New Balance 480 Vs 550: Which Is Better For You?

With the fusion of comfort and style, New Balance shoes are the love of every sneaker lover. Among all other shoes and models, 480 and 550 are the two sides of the fashionable coin with their own scene and flair. 

NB 480 shoes with sleek and modern designs bring a timeless vibe, while 550 shoes are available in a classic look and embrace the latest trends. 

The question is not about which one to choose, but it is about choosing the right model with unique charm and cutting-edge technologies. 

Let’s start with:

Comparison Table Between New Balance 480 and 550:

PropertiesNew Balance 480New Balance 550
FeaturesLightweight and comfortableTimeless and classic
SupportExcellent supportAmple arch support
Heel-to-toe drop5 mm8 mm
MidsoleFuel cellFoam and EVA
Upper soleLeatherSynthetic and mesh
CushioningExcellent cushioningPremium cushioning
SpeedSlow, moderate and fastSlow, moderate and fast (with limitations)

New Balance 480 Vs. 550: Good, Bad and The Worst:

New Balance 480 and 550 shoes have many strengths and weaknesses that let you know which one will be a better choice for you:

1) Comfort

New Balance 480 are not only shoes, but these are the way to enjoy a cosy feel daily with a breathable embrace because of the engineered mesh upper that lets your feet remain fresh and odour-free throughout the day. 

Another top secret for comfort lies in the Fresh Foam and Revlite midsole, which provides plush cushioning and doesn’t add extra weight to shoes that may hinder your movement. So you can take each step with a cushioning feel and stroll along the park

New Balance 550 shoes showcase the fusion of comfort with heritage, along with a leather upper that timelessly hugs your feet and brings a new layer of style and durability. Other than this, the EVA midsole evenly distributes the balance between support and comfort and lets your feet feel a gentle bounce at each step during daily activities. 

Both models have padded tongues and collars that add a new layer of comfort and keep your feet protected from injuries. 

If you want to enjoy stability in both shoes, then the rubber outsole is the foundation that offers reliable traction on all types of terrains. 

2) Popularity

NB 550 was first launched as a basketball shoe, which then earned fame because of its comfortable fit, better traction and supportive design. Many stars, such as Reggie Miller and Shawn Kemp, were seen wearing 550 shoes, which further increased their fame. 

NB 480 was launched as a trail running shoe, but with time, these became famous among casual wearers and off-road activists. Now, the shoes are famous because of their durable construction and affordable price, and the average sales of 480 in 2022 was almost 1 million. 

In conclusion, New Balance 550 is a winner because of its high fame due to its stylish design, high-quality materials, better performance and more sales (2 million) in 2022. Not only this, 550 is also famous on social media with almost 200,000 posts on Instagram. 

3) Running 

New Balance 480 is designed as a trail running shoe that is also considered an all-rounder because of the support, durability and comfort it provides. With moderate stack height and heel-to-toe drop, these shoes are the better option for all levels of runners who want shoes for different distances. 


New Balance 550 TOP VIEW

New Balance 550 is another performance shoe and is designed for runners who want lightweight and stable footwear. With less stack height and heel-to-toe drop, 550 is good to go for runners who prefer fast and agile shoes. 

4) Walking

Both models are also the right option to get the wonderful walking experience, but 550 shoes have less stack height and heel-to-toe drop that don’t offer enough cushioning and support, which is needed by walkers who have to spend most of their time on foot. 

5) Flat feet

All New Balance shoes are the perfect option for flat feet, so 480 and 550 shoes are also good options because of maximal cushioning, ample arch support and stability both models offer to flat feet.

However, it is always suggested to consult the podiatrist about your foot type and the right shoe to overcome overpronation. You may also read customers’ reviews to know what other people with flat feet say about these shoes. 

6) Design

New Balance 480 has a sleek and modern design with intricated mesh and a synthetic upper that not only brings aesthetics but it also lets your feet feel breathable and offers a ventilated and flexible room to move feet naturally. 

In these shoes, your feet embrace the modern look that not only ensures performance but also ensures style at each step. 

Under the upper, the heartbeat of 480 shoes is a Fresh foam and Revlite midsole that offers feather-like cushioning without sacrificing support and transforms your walk from ordinary to extraordinary. 

In the last, a rubber outsole act as the foundation by offering style and stability at once. So you can take each step with confidence. 

New Balance 550 is the reflection of contemporary flair and legacy with full grain leather upper and timeless elegance that also add a rhythm to modern life. With graceful leather, the shoes explain the story of your taken steps. 

Under the upper, the secret of these shoes is present in the form of EVA that not only offers a cushioning feel while this adds a new chapter of comfort and support for your feet. 

In the base of 550 shoes, a rubber outsole is present, which offers traction and anchors your feet while ensuring stability during turns and twists. 

Both models also have padded collars and tongues that not only cradle ankles while ensuring a cosy feel. Other than this, intricate detailing and unique stitching are the canvas of fashion and functionality. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 480: As these shoes are not on hype of fame but the colors and styles make them the favourite choice among many consumers. Along with styles, the shoes are also comfortable and stable and never let anyone feel regret.

Some customers consider these shoes well-off for travels because they are true to size and are extremely cushioned.

Due to their availability in many colors, the shoes can complement better with each outfit and are easy to clean and maintain.

New Balance 550: A lot of customers say that these shoes are stunning, with excellent comfort and well construction. Also, different colors and styles options can make them perfect for casual and any dressing.

The shoe sole is durable and provides better control along with the fibreglass insole that lets them mould according to foot type. Other than this, the shoes are less prone to damage or breaking. 

Quality, comfort and style are the winning titles of 550 shoes that attract the attention of many customers of all ages, from teenagers to elders. However, the silky and smooth heel may increase the chances of slippage. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

As you step through the world of two New Balance models, so the decision between 480 and 550 is now easier for you. Choosing a shoe is not only about finding footwear, but it is also about choosing a lifetime companion, as each step demands comfort and style. 

So, in the end, the choice is in your hands. Do you want to enjoy the rhythmic pulse of 480 or prefer the timeless elegance of 550 that resonates with legacy? No matter which model you choose, it will be a great deal. 

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