Cody James Vs Ariat Boots: Which Is Better For You?

Deciding between two well-known footwear brands such as Cody James and Ariat is a challenging task because both brands offer quality cowboy boots and are famous among riders and rodeo cowboys but there are some differences which need consideration before purchasing the boot.

The main difference lies in the structure of the boots of both brands. Ariat boots are short with some athletic features that offer enough comfort and support. While Cody James boots are sleek and the right choice for horse riding. 

Another difference lies in their presence in the footwear market. Cody James has a longer history than Ariat so it is much respected in the market. 

Overall both brands and their offerings are unique. So let’s have a look on:

Comparison Table Between Cody James and Ariat Boots:

Cody James Ariat Boots
Traditional and sophisticated Classic and Modern 
Riding boots, hiking boots, work boots, Chelsea boots, dress and waterproof boots Riding boots, work boots, cowboy boots, Equestrian boots and shoes 
Super durable Durable and can last for a long time 
Slightly relaxed fit True to size and slightly relaxed fit 
Suitable for everyday wear, hiking, light activities, western activities and workSuitable for everyday wear, hiking, light outdoor activities, labour and work and equestrian activities 
Breathable Ultra-breathable 
Slightly heavyweight Lightweight 
Pricier Costly 
6-12 months warranty 1-year warranty 

Overview of Cody James:

The famous Lane Boot company is involved in the manufacturing of Cody James boots which are equipped with premium quality leather and are available in many styles from cowboy to work to dress boots. 

As Cody James was an American criminal and produced many cowboy boots so the brand has earned the name Cody James and was founded in Arkansas. However, now this brand has merged with BOOT Barn but the shoes are still sold under the Cody James name. 

Since 1888, Cody has been manufacturing boots with attention to detail. Now the company uses many latest technologies and time-tested methods as well as traditional craftsmanship for the manufacturing of shoes. 

Cody James boots are of super quality as well as these are durable but the most concerning thing is that the brand offers expensive boots which may not come under many budgets. However when it comes to style and functionality then Cody James is the right choice because of the availability of classic to modern cowboy boots. 

As the brand is situated in California but the shoes are made in Mexico or China which is imprinted on the boot wherever these are formed. 

Among all other products, the best-selling product of Cody James is Xero Gravity boots which can boost vertical jumps because of the use of special materials that offer grip on the floor and allow the wearer to jump higher. 

Overview of Ariat Boots:

Ariat is a well-known American footwear brand and was launched in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker who aimed to incorporate athletic footwear technology in highly performing western and English shoes, boots and sneakers. 

The brand manufactures shoes for work industries, outdoor activities and equestrian sports which sets it apart from other footwear brands’ competitors because it mainly focuses on the needs of riders and horse enthusiasts.

Ariat mainly focuses on innovative technologies and craftsmanship as well as all the shoes offer comfort, durability and stability to all types of terrains and weather. 

With the aim to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment, Ariat uses different eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. All the Ariat boots are manufactured with duratread outsole and Advanced torque stability technology which make them super durable in different outdoor environments. 

After the founding date, the brand has released two boots and expanded its distribution to Japan, Mexico, Australia and the US. 

In 2009, Ariat got sponsorship from the Professional Bull Riders while the brand also collaborated with many other organizations such as International Federation for Equestrian Sports and Allen Home For Wounded Warriors. After all in 2020, Ariat was considered as the largest and most famous footwear company for Equestrian Boots. 

Among other sneakers of the Hilo line, the best-selling product is the Hilo 360 which is also a lightweight and breathable shoe with an easy slip-on silhouette and can regulate temperature. 

Differences Between The Brands

Not two brands are the same in every aspect while there are many changes in between the models. These differences will be discussed here:


Ariat boots are stiffer because of the use of leather substance and offer ultimate comfort as well as the thicker heel ensures enough cushioning and support. Other than this, the upgraded lacing system makes the Ariat shoes super easy to slip on.

With the use of innovative technologies such as ATS, the shoes feel cushioned, minimize foot fatigue and enhance foot alignment. 

On the other hand, the right and snug fit of the shoes makes them super comfortable and secure for many people. The best thing is that some Ariat boots are waterproof so these keep your feet dry in wet conditions. However, keep in mind that all Ariat boots are not waterproof so make sure to consider this factor before making the purchase. 

On the other hand, Cody James shoes offer exceptional comfort because of their breathable upper and cushioned footbed that also provide support. Due to these features, the boots prevent foot injuries and don’t put enough pressure on the feet.

The Cody James boots are designed in a way to be aligned according to foot type which means the shoes offer tailored fit. Commonly the leather insoles make them super comfortable but remember that these boots require some time to offer maximum comfort

With wide round, square and pointed toes, the Cody James boots fit to all widths and sizes and feel comfortable on all surfaces. 


Ariat made work boots with much durability, support and protection for farms and ranches so these don’t offer comfort for extended walks

Same as Ariat, Cody James designs western cowboy boots which are durable and stylish so are not the right option for extended walking and hiking

Flat Feet

When it comes to understanding the importance of Cody James and Ariat boots for flat feet then these are not the better choice because of their construction as cowboy and work boots rather than supportive shoes with maximal cushioning. 


Ariat has earned fame in the equestrian community because of its craftsmanship, innovation and customer service. Moreover, the boots can overcome the needs of riders who prefer long-lasting and performing boots for different equestrian sports.

However, Cody James boots are not technologically more advanced because these are constructed as traditional boots. While the brand focuses on workmanship and manufactures long-lasting western boots and attract the attention of buyers who prefer classical beauty. Other than this, Cody has many celebrity endorsements and a loyal fan following. 

Target Market

Whether you are a rider, a horse lover or just want to involve in equestrian activities, Ariat boots are for you because this brand can overcome all the needs of the riders who prefer performing, comfortable and durable shoes. 

If you love to wear western and cowboy-inspired fashion boots with a main focus on traditional craftsmanship and durability then Cody James is for you because the brand mainly focuses on western lifestyle and aesthetic. 


For Cody James boots, you have to invest a lot of amount from $100-$300.

While Ariat boots are available at an affordable price of $100-$400.  


When it comes to the design of Ariat boots, these are available in almost 100 designs with a variety of colors and the use of premium materials to ensure long-lasting performance. With the incorporation of ATS technology, the shoes offer enough support, cushioning and stability. 

More than this, the shoes have a Duratread outsole which aims to provide better traction on all surfaces and ensure resistance on rugged outdoor terrains. 

However, for better stability and comfort, the shoes use different elements such as waterproof lining, supportive footbeds and an updated sole system

Cody James boots are available with classical and western style appeal as well as unique stitching patterns, neutral shades and timeless elegance which all represent the rich history of these boots. 

With the traditional and simple design, the shoes are also suitable for everyday wear. As well as the use of quality materials such as leather and suede makes them super comfortable and stylish. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Both Cody James and Ariat offer cowboy boots with unique features and some major differences that may affect your decision. 

Cody James boots are traditional with a main focus on comfort and durability as well as these boots are costly and worth investing in. 

Ariat boots are modern with a main focus on performance and the better thing is that these are affordable and suitable for an active lifestyle. 

Ultimately, both brands can go better for you if you want performing and better cowboy boots. 

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