Hoka Speedgoat VS Altra Lone Peak: Which Is Better?

Trail running demands a good pair of shoes to enhance protection and stability on all types of even and uneven trails. So investing in the right running shoe gives an enjoyable and adventurous running experience.

When it comes to Hoka Speedgoat and Altra Lone Peak, both are perfect running shoes that aim to offer a better running experience. However, Hoka Speedgoat is also a better choice for short hikes because of its maximalist design with a thick midsole and high stack profile. While Altra Lone Peak has zero drop features that can enhance natural foot gait. 

To know which shoe is better for you, I have designed this article. So let’s first explore a comparison of both shoes. 

Comparison Table Between Hoka Speedgoat and Altra Lone Peak:

FeaturesHoka SpeedgoatAltra Lone Peak
Launched In20092011
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing8.5-13 for men and 6.5-8 for women7-16 for men and 5.5-12 for women
Weight 10.8 oz for men and 9.2 oz for women12.8 oz for men and 10.6 oz for women
CushionMore cushioningLess cushioning
OutsoleVibram Megagrip and rubberMacTrac rubber with Trailclaw
MidsoleDurable full-length EVA foam Altra EGO foam
Upper soleBreathable Gore-Tex textile mesh Suede and durable, quick dry air mesh
Retail Price$200$160

Hoka Speedgoat Vs. Altra lone Peak: Good, Bad and The Worst:

The following are some major differences between Hoka Speedgoat and Altra lone Peak to make you understand the right pair of shoes:

1) Comfort

Hoka Speedgoat shoes are more cushioned, so they offer utmost comfort and protection to feet without feeling too bulky during runs. But these shoes are only perfect for long runs, so people who prefer shoes for short runs can go to Altra Lone Peak. 

Altra Lone Peak is also a cushioned trail running shoe with an ergonomic design to reduce blisters and keep feet comfortable.

The zero drop feature of these shoes also enhances natural foot gait and provides a barefoot-like experience but it is the loving features of some runners, not all. However, these shoes are only perfect for short runs.

2) Popularity

Hoka Speedgoat is more popular than Altra Lone Peak because it has been long in the market and has many happy customers. The more cushioned sole, which provides protection on uneven terrains, is also the reason for the fame of the Hoka Speedgoat.

Altra Lone Peak is also a famous trail running shoe, but not as Hoka Speedgoat. However, it has zero drop feature to enhance foot gait, a shape toe box to enhance comfort during runs, and a rugged outsole for better traction on all surfaces. 

3) Running

Hoka Speedgoat is considered to be the better choice for running because these are versatile, durable and cushioned shoes that become a perfect choice for people who want to run on challenging and technical terrains and during long runs in ultra marathons. 

Hoka Speedgoat 5 Outsole

Altra Lone Peak 7 Outsole
Altra Lone Peak 7 Outsole

Altra Lone Peak is also perfect for running but not as good as Speedgoat. However, it has some benefits over Speedgoat such as a wide toe box for natural foot movement that makes them perfect for people with wide feet and a zero drop feature to enhance foot gait and give a barefoot-like feel. 

4) Walking

Hoka Speedgoat is perfect for walking but not as good as Altra Lone Peak because it is less flexible and doesn’t provide natural foot movement during walking.

However, Altra Lone Peak has a wide toe box for enhanced foot movement, extra flexibility, and zero drop to promote natural walking gait and minimize stress on joints. 

5) Flat feet

Hoka Speedgoat may be a good choice for flat feet, but not as much as Altra Lone Peak because it does not offer proper arch support or flexibility. 

Altra Lone Peak is a superb shoe for people with flat feet because it provides proper arch support, stability, and flexibility, which are required for flat feet during running and walking.

Before choosing shoes for flat feet, make sure to consult the podiatrist about your feet’ condition and the right pair of shoes. 

6) Design

Hoka Speedgoat is a non-minimalist shoe with breathable Gore-Tex mesh that provides ventilated room for feet and a reinforced toe cap that provides protection to feet on uneven terrains. 

The midsole is made up of durable full-length EVA foam for extra cushioning and shock absorption during long runs. 

The outsole is equipped with Vibram Megagrip technology and durable rubber to provide better traction on uneven surfaces such as rocky and wet. 

Altra Lone Peak are also non-minimalist shoes with suede and quick dry air mesh upper for enhanced ventilation, comfort and cooling even in wet terrains. The upper of these shoes is also durable and protective, with overlays to protect against debris and abrasion and a lacing system for a secure fit to reduce discomfort. 

The midsole is made of Altra EGO for more cushioning and a comfortable feel, and the zero drop of these shoes enhances natural footstrike and absorbs shock and impact.

The outsole of Lone Peak is made from MaxTrac rubber with lug patterns to enhance grip and traction on challenging terrains. 

What do customers think?

Hoka Speedgoat and Altra Lone Peak are famous running shoes with quality construction and specific features. However, one shoe is best for some may not be the best choice for others. So, what do customers think of these shoes? Let’s discuss:

Hoka Speedgoat: Customers don’t like the uncomfortable heels of these shoes but they also report that the fit is good. 

People are happy with the snug fit, which makes these shoes perfect for long day running and walking. 

Many people say that these shoes are super comfortable and have less impact on joints, so they reduce fatigue and improve performance.

A customer said that the tongue is uncomfortable and is not padded, plus the materials used in these shoes are weird. 

Altra Lone peak: Many customers say that these shoes are perfect and suitably fitted to keep feet comfortable on vertical terrains. 

A customer said that he has switched to this pair of shoes, and these are superb for daily hikes and gym. 

People also like the size and support of these shoes which make them perfect on all types of terrains. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better for yOU??

Till now, you have got an idea about two different shoes from two different brands, Speedgoat from Hoka and Lone Peak from Altra. Both shoes are famous because of specific features such as cushioning, stability, zero drop, and wide toe box. 

Hoka Speedgoat must be your choice if you prefer cushioning and support while running and hiking. While Altra Lone Peak must be your choice if you want a barefoot-like feel with enhanced foot movement. 

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