New Balance 515 Vs 574: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance offers you the feel of slipping your feet into the most comfortable and stylish shoes to elevate your style and performance at a time. The brand knows the secrets to winning the hearts of customers, so it always designs and offers quality shoes without sacrificing all core features. 

New Balance 574 and 515 are the two most preferred styles among all other exceptional shoes. What makes both shoes different from each other? Which will be your next companion if you rate comfort, style and performance at a time? 

All these questions will be answered in this article, so let’s start with the following:

Comparison Table Between New Balance 515 and 574:

PropertiesNew Balance 515New Balance 574
SupportEnough arch supportModerate arch support
Heel-to-toe drop8 mm8 mm
OutsoleRubberDuraflex rubber
MidsoleEVAEVA, ENCAP and polyurethane
Upper soleMesh, suede and syntheticSuede and mesh
CushioningAmple cushioningAmple cushioning
Distance483-805 kmHalf to full marathon
SpeedSlow, moderate and fastModerate

New Balance 515 Vs 574: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Whether you want to buy 515 or 574, you need to know some essential points that can ease your decision-making. These important features are:

1) Comfort

New Balance 574 is known as the most comfortable shoe with maximal cushioning and shock absorption. The mesh upper allows the shoes to provide a ventilated and breathable room for feet. 

Along with this, the padded collar and tongue add a new layer of comfort that makes it suitable for walks. But remember, these shoes are not the perfect choice for jogging, hiking and other high-intensity workouts. 

Other than this, the ENCAP midsole makes the shoes super cushioned and supportive, as the EVA and PU duo make them durable and allow to walk for long hours. 

In simple, stepping into these shoes feels like a cosy cocoon, but people with high arches may not feel these shoes as comfortable as their feet need. In such cases, they can use insoles to make the shoes supportive as well as comfortable.

New Balance 515 shoes are also comfortable with a cushioning midsole and breathable upper. Due to the lightweight construction of 515 shoes, they are suitable for light activities and running. As well as the incorporation of rubber enhances traction and the heel counter keeps the feet safe and secure. 

In terms of weight, 515 is the winner because it is lightweight, so it runs smoothly and perfectly hugs your feet. Also, the lightweight feel makes them amazingly flexible and provides protection to your ankles and feet. 

The use of fresh foam technology brings a plush cushioning and comfy feel to your feet that lets you stand, walk and run for long hours. However, the absence of ENCAP technology makes these shoes less supportive, which is not suitable for high-intensity activities

2) Popularity

New Balance 574 has earned huge fame among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities because of its iconic style, rich history, versatility, design and all-day comfort. Other than this, the collaborative approaches of this model make it famous in the sneaker community. 

New Balance 515 is also famous because of its versatile and classic design with clean lines, comfortable feel, affordability and versatility which make them super suitable for different activities and occasions. 

3) Running 

NB 574 shoes are not designed as dedicated running shoes, nor are they as breathable as running shoes must be. Other than this, the shoes are not as cushioned and stable to use for running purposes. Also, these are not waterproof, so they are not suitable for running outdoors. 

New Balance 574 top view

However, NB 515 shoes are versatile and suitable for many activities, such as walking, running and casual wear. Due to soft cushioning and support, these shoes are good to go for short-distance running but not for long runs. 

4) Walking

Unlike running, both models are suitable for walking because these light-intensity activities require comfort, cushioning and support that both 515 and 574 offer to feet and provide them with the perfect walking experience. Other than this, the flexibility and shock absorption make them good to go for long walks on different terrains. 

5) Flat feet

Due to moderate arch support, 574 shoes are not recommended for flat feet. However, if you have flat feet and you want to wear these shoes because of their style and comfort level, then it is better to use orthotics to ease your feet.

However, 515 shoes offer enough arch support that may make them suitable for people with flat feet. Also, the comfort, availability in wide widths and insole removable option make 515 shoes an ideal option for high arches. 

6) Design

New Balance 574 are classy and stylish shoes with a fusion of comfort and performance. With the duo of mesh and suede upper, the shoes not only look perfect but also enhance ventilation throughout your feet and let them feel cool and dry all the time even after long day wear.

Plus, the cushioned and supportive magical midsole is equipped with ENCAP and PU, as well as a lightweight EVA that provides a light and supportive feel without adding much weight to your feet. This makes the shoes suitable for long walks and other light activities. 

With the classic design and low-top outlines as well as lace-up closures, the shoes look great for casual wear and the availability in many colors makes them versatile and suit any outfit. 

New Balance 515 is a low-top running shoe with vintage style and classic elements. Though this sneaker is sold as a lifestyle shoe, you may also wear it for running errands and other activities. 

With a padded collar and heel, the shoes feel cushioned, and the wide toe box allows you to move your feet as per needs and support you need. Also, the availability of shoes in many colors attracts the attention of many fashion enthusiasts. 

The incorporation of different materials in the upper of shoes makes them supportive and comfortable, which then minimizes the risk of foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. The sleek and durable rubber outsole with many colors and prints not only provides better traction but also matches your style.

The thing we like the most about the New Balance 515 is its modern design. The bright New Balance logo pops out on the uppers, effortlessly complementing your favorite looks. In fact, we like the V2 better than the V1 because it is more eye-catching.

What do customers think?

New Balance 574: Overall, customers positively rated the support of the shoes but the negative factors of 574 shoes are unfinished tongue, bad colors and less comfort. 

Many customers say that the cheap construction and tongue of the shoes damage the overall look, so buying these shoes is only a waste of money. Other than this, different color laces are also the hated factor among many customers. 

Comfort-wise, the shoes are not cushioned as they must be because of stiff and hard soles. Other than this, the shoes are lightweight and may be suitable for everyday walk. 

New Balance 515: The color and styles of these shoes attract the attention of many customers who just want to elevate their style with quality shoes. However, some customers say that the shoes are not exactly what we ordered, but overall, these look cute. 

In terms of arch support, customers claim that the support is only provided to the heel and there is no padding in the sole. Moreover, the fit is odd, and the heel is more prone to slip. 

The major drawback is that the footbed of these shoes is not inserted which may eventually be worn and come out of the shoes and cause irritation. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both 515 and 574 are versatile shoes that may be used on different terrains and go with any outfit. However, they feel comfortable on their feet but are not as soft and squishy as other running shoes are. 

In terms of design, both shoes are similar but there are a few differences, such as the 574 has more suede coating on the upper rather than the 515. 

However, when we talk about the winner of this battle, the 515 takes the crown because of its lightweight feel, flexibility, perfect sizing option and affordability. 

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