Altra Superior VS Lone Peak: Which Is Better? 

Altra Superior and Lone Peak are two unique additions to the Altra trail running line that make them a superb choice among all other trail running shoes on the market.

Both these shoes are equipped with zero drop effect for natural foot gait and wide toe box for natural foot shape while running. What more do these shoes offer to runners, let’s discuss it but first, I will go through the comparison of both models

Comparison Table Between Altra Superior And Lone Peak

FeaturesAltra SuperiorLone Peak
Launched In20122011
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing7-15 for men and 5.5-12 for women7-16 for men and 5.5-12 for women
Weight 8.8 oz for men and 7.5 oz for women12.8 oz for men and 10.6 oz for women
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioning
Out soleMaxTrac rubberMaxTrac rubber with trailClaw
MidsoleQuantic foamAltra EGO 
Upper soleSingle-layer breathable meshSuede and durable quick dry air mesh
Retail Price$130$160

Altra Superior Vs. Lone Peak: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Altra Superior and Lone Peak are excellent trail running shoes with zero drop and wide toe box but these also have some differences to help you choose one product over the other. So, let’s discuss these differences in detail:

1) Comfort

Altra Superior is a lightweight and flexible shoe with breathable mesh that allows air to pass through the feet and keeps them comfortable in warm weather. These shoes don’t have a rocker midsole so they are not much protective however they provide a barefoot-like feel. 

Altra Lone Peak is also comfortable with more cushioning a rocker midsole and a wide toe box that allow feet to move freely and provide protection and comfort during run on uneven or technical terrains. 

2) Popularity

Altra Superior is a lightweight and flexible running shoe that provides a more minimalist feel so it is popular among runners who want responsive shoes for trail running and races. 

Altra Lone Peak is a versatile shoe popular among trail runners, ultra runners and thru-hikers who want comfort, zero drop and a wide toe box with more cushioning on technical and rugged terrains. 

3) Running

Both Altra Superior and Lone Peak are designed mainly for trail running because of their design and zero drop effect which provide natural foot movement. 

Altra Superior is a flexible and light shoe with low stack height and a thin midsole which make it perfect for runners who want a barefoot-like feel.

Superior 6 Outsole

Altra Lone Peak 7 Outsole
Lone Peak 7 Outsole

Altra Lone Peak is more cushioned and has high stack height with a soft midsole which makes it perfect for runners who prefer protection on rough terrains such as roots and rocks. 

4) Walking

Though both shoes are mainly designed for running but these are also perfect for walking. Before choosing any of these shoes for walking, make sure to consider the cushioning, traction and durability of both shoes.

Altar Superior is a lightweight shoe with a minimalist and responsive feel that makes it perfect for walking on any surface to get the natural walking experience.

Altra Lone Peak is a cushioned and comfortable shoe along with durability and better traction which make it perfect for long walks and hikes on uneven trails. 

5) Flat feet

Altra Superior and Lone Peak are perfect shoes for flat feet because of the wide toe box that allows free movement and causes less discomfort to flat feet. 

However, before choosing any of these shoes, you must check arch support, comfort, stability and flexibility because all these factors affect flat feet. If possible consult the podiatrist about your feet’ health and the right pair of shoes. 

6) Design

Altra Superior is available in different styles and colors with a lightweight and breathable mesh upper for more ventilation and reduced moisture buildup in the shoes.

The overlays in the upper of these shoes enhance support and durability during trail running

The midsole of Superior is made with proprietary EVA foam for more cushioning and shock absorption along with a responsive feel and natural foot movement on all types of technical terrains. 

The outsole is made of durable rubber and lug patterns for enhanced traction on different terrains such as rocks, loose gravel and dirt and keeps shoes protected from debris and provides better grip. 

Altra Lone Peak is also a non-minimalist shoe with suede and quick dry air mesh upper for enhanced ventilation, comfort and coolness even on wet terrains.

The upper of these shoes is also durable and protective with overlays to protect against debris and abrasion and a lacing system for a secure fit to reduce discomfort. 

The midsole is made of Altra EGO for more cushioning and a comfortable feel and the zero drop of these shoes enhances natural footstrike and absorbs shock and impact.

The outsole of Lone Peak is made from MaxTrac rubber with lug patterns to enhance grip and traction on challenging terrains. 

What do customers think?

Altra Superior and Lone Peak are two popular trail running shoes of Altra with specific features. However, both shoes may have some drawbacks along with pros according to customer reviews. Let’s check some reviews of people about these shoes:

Altra superior: Many people are happy with these lightweight, dry and good shape shoes which help them to run or walk for long distances even with backpacks.

The zero drop effect of these shoes is also the loving feature of customers but many people are unhappy with the lower durability of Superior.

People also like the comfort and well-balanced cushioning of these shoes for hiking, lifting and trail running.  

A customer said that the shoes are true to size but he also found an issue in the tongue which is only present on one side and allows the opening of shoes from such side.  

Many people did not like the quality and tightness of these shoes at all and said this pair of shoes caused foot injuries. 

Altra lone peak: People are happy with the wide toe box and zero drop of these shoes for natural foot movement.

Many customers think these shoes are superb with excellent comfort and better traction on surfaces.

Some people said that these shoes are not very cushioned so they feel like the ground beneath their feet.  

A customer with flat feet said these shoes are really perfect for me because of proper arch support and comfort. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Altra Superior and Lone Peak are the two main trail running shoes in the Altra line because of zero drop for natural running gait. 

Altra Superior is a light and flexible shoe with a wide toe box that makes it perfect for runners who want comfortable shoes for long runs.

Altar loan peak is a cushioning and stable shoe that offers protection on all types of terrains and keeps the foot comfortable. 

Now, it is up to you which shoes you prefer for your next run but make sure to consider your running needs, style and preferences. 

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