How To Clean Kizik Shoes – 4 Easy Steps

Kizik shoes are designed innovatively with better functionality. So keep the shoes looking better and long-lasting, you have to clean and care about them. For this, following the cleaning steps can help you keep the shoes looking stylish and comfortable. 

Supplies needed

  • Soap 
  • Hot water
  • Sponge or damp cloth
  • Dry towel
  • Shoe soft brush
  • Low potency detergent 

4 steps to clean Kizik shoes

Kizik shoes require proper cleaning and maintenance and you have to follow these given below steps: 

Step 1: Remove Insoles and Laces:

Start cleaning by removing laces and insoles from the Kizik shoes to prevent the accumulation of moisture and dirt.

However, if the shoes come with fixed insoles that are impossible to remove then you need to be more careful while cleaning the interior.

Step 2: Make a Mild Soap Solution:

Now is the main step of the cleaning which is the formation of the soapy solution that is often a low potency detergent and lukewarm water.

As there is no accurate amount of soap and water but you have to mix them in almost similar amounts and stir them properly.

For some leather shoes, a cup of warm water and soap is enough but for not all shoes. So be sure to check the cleaning instructions. 

Step 3: Scrub Away Dirt:

After preparing the cleaning solution, take a soft brush, dip it in the solution, and start scrubbing the dirt. As it is easy to handle it can work better on small areas and multiple materials.

For many materials, gentle scrubbing in a circular motion is necessary otherwise rough scrubbing may damage the shoes. However gentle scrubbing may avoid wearing and tearing of the shoes while removing dirt and grime.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry:

Take a clean cloth to wipe away the soapy solution residue as well as loose dirt. Never run your Kizik shoes under direct water. 

After rinsing, dry the shoes using a paper towel and keep them in a dry and ventilated place away from the sunlight.

Things to look for when cleaning Kizik shoes

During cleaning of Kizik shoes, you have to consider these things to keep them in better condition:

Inspect shoe materials

Not all Kizik shoes are made with the same materials. While some are made with synthetic and rubber which requires tough scrubbing. However, some shoes are made with knit, mesh and suede which require gentle scrubbing. 

Check the severity of the dirt

Check how much the dirt or mud is severe and if the shoe needs more scrubbing.

Watch for color transfer

As wet shoes are more prone to transfer color so avoid such transfer to keep the shoes in a good look.

Air dry fully

For complete removal of moisture, make sure to air dry the shoes fully which can also decrease the growth of bacteria and mold.

What not to do when cleaning Kizik shoes

Never do the following things while cleaning the Kizik shoes:

Machine washing

Machine washing means more agitation to the shoes which then results in the damaged fabric.

Bleach or harsh chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals and bleach to prevent shoes from fading. 

Direct sunlight

Never keep the shoes in direct sunlight for drying purposes as it can influence the material.


Soaking the shoe in the soapy solution can damage the adhesive and shape.


Cleaning and maintaining the Kizik shoes is the more straightforward and convenient task. With the right tools, supplies and methods, you can keep the shoes in optimal condition for a long time. 

For leather uppers, waterproof spray is the best option because it may protect the shoes from water damage and stain as well as it provide a new look and shine to the shoes. 

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