Altra Provision VS Paradigm: Which Is Better For You?

Are you looking for the best running shoes with zero drop features to enhance support for people with over and under-pronation? Then you are at the right place because Altra Provision and Paradigm are the best options with unique guiderails to relieve rolling ankle issues.

But which product is best for you? It is the main question that comes into many minds. The answer will be given in this article so let’s start with a comparison table. 

Comparison Table Between Altra Provision and Paradigm:

FeaturesAltra ProvisionAltra Paradigm
Launched In20202020
StabilityNeutral More stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing8-15 for men and 5.5-11 for women8-12 for men and 5.5-10 for women
Weight 9.6 oz for men and 8.2 oz for women10.8 oz for men and 9.3 oz for women
CushionModerate cushioningMore cushioning
OutsoleRubber FootpodFootpod technology
MidsoleUltralight EVA top layer and InnerFlexAltra EGO
Upper soleBreathable engineered meshEngineered mesh
Retail Price$140$160

Altra Provision vs Paradigm: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Altra Provision and Paradigm come with some good features. So let’s go through the main differences between the two products:

1) Comfort

Altra Provision offers moderate cushioning because it is a neutral shoe with a roomy toe box for natural foot movement, which then reduces discomfort and foot injuries. The soft midsole of Provision provides a smooth ride.

Altra Paradigm offers more cushioning and stability with wide heels and guide rails that enhance support to feet. The firm midsole of Paradigm provides support to overpronate runners. 

2) Popularity

Provision and Paradigm are famous running shoes but Provision is more popular than Paradigm. Altra Provision is a versatile, supportive and comfortable shoe that makes it perfect for all-level runners and people with flat feet due to its cushioning and roomy toe box. 

Altra Paradigm is also a famous and stable running shoe that offers more cushioning and support that make it perfect for overpronate runners who want shoes that reduce foot injuries. 

3) Running 

Altra Provision is the perfect and neutral running shoe which makes it perfect for all-level runners but not for overpronate people. The soft midsole and roomy toe box of these shoes offer a smooth and cushioned running experience.

Altra Provision 7 Outsole

Altra Paradigm 7 Outsole

Altra Paradigm is the stable running shoes which makes them a perfect choice for overpronate runners because of guide rails and extra support. 

4) Walking

Similar to the running experience, these shoes also offer a better walking experience because of the cushioning, stability and support that is necessary for walking on different trails.

However, before choosing any of these shoes, try both to know which shoe provides a better walking experience. 

5) Flat feet

As both shoes are a perfect choice for people with flat feet but Paradigm is mainly designed for overpronate runners and flat feet runners. So in that scenario, Paradigm is the better option to support flat feet by offering extra cushioning and stability

If you are not sure whether to choose Provision or Paradigm for flat feet then consult the podiatrist and know the right pair of shoes for flat feet. 

6) Design

Altra Provision is a versatile and neutral running shoe with an engineered mesh upper that enhances airflow and keeps feet cool and comfortable all the time during different running activities. The Upper also has a heel cup and padded tongue for a more snug and comfortable fit. 

The midsole of Provision is a mixture of EVA foam and TPU which enhances shock absorption, support and durability of these shoes to provide a comfortable and smooth ride. 

The outsole is equipped with a rubber foot pod with tread patterns that offer better grip on all surfaces such as wet, dry and light off-road terrains. These shoes are also perfect for everyday running. 

Paradigm is a stable running shoe with an engineered mesh upper to keep feet comfortable and supportive during long runs.

The midsole is equipped with Altra EGO foam which is a mixture of rubber and EVA so these shoes are more cushioned along with stable on all types of surfaces.

The outsole is made of rubber and equipped with foot pod technology that enhances flexibility and traction on different types of surfaces while running. 

What do customers think?

Provision: A customer says that he has bought these shoes and used them with orthotics but these shoes fit best among all other running shoes

Some people say that they don’t like the lacing system of these shoes because the tongue and laces are straight and it becomes difficult to pull them which makes an annoying situation.

Many customers are happy with the wide heel and toe box of these shoes which make them cushioned while walking but not for running. 

People with plantar fasciitis claim that these shoes are perfect for fast healing of this issue and don’t cause any pain while running. 

The comfort and flexibility of these shoes, along with supreme quality, make many customers happy. 

Paradigm: These Altra shoes with roomy toe box and zero-drop heels are the choice of many customers because these offer proper support to legs and feet while running and walking.

Customers also say these are perfect gym shoes because of the maximum cushioning and comfort they provide to feet during workouts. 

People are happy with the true size and great fit of Paradigm shoes, but they don’t like the less cushioning, which causes foot issues during long runs. 

A customer said that he has switched to Paradigm and these shoes helped him with cramps and aches of the feet. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Altra is famous because of zero drop designed running shoes and two supportive options are Provision and Paradigm. So it makes people confused about which shoes they should buy for the next run. 

Provision is a smaller and nimble shoe than Paradigm so it provides a quicker feel while Paradigm is heavy and offers more cushioning and arch support.

So, if you want shoes with more cushioning to make your run comfortable and supportive, then Paradigm must be your choice, while if you want a neutral running experience with lightweight shoes, then Provision must be your choice.

That’s it from my side today so Now it is up to you which shoes you prefer for the next run.

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