New Balance 237 Vs 574: Which Is Better For You?

Every shoe and sneaker enthusiast knows New Balance, which is famous after Nike and Adidas. With the commitment to shoes that never compromise comfort, style and performance, this brand has earned recognition in the footwear market. 

If you prefer comfort and performance, two models of NB, 237 and 574, are most preferred. As these models has identical design and style but actually, these are different in many core features, which we will discuss later to help you know which will be your next companion. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 237 and 574:

PropertiesNew Balance 237New Balance 574
SupportAdequate arch support Moderate arch support 
Forefoot stack height18 mm16 mm
OutsoleRubberDuraflex rubber
MidsoleEVAEVA, ENCAP and polyurethane
CushioningModerate cushioning Ample cushioning
Distance186-311 milesHalf to full marathon
SpeedSlow, moderate and high Moderate

New Balance 237 Vs 574: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Construction of both models is somehow similar, but what makes them different is comfort, design, fame and many other factors such as:

1) Comfort

New Balance 574 shoes are mainly designed to provide all-day comfort to your feet with the incorporation of EVA midsole and mesh upper. Both these materials, along with padded collars and tongue, provide a ventilated and comfy room for your feet even during long day wear.

From jogging to hiking to walking for long hours, 574 shoes are super comfortable and offer ample cushioning because of ENCAP and PU technology that also deliver enough support. 

The best thing about 574 is that these fit true to size and mold according to your foot type, thanks to lightweight EVA that offers cushioning to the arch and heel. Though 574 shoes don’t offer enough arch support, these are good to go. 

With the availability of 574 shoes in many widths and foot shapes, these are also suitable for high arches and stopping pain, even during extreme situations. Moreover, the lightweight feel never causes discomfort to your feet. Plus, the mesh upper creates ventilation and doesn’t make your feet sweaty, even during hot and intense weather conditions. 

New Balance 237 is also famous for its comfort and cushioning throughout the day because of the retro-inspired design and comfort technologies in the midsole. The EVA foam and well-engineered support system offer a duo of plush cushioning and support

Each step in these shoes offers a personalized embrace to your feet and lets them feel like walking on a cloud. Also, the responsive cushioning becomes a reliable partner for your feet during walks and other activities and never compromises style. 

Whether you have to stroll along the streets, navigate busy roads or just want to embrace the joy of motion, NB 237 shoes offer you a soft feel with the artistry of comfort. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 574 iconic shoes have been in the footwear industry since 1988 with many loyal customers, runners, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. The shoes are famous because of their timeless design, versatility and all-day comfort

The collaboration of this model with different artists and celebrities such as J.Crew, Stussy, Raekwon and Markie has added a new layer of fame. Other than this, the model is the symbol of NB heritage and innovation. 

New Balance 237 is known for its vintage style, retro aesthetic and versatility with different widths and styles. Due to classic outlines and incorporated technologies, the shoes are famous among fashion lovers and comfort seekers. Also, the global reach of 237 shoes makes them famous among sneaker enthusiasts and collectors who want to extend their style. 

Other than this, the affordable price point and social media presence, with many positive reviews of 237 shoes, fuel their fame. 

3) Running 

Both 237 and 574 models are not designed as dedicated running shoes because these don’t offer enough support and cushioning, nor are they as breathable as the running shoes must be. Both models are only suitable for walking and other light impact activities which don’t require more cushioning, stability and support. 

4) Walking

NB 237 and 574 shoes are suitable choices for walking and offer an unforgettable experience because of adequate cushioning and support that is needed for daily activities as well as light walks. With flexibility and responsiveness, both shoes allow the foot to move naturally and provide better traction on different surfaces while walking. 

5) Flat feet

Podiatrists never recommend 574 shoes for people with flat feet because these offer moderate arch support that may never feel suitable for flat feet and offer them a stiff and rigid feel.

However, on the other hand, 237 shoes offer adequate arch support that may be suitable for many flat feet, but if you need more cushioning and support, then you may use custom orthotic insoles. 

6) Design

New Balance 574 may look like a straightforward sneaker, but actually, it is a fusion of style and performance. With the fusion of suede and mesh upper, the shoes not only provide a breathable feel while these also enhance the overall look and make the shoes fit according to different foot types. 

The real magic starts in the midsole of shoes equipped with ENCAP technology along with PU that delivers the true level of cushioning and support. At the same time, the lightweight EVA foam makes the shoes suitable for different activities without making them bulky. 

With the classic design and low-top outlines as well as lace-up closure, the 574 shoes look so elegant. Also, the availability of shoes in a variety of colors and styles makes them suitable for any outfit. 

However the shoes are versatile and can fit better in many activities such as gym, running errands and other outdoor tasks. 

New Balance 237 is the modern design of the 70s with heritage design, simplicity and versatility, as well as classic outlines. The shoes are equipped with zig-zag tread and great ankle padding, as well as silhouettes. 

With the suede and nylon upper along with availability in many colors, the shoes make a vibrant and cooling statement. Other than this, the asymmetrical panelling can create a unique and patterned look.

This vintage shoe is padded with a ripstop nylon tongue and the interior is lined with terry cloth that may provide enough cushioning for feet. However, if you want to enjoy extraordinary comfort, you can use insoles to enhance the underfoot feel. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 574: Some reviewers consider these shoes suitable for walking upto 150 km, not more than this, because they don’t consider 574 shoes as durable as they must be. So they only rate 574 as lifestyle and light walking shoes. 

However, most of the customers say that the shoes are comfortable to foot and quite wide from the ankle and back portion, but these are somehow loose, which they need to tie very tightly before going to walk.

Overall, shoes are great for some customers, but the tongue is the only factor that doesn’t satisfy many purchasers and offers them the worst experience.  

New Balance 237: The versatility and availability of shoes in many colors make them the love of many customers who are interested in elevating their style. Other than this, the shoes are not tight around the toes and feet so they are worth investing.

However, the thin fabric of the shoes doesn’t offer enough arch support to feet, but they are perfect for running errands and casual wear.

Overall, the shoes are comfortable and fit well but some customers complain that the canvas looks wrinkled and cheap, which then damages the look of the shoes.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both models are retro-inspired athletic shoes with a lightweight and flexible feel, but 574 is the winner in terms of flexibility.

However, they feel the same on the feet and fit comfortably, so they are the better choice for many customers who want stylish but performing shoes. While the outsole of 574 is built to offer versatility to shoes that make them suitable for different activities.

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