How To Clean Loeffler Randall Shoes – 4 Easy Steps

Having Loeffler Randall shoes is not enough while keeping them in better condition is also crucial. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan and beauty of the beloved Loeffler Randall shoes.

Follow this step-by-step guide and walk through the entire cleaning process of Loeffler Randall made with any material. However, start your process by gathering all the essential supplies. 

Supplies needed

  • A soft bristle brush
  • Mild detergent
  • Lukewarm water
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Waterproof spray

4 steps to clean Loeffler Randall shoes

With the below mentioned 4 steps, you can clean the Loeffler Randall shoes properly:

Step 1: Remove Insoles and Laces:

Start with the removal of insoles and laces. After that, take a soft brush to gently remove dirt and dust from the shoe surface and interior. Ensure to focus more on the crevices and hard to reach areas for deep grime removal. 

Step 2: Make a Mild Soap Solution:

Take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water then add mild detergent. Mix this solution properly but ensure that the detergent is suitable for your shoe material. 

Step 3: Scrub Away Dirt:

Dip the brush or cloth in the cleaning mixture and scrub this cloth in a circular motion on the shoe surface and interior. 

For the removal of stains and spots, ensure to focus more but avoid vigorous scrubbing. 

Step 4: Rinse and Dry:

After proper scrubbing of shoes, rinse them with clean water for the removal of soap residue. Ensure to wash away all the soap solution to keep the shoes protected from damage.

In the end, take a dry towel for cleaning of shoes and keep them in a ventilated space for proper drying. 

Things to look for when cleaning Loeffler Randall shoes

By following these tips, you can properly wash or clean your Loeffler Randall shoes:

Inspect shoe materials

All shoes are not made with the same materials. Some need more scrubbing and some require gentle cleaning. So check out the material type and choose the cleaning method accordingly. 

Check the severity of the dirt

Heavily mudded shoes require more scrubbing and cleaning compared to low-mudded shoes.

Watch for color transfer

Wet shoes may leave color on the towel or any other tool so be sure to check if it happens.

Air dry fully

Completely dry the shoes in the air or ventilated place to avoid moisture presence which may cause mold and bacterial growth.

What not to do when cleaning Loeffler Randall shoes

We have discussed, here are some tips you must follow while cleaning the Loeffler Randall shoes. There are also some things which you must avoid to keep the shoes in better condition: 

Machine washing

Washing shoes in the machine may seem an easier task but it may seriously affect the shoes as high heat may loosen the adhesive and cause them to come apart. 

Bleach or harsh chemicals

As harsh chemicals and detergents are useful for the removal of stubborn stains and dirt but these can also affect the shoe material. 

Direct sunlight

Drying the shoes in direct sunlight may harm their material as well as fabric which can also decrease their lifespan. 


Soaking the Loeffler Randall shoes in the soapy solution may cause damage to the adhesive and shape.


Cleaning Loeffler Randall shoes using the right method and supplies can not only increase their lifespan but also keep them looking fresh and best. So invest your time and effort in cleaning the Loeffler Randall shoes and follow the instructions for cleaning present with the shoes.

However, the above-mentioned steps are also useful to care for your shoes even if they are new or old ones. This way, you can make your next adventure more comfortable with the fresh shoes. 

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