Altra Rivera VS Escalante: Which Is Better For You?

Rivera and Escalante are two famous and top-selling products of Altra. Rivera is famous among runners because of its supportive midsole and snug fit that keep feet stable and comfortable on all trails while Escalante is famous because of its comfortable and casual look that makes these shoes perfect for day-to-day wear in the gym or roads. 

This article will compare two products from Altra along with their differences and customer thinking. First, start with a comparison table. 

Comparison Table Between Altra Rivera and Escalante:

FeaturesAltra RiveraAltra Escalante
Launched In20212015
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing7-14 for men and 5.5-12 for women7-15 for men and 5-12 for women
Weight 8.8 oz for men and 6.9 oz for women6.8 oz for men and 5.7 oz for women
CushionMore cushionedLess cushioned
OutsoleRubber and EVA foamDurable rubber and foot pod technology
MidsoleAltra EGO foamProprietary Raised Tuned Altra EGO foam and inner flex
Upper soleEngineered meshBreathable engineered static knit mesh
Retail Price$100$150

Altra Rivera VS Escalante: Good, Bad and The Worst:

River and Escalante are two famous Altra shoes with some differences in terms of comfort, popularity, walking and running experience along with design and customer thinking. So discuss all these differences in detail:

1) Comfort

Altra Rivera offers extra cushioning and comfort to runners because of its wide base and pronounced midsole that provide a smooth ride. The upper of Rivera is also padded which is perfect for long runs. 

Altra Escalante is a comfortable option for gym workers and casual wearers who want a barefoot-like feel. The wide toe box with a comfortable upper allows more foot movement while the thin midsole allows a ground feel. 

2) Popularity

Altra Rivera is a popular running shoe because of its extra cushioning that makes it perfect for runners who prefer more comfort while running on long tracks.

Altra Escalante is also a famous shoe but more than Rivera because these offer a barefoot-like experience and are perfect for minimalist runners. 

3) Running 

Altra Rivera is the perfect shoe for running on long tracks because of added support in the outsole and midsole and it offers more cushioning than Escalante during long runs. These shoes are also perfect for more casual tempo runs and walks. 

Altra Rivera 2 Outsole
Altra Rivera 2 Outsole

Altra Escalante 3 Outsole

Altra Escalante are not the perfect running shoes because these are not designed for road running but they are mainly designed for casual wear because of moderate cushioning that allows feet to feel the road. These shoes also have less energy efficiency and minimum breathability that don’t make them a good option for hot day runs. 

4) Walking

Altra Rivera and Escalante are perfect walking shoes because zero drop enhances natural foot gait and reduces the risk of foot injuries. 

Altra Rivera offers more cushioning that makes them perfect for people who prefer more comfortable and stable shoes for walking.

Altra Escalante doesn’t offer more cushioning but gives a ground feel which makes them perfect for people who prefer thin and flexible upper for natural foot movement. 

Overall, Escalante offers a better walking experience than Rivera because it is designed to be used in the gym rather than running trails. 

5) Flat feet

Altra Rivera are perfect shoes for flat feet because of the extra cushioning, shock absorption and stability these shoes provide.

Altra Escalante is also the right option for flat feet because of its thin and flexible upper with zero drop heel for enhanced foot alignment that keeps flat feet comfortable while wearing them. 

6) Design

Rivera is a versatile, minimalist and famous trail running shoe with an engineered mesh upper that is lightweight, supportive and comfortable so it enhances airflow and durability of shoes on all types of trails. 

The midsole is made with Altra EGO foam for a more cushioned and responsive ride due to its durability and lightweight. 

The outsole is made of EVA foam and rubber which means these shoes provide cushioning and traction at a time for enhanced flexibility and natural foot gait while running. 

Escalante is a stylish shoe with a lightweight and breathable engineered knit mesh upper that offers ventilation and airflow to keep the foot comfortable and the wide toe box enhances movement during a workout. 

The midsole is made of proprietary EGO foam and inner flex to provide extra cushioning and responsiveness during gym work or casual wear. 

The outsole is equipped with durable rubber and foot pod technology that help to enhance stability, flexibility and better traction on the gym surface and provide a ground-like feel. 

What do customers think?

Altra Rivera and Escalante come with many features and excellent cushioning but these shoes also have some drawbacks according to customers. What do people think about these shoes, let’s discuss it:

Rivera: Many customers consider these shoes comfortable and supportive because of zero drop and roomy toe box that also makes them perfect for flat feet.

Some people love the arch support of Rivera shoes with a proper size that fits all feet.

While some people don’t like the size of these shoes and say that these are not true to size and are available in bad quality. 

Escalante: Many people like the fit and feel of these mesh upper shoes that keep their feet ventilated during workouts in the gym.

A customer says that these shoes are perfect for clearing up plantar fasciitis and can help to run less than 10 km without causing discomfort.

Many customers like the feel of the ground with Escalante which allows them to choose these shoes for running too. 

People say that they come back again and again to Escalante shoes because of their use for training and racing. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Altra comes with many running shoe options and customers like Altra Rivera and Escalante as the best shoes for runs and gym workouts. 

Altra Rivera are perfect running shoes because of their durable construction with zero drop effect that keeps shoes comfortable for walking and daily wear. However, these shoes don’t have a snug fit nor are they stylish. 

While Altra Escalante offers extra cushioning and is the perfect option for gym, daily use and walking because of their comfortable and stylish feel. 

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