New Balance 574 Vs 993: Which Is Better For You?

This article is about two well-known New Balance retro athletic lifestyle shoes, NB 574 and 993. As these are considered as athletic shoes but are worn as casual sneakers because of the flexibility and comfort they offer. 

NB 574 are lightweight and more flexible shoes while 993 are more cushioned and are made in the USA. However, deciding between these two is based on some factors which I will go through in this article. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 574 and 993:

PropertiesNew Balance 574 New Balance 993
FeaturesLightweight and responsiveVersatile and stylish
SupportGreat arch supportModerate arch support
Heel-to-toe drop8 mm4 mm
OutsoleDuraflex rubberNDurance rubber
Upper soleSuede and meshPremium suede and mesh
CushioningAmple cushioningSufficient cushioning
DistanceHalf to full marathonFew to 6.2 miles and a marathon

New Balance 574 Vs 993: Good, Bad and The Worst:

There are many similarities between these two models, but maybe they are different in terms of comfort, style, fame, running and walking:

1) Comfort

Though 574 is a comfortable shoe but doesn’t have a thick midsole. Other than this, the ENCAP technology makes the shoes more cushioned. However, the leather and mesh upper make the shoes super breathable and cool, along with embracing their timeless elegance. 

The shoes present the dynamic equilibrium between support and comfort, so they are the better choice for daily adventures. Other than this, the padded features provide an extra layer of luxury and safety from friction. From city streets to casual trails, the shoes offer a cosy cocoon. 

In terms of comfort, 993 is more cushioned under the toe pad and heel because of ABZORB technology, which also minimizes the shock under the heel area. With excellent engineering and a premium upper, the shoes offer a precise look and safety from molds. Due to the mesh upper, the shoes remain cool and ventilated all the time, even during demanding activities. 

With the use of ABZORB technology, the shoes ensure the transfer of high-impact forces into a gentle embrace and allow you to run or work with exceptional ease. Moreover, the dual-density foam with a fusion of tradition and technology makes the shoes highly performing during rigorous activities. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 574 is famous because of its variety of colors, trendy options and celebrity endorsements. Also, the availability of shoes in different variations makes them super famous among users who prefer footwear for various occasions.  

New Balance 993 is known for its high-performing design, excellent cushioning and durability. From runners to athletes, these shoes are famous and provide support as well as comfort. 

3) Running 

New Balance 993 is constructed as the running shoe because of the incorporation of advanced technologies that may overcome the needs of runners. Other than this, the shock-absorbing feature and better traction allow you to run long distances and provide support during intense training sessions. 

New Balance 574 top view

New Balance 993 TOP VIEW

New Balance 574 are not highly performing running shoes but are suitable for light and easy runs. From lifestyle to casual wear, the shoes offer comfort and support while absorbing shock. However, these only allow you to wear them during light and occasional runs

4) Walking

New Balance 993 offers superior comfort and support that make them suitable for performance walking, athletic walking and long walls.  

New Balance 574 are mainly designed as casual shoes and are good for walking but are more suitable for daily walks.

5) Flat feet

New Balance 993 are performance-oriented shoes, so these have much arch support, stability and cushioning, which are also better factors for people with flat feet because these can maintain the proper foot alignment. 

However, 574 shoes also offer arch support, cushioning and durability, but unfortunately, these shoes don’t offer the same level of support as 993 shoes offer

6) Design

New Balance 574 shoes are available in two-tone colors for suede and mesh upper and midsole, side logos and ankle collars. Due to simplicity and mixture of fabrics, the shoes can practically work with shorts, collar shirts, jeans and chore jackets. 

However, in terms of colors and styles, 574 shoes are available in many options. For unisex models, the shoes have five colors, while for men and women models, colors vary from season to season. Other than this, the massive N logo acts as the symbol of legacy while the rigid heel stabilizer looks like a plastic piece. 

With a creative canvas upper made with full-grain leather and mesh, the shoes bring a style statement. While the midsole brings a comfortable and stylish feel while offering you a pleasurable experience during walks and enhancing charm.

For the outsole, the durable rubber moulds according to the shoe’s classic outlines. As well as, the herringbone tread patterns bring a unique look and provide better traction on different surfaces.

New Balance 993 are sophisticated shoes with seamless intertwining and suede and mesh upper that not only keep the shoes cool during intense workouts but also bring a strategic look. 

Other than this, the heartbeat of shoes lies in the ENCAP technology and dual-density foam that creates a feeling of comfort and support. In these shoes, you take each step with a harmonious response and enjoy comfort during athletic pursuits.

The durable rubber base is not only the protector of the midsole, but it also enhances traction and stability on different surfaces. Other than this, the multi-tread pattern turns each move into a confident stride and brings sophistication and detail during peak performance. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 574: Due to the availability of these shoes in various widths, people love them a lot, especially people with wide widths who consider them super comfortable and relaxing. 

However, some people don’t like the design and limited colors of 574 shoes, as well as the mesh upper that doesn’t offer enough cooling effect and ventilation. 

Most people wear 574 shoes for regular purposes but some say that the shoes are perfect to avoid foot pain and other issues such as aches, slipping and sliding. 

The shoes are also perfect and comfortable for walking purposes without causing any soreness, so the money is worth investing in. 

New Balance 993: A customer said that these shoes are really comfortable and give the feel of walking on the clouds. Other than this, the support and shock absorption of the shoes are also unmatched features. 

However, some people complain about the size that often comes small, but overall, the shoes are perfect for many people. At the same time, people say that these shoes are considered lifestyle sneakers, but actually, these are good to go for running and walking purposes. 

With extra ankle support, the shoes avoid heel spurs, shin splints and other injuries to ankles. Plus, with the perfect size and width, along with various colors, the shoes really fit well. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Now everything is over. It means you get a complete overview of both models to decide which one may be the perfect choice for your feet. 

Commonly, people prefer timeless design, passing trends and versatility. So for those, 574 shoes are the epitome of comfort and bring fashion and a functional touch at a time. 

However, 993 commits to performance and precision because this model is the reflection of comfort and craftsmanship along with technology. So it brings excellence, support and stability to athletic activities. 

In the end, I always recommend trying both models and considering your preferences and budget. 

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