New Balance 880 V12 Vs V13: Which Is Better For You?

Are you on the hunt for reliable and supportive shoes that can take you the extra mile? Well! Your hunt or search is now over because I came up with two well-known New Balance shoes. 

The most versatile fresh foam 880v12 and v13 shoes are not only the protective shield for your feet but are the way to run and walk long distances. 

Let’s go through some pros and cons of both models and decide which will suit you better. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 880 V12 and V13:

PropertiesNew Balance 880 v12New Balance 880 v13
FeaturesSoft and responsiveSustainable and highly performing
TerrainRoads and tracksDirt tracks, trails and asphalt
Heel-to-toe drop10 mm10 mm
OutsoleBlown rubberNDurance rubber
Upper soleEngineered meshEngineered mesh
CushioningSoft cushioningMedium cushioning
SpeedSlow and moderateSlow, moderate and Fast

New Balance 880 V12 Vs V13: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Maybe both models are similar in construction and look, but overall, they are different in terms of the following:

1) Comfort

New Balance 880 v12 feels like discovering the comfortable cocoon because of the incorporation of Fresh Foam X technology that promises a plush stride. The shoes reflect the fusion of two foams that cradle your feet and adapt them according to the rhythm of the run

With the engineered mesh upper, the shoes are a marvel of modern design and bring breathable elegance along with offering ventilated room and support to the foot during long distances. 

New Balance 880 v13 is another model with renowned comfort and transformative midsole that can elevate your running experience. With cushioning technologies, the shoes enhance responsiveness. So, each step acts as the bridge between the feet and the ground and brings comfort. 

However, the canvas and creative breathable upper not only ensure a cooling effect during running while it also provide a comfortable feel. 

2) Popularity

The fame of both NB 880 v12 and v13 is not limited to just runners. These shoes have also earned a huge fan following among walkers as they offer a comfortable fit, durable construction and responsive feel. 

However, in particular, v12 is famous among runners because it is lightweight and many positive reviews regarding its durable outsole. In terms of sales, 880 v12 is famous with more sales in 2022. 

Other than this, v13 is famous because it is better than its predecessor in terms of comfort and responsiveness and has a stylish design.

3) Running 

New Balance 880 V12 and v13 are designed as running shoes because of the comfort, cushioning, support and versatility they offer. 

new balance 880 v12 top view

New Balance 880 v13 TOP VIEW

As v13 has a wide forefoot, spacious toe room and comfortable ride, these are highly recommended for long runs. Commonly, the shoe is perfect for runners upto 85 kg who want to run at slow and medium speeds. So, the shoes are considered versatile, with enough support and protection during races

In comparison, NB 880v12 shoes offer better stability and traction, which makes them perfect on slippery and wet terrains. Moreover, the advanced design allows one to enjoy any type of run, from tempo to recovery to daily to long runs. 

4) Walking

Both models are also highly preferred for the walking experience because of their snug fit that avoids blisters and chafing, cushioned midsole that absorbs shock and minimizes pressure on the feet, lightweight feel, supportive heel and breathable upper. 

5) Flat feet

As both models have neutral arch support, so are highly preferred for people with flat feet. Other than this, flat feet demand for cushioning and stability which are also the main features of both models. However, it is suggested to consult the podiatrist to know which one will fit better to your flat feet. 

6) Design

The New Balance 880 V12 design reflects the story of comfort, innovation and commitment to running the journey. The shoes are available in many color palettes, from vibrant hues to elegant shades, which all express personal style.

With the mastery of mesh upper and synthetic overlays, the shoes look appealing but at the same time, these offer a snug fit while providing a breathable feel to feet and maintaining the natural foot contour. 

On each NB shoe, an iconic N logo is present that is not only a brand symbol while it is a woven performance during running. Moreover, the lacing system is more than just a functional element while is a mirror of the unique rhythm.

The duo of two foams in the midsole allows you to take each step with comfort without compromising performance. As you move towards the midsole, the shoes are covered with rubber and strategically aligned tread patterns that ensure you walk with confidence. 

New Balance 880 V13 is a stylish and versatile shoe with unique details, a seamless upper and a snug fit that can minimize the risk of irritation and chafing.

With a sleek and modern aesthetic as well as specific cushioning zones, the shoes target support and shock absorption during different activities. Moreover, the stretchable collar provides support and comfort to ankles and ensures a snug and secure fit while moving.

With reflective accents in the shoe design add a new touch of style and performance. However, the heel counter reduces fatigue and overpronation during an extended period of wear. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 880 V12: People consider these shoes as versatile neutral trainers with decent arch support and toe box. However, some users say that the shoes are available in bright colors and feel lightweight and comfortable. At the same time, some customers complain that the toe brush against the toe box and feel cramped. 

According to runners, the shoes are good to go for short-distance recovery runs because of super cushioning and plenty of room. On the other hand, the foam starts compressing and becomes less springy with time, which may cause overpronation and hurt ankles. 

The shoes are super cute and a little bit bouncy, but most of the time, these run small to some customers and fit a little snugly. 

New Balance 880 V13: For most of the customers, the shoes are super comfy but the narrow toe box is the major concern for many people with wide feet. 

Moreover, the shoes are not the perfect option for people with plantar fasciitis. But for casual workouts, the shoes are comfortable and supportive.

On the other hand, the style and professional look of these shoes make them suitable for office, walks and runs. 

Due to the lightweight feel and cushioning heel, the shoes run smooth and are perfect for your daily activities and are worth the price. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

To run long distances with reliable and comfortable shoes, you must go with NB 880 v13 because of its transformed mesh upper, durable outsole and cushioning system. However, the shoe also has some cons, such as a narrow toe box and a relatively high price point.

However, if you want to enjoy more value for price, comfort and durability, then NB 880 v12 is the suitable option with many other features as well. 

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