New Balance 327 Vs 574: Which Is Better For You?

As New Balance is known as the largest footwear manufacturing company because of its focus on running, sliding, skateboarding and walking shoes. The brand has deep roots in the industry with hailing sneakers, and two of those are 327 and 574, which are also the main topics of this battle. 

The designs of these sneakers are nearly identical with understated importance. So, finding the right model for your next wardrobe addition may become challenging and confusing. But you can overcome such confusion after reading this article. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 327 and 574:

PropertiesNew Balance 327 New Balance 574
FeaturesComfortable and versatileLightweight and responsive
SupportModerateGreat arch support 
Heel-to-toe drop7 mm8 mm
OutsoleLugged and rubberDuraflex rubber
MidsoleDie-cut EVAEVA, ENCAP and polyurethane
Upper soleSuede, nylon and meshSuede and mesh
CushioningGood cushioningAmple cushioning
Distance5ks-10ksHalf to full marathon

New Balance 327 Vs 574: Good, Bad and The Worst:

In this section, I will have a detailed look at different aspects of new balance 327 and 574, so don’t waste time and dive into:

1) Comfort

New Balance 327 shoes offer you the comfortable feel like stepping into a cosy cocoon because of the mesh upper that cradles your feet and offers a snug fit to let your feet breathe. 

NB 327
NB 327

The secret of comfort lies in the EVA midsole, which acts as the cushioning and responsive technology and allows a gentle embrace at each step. With the cushioned midsole, you feel like a personalized cloud under your feet along with the style. 

Another feature contributing to comfort is a padded collar and tongue that provide extra protection to your ankles and allow you to go with the rhythm of daily strides. 

New Balance 574 is not only the footwear while these are the commitment with comfortable ride because of full grain leather and mesh upper along with ENCAP and polyurethane midsole that can steal the show. 

With the dual-density cushioning technology used, these shoes provide a supportive and comfortable shell that also absorbs shock at each step. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 327 is famous because of its blend of classic design with a contemporary look and retro-inspired design. Plus, the availability of shoes in many colors makes them versatile and good to go with any outfit. Moreover, the stylish toe of 327 shoes gives a casual look and keeps them standing away from other sneakers. 

New Balance 574 is famous because it offers exceptional comfort and support during daily walks. Plus, wide toe boxes and great arch support also contribute to fame. Other than this, celebrity endorsements from Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Wilde make shoes famous. 

3) Running 

New Balance 327 is designed as a running shoe because of its inspiration from the 70s running trainers that are lightweight and comfortable. 


New Balance 574 top view

From short to medium to long runs, 327 shoes are good to go because of moderate stack height and heel-to-toe drop. Other than this, the cushioning and responsiveness make them superb for absorbing shock and allow you to wear them for the long run. 

New Balance 574 are designed as versatile shoes and are super comfortable and suitable for walks, runs, light hiking, gym and more. As the shoes have low stack height and heel-to-toe drop so, these are suitable for runners who prefer fast shoes. Plus, the supportive and stable soles enhance the performance and functionality of shoes during runs. 

4) Walking

Both New Balance 327 and 574 shoes are comfortable and breathable along with cushioned and supportive for walks, even long walks. Other than this, the padded collars and tongue keep them cushioned throughout the walking experience. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 327 are cushioned and supportive which makes them an ideal choice for people with flat feet. However, the shoes are not specifically designed with arch support, so people who need specific support should consider orthotic insoles. 

New Balance 574 shoes are also cushioned and supportive so they enhance the balance and comfort of flat feet while walking and standing. 

6) Design

New Balance 327 comes with simple outlines, a retro-inspired style, a bold logo and a chic look. With the modern elegance and crafted mesh upper, the shoes create a dynamic canvas that not only embraces the style but also provides a cooling feel. 

The oversized iconic N logo further enhances the beauty of shoes and showcases the fashion of legacy with contemporary flair. 

Due to the incorporation of cushioning technologies in the midsole, 327 shoes keep the balance between support and comfort so ensure a lightweight feel and enhance performance. 

The base or foundation of 327 shoes is a rubber outsole that not only makes the shoes stable but also makes them a suitable companion at each step. Other than this, the waffle-like tread pattern adds a touch of reminiscence and inspires 327 design. 

New Balance 574 are the most modern and retro shoes with classic and iconic combinations. With aesthetic, timeless style and full-grain leather, the shoes offer a sophisticated and alluring look. The classic lines and remarkable N logo represent a sense of authenticity. 

Under the upper sole, encapsulated comfort and support are present because of ENCAP technology that provides a supportive and cushioned cocoon to feet while maintaining equilibrium and cradling your feet at each step

To represent shoe commitment with durability, a rubber outsole is present as the base, which also enhances traction and makes the shoes versatile on different terrains. In the end, herringbone tread patterns are not only a functional feature, but these also reflect the athletic roots of shoes. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 327: A lot of customers are happy with these shoes and are specially thankful to New Balance because the shoes don’t cause any ache or pain as well as they are super comfortable and cushioned.

The look, colors and size of these shoes make the customers happy and let them buy again and again. However, some customers also say that the shoes run small most of the time and don’t fit better with the feet. 

For walking purposes on uneven and hilly areas, the shoes are supportive and stable and don’t cause any foot issues. However, for fashion purposes, these shoes are cute and go with any outfit.  

Some purchasers say that the dynamic arch support of these shoes is the best thing among walkers and runners. But at the same time, some customers say that laces can be damaged soon after washing in the machine. 

New Balance 574: Many fashion lovers who want versatile shoes don’t like the colors and styles of 574. However, at the same time, some purchasers say that shoes have the right and snug fit, especially for wide feet.

According to some users, the shoes have extra holes on the top, but they also positively rate comfort and reduce pain in the foot and ankle. 

Some people prefer neutral shoes, but at the same time, some people complain about the short size of the shoes. However, the padding and traction are the great factors. Other than this, people also say that shoes are available in many styles that go with any outfit

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both models are retro athletic shoes with similar comfort, but the 327 has a little bit more cushioning and a thick midsole. Other than this, both models are flexible, but 574 is more flexible than 327. Some people consider both models true to size, but 574 shoes are a little bit small. However, 574 shoes has more widths and deep toe box. 

Now you have an idea about both models so you can choose the one that fits better to your feet. Most importantly, consider your budget. 

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