Altra VS Vivobarefoot: Which Is Better?

Whether you want a pair of shoes with zero drop effect or a barefoot feel, two brands that you can’t go wrong with are Altra and Vivobarefoot.

Both of these brands offer unique products based on customers’ needs. So there are some differences that make one brand a super choice for one person rather than the others. 

After reading this guide, you will come to know which shoe works best in which situation and which shoe is better for your feet and running style. So let’s start.

Comparison Table Between Altra and Vivobarefoot

Founded in 2009Founded in 2004
Made of mesh upper, synthetic overlays, foot shape toe box, EVA and propriety foam and rubber outsoleMade of plant-based foam, recycled plastic, wild hide leather, hemp, Woolmark wool, bloom algae EVA and natural rubber
Athletic shoesBoots, shoes and sneakers 
Goof for hiking, backpacking, road running, trail running, cross training and casual wearGood for road running, trail running, climbing, gym, hiking, racing and casual wear
Less breathableMore breathable
Less costlyMore costly
1 year warranty2 months warranty

Overview Of Altra

Altra Running or Altra is a famous American footwear and apparel company founded by Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead or VF Corporation in 2009 which aimed to manufacture shoes to promote a natural running experience. 

Altra Founders

The engaging designs, marketing and sales of athletic shoes for trail and road running to get comfortable and memorable experiences make Altra more famous among all outdoor activists and runners. 

Besides running shoes, this brand also has developed jackets, shorts, shirts, socks and other apparel. Altra is among the top 10 “Run specialty” brands and number 4 in trail running shoes. 

Harper altered shoes of different brands and made a new shoe called Zero Drop because of less space between shoe heel and toe area and this feature promotes natural foot position and reduces stress on lower limbs. 

The foot-shaped toe box of Altra shoes provides enough space to foot, promotes stability, comfort, smoothness, cushioning and decreases the risk of foot-related issues. Plus, the minimalist and functional design of Altra shoes makes them more performing rather than just style.

Altra shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Chine
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia

As Altra has introduced a wide line of footwear products but the best seller product is Torin 7 because it is a lightweight, flexible, protective, breathable and cushioned shoe that offers a smooth and reliable ride that makes it suitable for all runners and walkers.

The neutral spring midsole absorbs shock while the plushy heel and wide base offer a comfortable and stable feel. 

Overview Of Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot is the leading footwear company founded in 2004 by Galahad Clark, who belongs to the famous shoemaker family.

Galahad Clark

The brand aims to manufacture sustainable zero-impact shoes to keep natural foot movement because Clark thinks many modern shoes hinder the natural functioning of the foot.

Also, all the Vivobarefoot, as the name suggests, are so thin that you feel like your feet are touching the ground beneath your shoes

Vivobarefoot got many awards as a Certified B Company, which not only talks about sustainability and eco-friendliness but also this company manufactures shoes that are of top quality and eco-friendly to reduce environmental impact.

All the Vivobarefoot shoes are manufactured with minimalistic design, wide toe boxes, thin and flexible soles and zero drop design to offer protection and healthy benefits to your feet by maintaining the proper alignment.

Also, these shoes offer the perfect connection with the ground, encourage sensory feedback, and improve foot, leg, and muscle strength and natural posture.  

Vivobarefoot offer many versatile shoes to use in all activities such as running, hiking, walking and everyday wear and allow your feet to adapt to a new lifestyle. But before using these shoes, the user must consult the podiatrist to know the feet’ condition and to know whether vivo shoes are the right fit because these are suitable for some people while unsuitable for others. 

Vivobarefoot shoes are mainly manufactured in Ethiopia and Portugal because the partnership of this brand with these countries maintains the reputation, quality and commitment by offering sustainable and environmentally friendly footwear. 

As Vivobarefoot offers many quality products but the best seller’s product is the Tracker FG available in men’s and women’s styles.

The use of tough leather and firm ground soles make these shoes a suitable option to wear in all wild and rough terrains.

While the thermal protection and waterproof feature allow users to wear this shoe in muddy and rainy areas and in the winter season to keep feet warm. These shoes are available at $250. 

Major Differences Between The Brands

Altra and Vivobarefoot are two leading names in the footwear industry but both are different in terms of comfort, popularity, target market, price and design. So, let’s go through these differences:

1) Comfort

Altra shoes are a comfortable choice for those who are interested to get a natural foot shape and more space to move the foot freely.

The zero drop effect with a wide toe box allows the wearer to move the foot and reduce the risk of discomfort. 

This combination of zero drop and the wide toe box is also a better choice for those who want minimalist shoes to enhance midfoot and forefoot striking during different activities.

The cushioning and comfortable material used in these shoes offer you the utmost comfort. 

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot shoes with minimalist design offer a barefoot feel while running and walking.

The thin and flexible sole offer you better and more natural foot movement with a comfortable and lightweight feel

2) Popularity

Altra shoes are popular among runners and athletes who want a unique design, zero drop effect and wide toe box to enhance the feel of natural foot shape and comfort without allowing foot injury in long-distance running and training

Besides runners and athletes, these shoes also gained popularity among hikers and other individuals who want comfortable everyday shoes. 

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot shoes are popular among runners who want to get a barefoot feel by minimizing the difference between shoes and the ground.

The thin sole with the flexible and minimalist design of Vivobarefoot shoes allows hikers, causal wearers and runners to improve foot health and biomechanics. 

Besides runners and daily wearers, these shoes are also famous among environmentally conscious people who want eco-friendly and sustainable shoes

3) Target Market

Altra mainly targets runners and athletes who prefer comfort and natural foot shape with signature features such as zero drop and wide toe box and don’t want any foot-related injury while walking and running.

Also, Altra targets hikers and individuals who want a pair of shoes for outdoor activities and different terrains for utmost comfort and stability. 

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot mainly targets those runners who want a natural foot shape and a close connection between foot and ground due to the thin and flexible sole of shoes that also enhance foot mechanics.

Also, Vivobarefoot targets eco-conscious people and those who prefer foot health.

4) Price

Altra shoes are value-for-money sneakers as they are inexpensive ranging from $100-$120.

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot shoes are more expensive than Altra ranging from $115 to $270. 

5) Design

Altra shoes are lightweight and breathable shoes with minimalist design, zero drop effect and wide toe box that offer utmost comfort, stability and support to feet on different terrains while walking, running and hiking. 

On the other hand, Vivobarefoot shoes are designed with minimalist, flexible and thin soles with wide toe box that make them perfect for getting a ground feel without letting your feet feel uncomfortable in various activities such as running, training and casual wear

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

It is concluded that both brands offer unique products with different features and price ranges. So it is totally up to you which pair of shoes you want to choose next.

Altra is for you if you want comfort, natural foot shape and enhanced foot biomechanics for many challenging terrains.

While Vivobarefoot is for you if you want a stable and natural shoe to get a ground feel and reduce the risk of foot-related issues. 

Determine your needs, price and terrains on which you want to use a new pair of shoes then visit both brands and their unique products. So you will be able to make the right decision. 

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