Altra VS Saucony: Which Is Better?

Altra and Saucony are the two most well-known athletic footwear brands because of their highly performing and comfortable shoes equipped with the latest technologies and designed features to enhance the comfort level of wearers during different activities. 

To know more about these brands, keep reading this article because I will go through the comparison of both brands and then I will discuss some differences to make one brand a super choice. 

Comparison Table Between Altra and Saucony

Founded in 2009Founded in 1898
Made of mesh upper, synthetic overlays, foot shape Toe Box, EVA and propriety foam and  rubber outsoleMade of mesh, synthetic overlays, EVA foam, EVERUN and PWRRUN, rubber and TPU
Athletic shoesAthletic shoes and sneakers
Good for hiking, cross training, backpacking, road running, trail running and casual wear Good for racing, walking road running, trail running, cross training, track and field and casual wear
LightweightMore weight
More breathableMore breathable
Less costlyMore costly
1-year warrantyNo warranty period

Overview Of Altra

Altra Running or Altra is a famous American footwear and apparel company founded by Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead or VF Corporation in 2009 which aimed to manufacture shoes to promote a natural running experience. 

Altra Founders

The engaging designs, marketing and sales of athletic shoes for trail and road running to get comfortable and memorable experiences make Altra more famous among all outdoor activists and runners. 

Besides running shoes, this brand also has developed jackets, shorts, shirts, socks and other apparel. Altra is among the top 10 “Run specialty” brands and number 4 in trail running shoes. 

Harper altered shoes of different brands and made a new shoe called Zero Drop because of less space between shoe heel and toe area and this feature promotes natural foot position and reduces stress on lower limbs. 

The foot-shaped toe box of Altra shoes provides enough space to foot, promotes stability, comfort, smoothness, cushioning and decreases the risk of foot-related issues. Plus, the minimalist and functional design of Altra shoes makes them more performing rather than just style.

Altra shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Chine
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia

As Altra has introduced a wide line of footwear products but the best seller product is Torin 7 because it is a lightweight, flexible, protective, breathable and cushioned shoe that offers a smooth and reliable ride that makes it suitable for all runners and walkers.

The neutral spring midsole absorbs shock while the plushy heel and wide base offer a comfortable and stable feel. 

Overview Of Saucony

Saucony is a famous American footwear brand founded in 1898 by William A. Donmoyer, Thomas S. Levan, Walter C.C. Snyder and Benjamin F. Reider (Four businessmen of Pennsylvania).

The company is famous because of its supreme quality and highly performing shoes and sneakers and its product line is extended to shorts, socks, hoodies, jackets and other accessories. 

At first, Saucony boxes had a label, “sock a knee” which was the best representation of the brand’s name.

The logo of this brand is the representation of Saucony Creek’s Constant flow. Saucony is a famous racing shoemaker company and is involved in the manufacturing of shoes for track spikes, racing flats and field athletic events

Saucony shoes have deep-rooted running heritage because of the manufacturing of shoes for all levels of runners from casual joggers to elite athletes.

The advanced technologies, cushioning system, midsole and outsole materials, and minimalist design with lightweight material make these shoes more comfortable and high performing

Saucony aims to reduce the environmental effect so use all the eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the manufacturing of all footwear and other products. 

The company has a sponsorship with many athletes, runners such as Molly Huddle, Laura Thweatt, and Jared Ward and other artists, designers and brands for the manufacturing of unique and exciting footwear product lines. 

Saucony also has been awarded many times in the running and footwear industry which shows its commitment and performance in the manufacturing of athletic shoes and sneakers. 

Some countries where Saucony shoes are manufactured:

  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China

Saucony has manufactured many footwear to overcome all the needs of athletes and runners but the best seller product is Saucony’s Triumph 20 which is a comfortable, lightweight, breathable, well cushioned and responsive shoe that also offers shock absorption properties with a rocker shape and midsole geometry to get a smooth and efficient ride. 

The Triumph shoes are also designed with lacing and two loops on the lateral and medial side while on the outside, there is regular lacing which makes this shoe more plush and suitable for cross-training activities. 

Major Differences Between The Brands

By now I have gone through the comparison, and now you got an idea about both brands. So it is time to discuss the differences between these two brands:

1) Comfort

Altra shoes are comfortable because of their unique and minimalist design which offers natural foot movement and running experience because of the wide toe box and zero drop features and also keep your feet safe from possible injuries, hence enhanced comfort level

On the other hand, Saucony shoes are also comfortable and supportive because of the use of cushioning materials and technologies that offer the utmost comfort and responsiveness during walking, running and other activities

2) Popularity

Altra shoes are famous among runners and athletes who want a comfortable shoe and natural foot movement without making feet injured and uncomfortable for different running and athletic needs. 

On the other hand, Saucony shoes are famous because of their long footwear history in the running industry and a wide range of shoes for all foot types and running levels. 

3) Target Market

Altra mainly targets runners and athletes who prefer natural foot movement and comfort with minimalist design and signature features such as zero drop and wide toe box which make these shoes more efficient to offer a smooth running experience. 

Altra also targets other people who prefer well-cushioned shoes to reduce the risk of injuries during running and other activities and also targets hikers and casual wear. 

On the other hand, Saucony mainly targets the athletic market and runners of all levels from casual joggers to elite athletes because of the availability of many shoes according to all foot types and running styles.  

Saucony also targets neutral runners, overpronators and underpronators who prefer well-cushioned, lightweight and responsive shoes for pronation control. 

4) Price

Altra shoes are less costly and are available at the price of $100-$120.

On the other hand, Saucony shoes are more costly than Altra and are available at the price of $80-$200.

5) Design

Altra shoes are lightweight and minimalist design with zero drop and roomy toe box which make them perfect for runners and athletes who want to get natural and comfortable foot movement during different activities. 

On the other hand, Saucony shoes are also lightweight with well-cushioned technologies such as EVERUN and PWRRUN and shock-absorbing feature that caters to all needs of runners and other activists to offer a stable and improved experience.  

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

I have discussed everything about Altra and Saucony shoes from the comparison between the two brands to an overview and differences between the two. Now it is up to you which brand you prefer to overcome all your running and other needs. 

Altra shoes are the perfect option for running and athletic activities because of the comfort, natural foot movement and cushioning they offer to the wearer at an affordable price.

While Saucony shoes are the right choice for running, walking and everyday use because of the stability, cushioning and responsiveness they offer to the wearer to get a reliable running experience. 

Good luck with your search for the right brand!

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