New Balance 880 V11 Vs V12: Which Is Better For You?

New Balance has introduced the family of versatile and neutral shoes belonging to the 880 series and has had a loyal customer base since its start. Due to simplicity, versatility and comfort, 880 v11 and v12 are the perfect shoes for daily outings.

As v11 came first with some transformations to v10. After that, v11 underwent a transformative stage to introduce v12. 

Both shoes are perfect in their unique features and can overcome many needs. But to know what has been changed in both models, read this article. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 880 V11 and V12:

PropertiesNew Balance 880 v11New Balance 880 v12
FeaturesLightweight and versatileSoft and responsive
Foot lockdown108.5
Weight (men)9.6 oz10.4 oz
OutsoleRubber and syntheticBlown rubber
MidsoleTRUFUSE and fresh foamFresh foam X and Fuel Cell
Upper soleEngineered double jacquard meshEngineered mesh
CushioningModerateSoft cushioning
SpeedModerateSlow and moderate

New Balance 880 V11 Vs V12: Good, Bad and The Worst:

To some extent, both models are the same, but in a few technologies and features, they are different. Let’s have a look at such features:

1) Comfort

Though New Balance 880 V11 don’t feel like walking on the cloud but these are much more comfortable and return energy with each step rather than absorbing it. Other than this, the heel top is curved enough and it never digs into your Achilles tendons

With an aesthetically appealing look, the shoes are more cushioned for a long time. Plus, the snug fit and roomy toe box enhance comfort and allow the feet to move naturally. 

The shoes are equipped with lacing holes to ensure a secure fit and avoid slipping or pressure. However, with a cushioned sole, the shoe helps in heel striking. So stepping into 880 v11 shoes means enjoying the cosiness of a plush interior. 

With TRUFUSE technology in the heart of shoes, these feel like creating a ride that adapts to each step. Moreover, the padded collars keep the shoes comfortable and allow them to tackle long distances and quick sprints. 

New Balance 880 V12 is transformed with soft cushioning and a new chapter to comfort along with artistry. As you step into these shoes, the woven enhancements of v12 become visible. 

However, the upper is transformed to maintain a balance between functionality, breathability and style. The midsole has undergone a subtle evolution that provides a more responsive and plush feel. 

Other than this, the padded features provide a gentle embrace across many miles and enhance unparalleled cushioning. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 880 V11’s fame is increased because of upper transformation along with TRUFUSE midsole. Due to soft and little bounce, the shoes feel cushioned for daily chores. The little bit heel is also transformed, which added a new level of popularity. 

New Balance 880 V12 has earned fame because of the incorporation of new technologies, materials and designs that attract the attention of users who prefer a better running experience with enhanced features. Other than this, this show has gained many reviews from customers.

3) Running 

New Balance 880 V11 enhance the feeling of an effortless and relaxing run because of the Fresh Foam X midsole that not only offers a soft feel but also provides a responsive ride. Other than this, the blown rubber in the outsole makes the shoes stable and allows you to wear them during long-mile runs. 

new balance 880 v11 top view

new balance 880 v12 top view
NB 880 v12 top view

New Balance 880 V12 are also designed as running shoes because these offer balanced cushioning and provide a stable ride during running distances. Plus, the supportive structure keeps a neutral and stable gait, so these are suitable shoes for runners who don’t over or underpronate. However, the versatility of shoes makes them suitable for daily and tempo runs and half and full marathons. 

4) Walking

Like running, NB 880 v11 and v12 models are also perfect for the walking experience because these enhance good airflow and help keep your feet comfortable during extended walks. Moreover, the neutral structure with stability features maintains the natural foot gait, which is common in walking. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 880 V11 and V12 shoes are suitable for people with flat feet because of their neutral design that doesn’t offer much stability for overpronation. However, the shoes offer a supportive platform to people with neutral and mild pronated gaits. 

For some users, the shoes offer cushioning and perfect arch support while some need extra support so they can use orthotics and enjoy comfortable run. 

6) Design

New Balance 880 v11 are versatile and simple shoes with clean lines and subtle detailing. With an engineered jacquard mesh upper, the shoes enhance secure lockdown and let your feet breathe in the warmer season. The mesh upper also creates a clean look and protects your foot from rubbing against the shoe. However, the molded heel prevents slipping and sliding while enhancing the foothold. 

With the TRUFUSE midsole, the shoes feel lighter and provide an energetic bounce while walking and running. The shoe’s midsole also has a molded sock liner that maintains moisture. 

With a free and padded tongue, the shoes feel premium to the foot because these can be molded according to the foot shape. 

The removable insoles also provide a cushioning and soft feel but offer a low-profile partner. However, the classic fit of the shoes makes them versatile for runners and other people. 

Under the midsole, the blown rubber outsole is present, which provides much grip on all surfaces, pavements and trails, even during long miles. 

New Balance 880 v12 shoes are the symphony of fashion and function with canvas or creativity in the mesh upper and strategic overlays. The fusion of materials enhances airflow during runs and provides a supportive feel at each stride. 

Other than this, the muted colors, vibrant hues and neutral tones make the shoes versatile and allow you to reflect your style. 

However, the heart of these shoes is the remarkable N logo that describes authenticity and performance. With the touch of boldness, technological advancement, subtle detailing and a lacing system, the shoes adapt to the unique foot contours and fit customizable.

Moving to the midsole, the 880 v12 shoes are equipped with fresh foam X and fuel cell that push your feet forward with ease and comfort. Other than this, the heel counter is the major companion that enhances stability and support on each running journey. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 880 V11: Purchasers say that these shoes are comfortable and supportive for sustained ankle injuries. Also, the availability of shoes in narrow designs makes them fit better. 

The shoes are not only perfect for walking and running, while hikers also prefer them because of their stability and support. With super great color, simple designs and no flashy elements, the shoes can blend with any outfit. 

The lightweight feel and good arch support at the heel let the users wear them to ease heel pain. Plus, the bright shoe, dull lace and perfect logo are the love of many people. 

New Balance 880 V12: Some people say that these shoes are similar to older versions with not much significant changes. However, some say that there are little changes, such as narrow width and small toe box. 

According to many users, the shoes are neutral with ample arch support, breathable and lightweight upper that let the feet feel comfortable and cool during summer. Other than this, the lavender laces add a touch of creativity. 

The shoes have extra space in the toe front and avoid toe and nail issues for many years. However, the comfortable footbed is the unique feature of this model. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

For people who want quality shoes for many occasions, then NB 880 v11 is a good choice. Maybe there is not much social media appearance and fame of this model, but it is a suitable shoe for daily training. 

In comparison, 880 V12 shoes are suitable for many runs, from recovery to long to workouts to moderate runs. So people who prefer dependable training shoes to handle many miles of running must go with these shoes. 

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