roads
SupportModerate arch supportModerate arch support
Heel-to-toe drop10 mm10 mm
MidsoleEVA and ABZORBEVA, dual-density foam and ABZORB
CushioningSoft cushioningModerately cushioned
Distance186 miles311 miles
SpeedSlow and moderateSlow and moderate

New Balance 519 Vs 619: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Choosing between 519 and 619 is a challenging task, but you may overcome such a challenge by considering the following factors:

1) Comfort

Both 519 and 619 are considered the most comfortable shoes because of the incorporation of many cushioning technologies, such as ABZORB, that offer premium comfort to 619 shoes more than 519 shoes. 

In 519, cushioning technology ABZORB is only used in the midsole while in 619, this technology is also used in the heel area along with flex groves and dual-density foam that provide another level of comfort during daily sessions. 

Other than this, both models have removable insoles that don’t damage easily and provide a better feel. The density foam also provides support to the ankle while experiencing rigorous sessions. However, 519 started showing signs of discomfort after some wear, so it is not considered as comfy as 619. 

Moreover, 619 shoes show the harmony of support and comfort because of the incorporation of a density collar that provides a soft hug to your feet and around the ankles, which feels like a leisurely dance. 

In simple both shoes are the best companions with hidden extraordinary comfort and allow you to walk confidently. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 519 has earned fame because of its versatility, which makes these shoes suitable for different occasions and activities. Other than this, the consumer base is also high because of the brand’s commitment to performance. The classic design with a variety of colors makes them famous among fashion enthusiasts. 

New Balance 619 is famous because of its rich history and iconic outlines, that is the love of sneaker enthusiasts. Though this model was designed as cross training shoe but with time, it has earned fame due to its comfort and durability. Every 619 shoe is a step towards design and performance. 

3) Running 

New Balance 519 and 619 are designed as lifestyle shoes, so these are not considered running shoes nor constructed for high-impact athletic activities. It is because both models don’t offer the optimal support, cushioning and stability that running demands. 

New Balance 519 TOP VIEW


However, dedicated runners should consider shoes that offer maximal comfort and stability on all types of terrains as well as provide enough ventilation and breathability. 

4) Walking

Unlike running, both models are suitable for walking as well as casual wear. Due to enough support and comfort, both models allow one to walk around the city, stroll in the streets and enjoy leisure walks. 

5) Flat feet

However when it comes to people with flat feet, both models are not the suitable choice because these don’t offer enough arch support nor offer stability and motion control that the people with flat feet need the most. 

However, if you want personalized support in these shoes, you may use custom orthotic insoles that offer significant arch support. 

6) Design

New Balance 519 shoes are available with simple and timeless elegance along with clean and unassuming outlines. With the seamless integration of synthetic material and mesh in the upper, the shoes create a fusion of breathability and durability. 

As well as, an iconic N logo present on the side of each 519 shoes adds a touch of precision and shows the brand’s commitment to comfort. With the availability of 519 shoes in different colors, these offer the canvas of versatility and allow you to wear them with any outfit. Whether you prefer a neutral tone, vibrant color or accent shades, the shoes overcome all your preferences and color needs to reflect your personal style.

The adaptability of 519 shoes makes them super famous. From the gym to city streets, the shoes provide comfort and support during all activities and complement each outfit. 

New Balance 619 shoes are designed with mid-cut outlines that not only bring elegance but also add a new level of support. With the snug fit around the ankles, the shoes allow you to move freely, and the dual-density foam provides a comfy and secure feel and stability. 

Same as the 519, the upper of the 619 shoes is the fusion of two materials, such as leather and mesh, along with strategic overlays that not only bring a bold and stylish look while also enhancing performance and comfort.

The secret integration of advanced technologies such as ABZORB in 619 makes them super cushioned while walking and never compromises on function and foam. 

In terms of colors and styles, the shoes offer a balance between delicacy and expression. From classic black to a polished look to sporty vibes, the shoe’s design makes a unique statement.

What do customers think?

New Balance 519: In terms of comfort, many customers positively rate these shoes and also claim that 519 shoes can last for many years with minimal care.

However, at the same time, most customers complain about the inside heel material that may easily damage after some wear. 

Size-wise, these shoes are wide and true to size, so they never hurt feet, even after a long day of wear. However, a customer claims that the shoe rubs against the feet after wearing low-cut socks and causes bleeding. 

Some purchasers also positively rate durability and classy look that make them suitable for walks and working out. 

New Balance 619: Most reviewers said that the shoes are great and the packaging is fantastic. However, some people complain about the high price of 619 shoes. 

In terms of size, 619 shoes run small, but some people say that it is better to try the shoes and size before buying. Other than this, many customers claim that shoes are true to size. 

Unfortunately, people complain about the shoe upper that starts wearing down after some time and poses stability issues after a few weeks, while some people face this issue after a few months. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Unfortunately, both 519 and 619 models are not available on the official site and are hardly present on Amazon and other online stores, but you may purchase these models from Kohl. 

However, when it comes to choosing between these two, my vote is for 619 because it is less pricey than 519 and also suitable and better in many other aspects, such as comfort. Other than this, if you want to spend some extra dollars on quality shoes rather than 619, then you may go for 519. 

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