How To Clean Vivobarefoot Shoes – 5 Easy Steps

For users looking for minimalist shoes, Vivobarefoot shoes are the better option with unique design and quality materials. With these shoes, you can enjoy the barefoot experience and comfort at a time. However, like other shoes require cleaning so Vivobarefoot shoes also need proper care to enhance longevity.

In the cleaning process, you have to follow some simple steps and make your Vivobarefoot shoes look fresh and stunning. 

Supplies needed

The following are some supplies which you need to gather before starting the cleaning process:

  • Mild detergent to avoid damage to shoes
  • Soft bristle brush to clean shoes and avoid scratching
  • Warm water for the preparation of the cleaning solution
  • Clean towel to dry up the cleaned shoes

5 steps to clean Vivobarefoot shoes

With the right steps and techniques, you can clean your Vivobarefoot shoes and maintain their integrity:

Step 1: Removal of laces and insoles

For more dirty shoes, start removing the insoles and making the shoes laces free. Use a brush to remove dirt, dust and debris to proceed with the cleaning process. 

Step 2: Preparation of the solution

After that prepare the solution by taking lukewarm water in the bowl and add one to two drops of the detergent into this water to make the solution. 

Step 3: Scrubbing of the shoes

Start scrubbing the Vivobarefoot shoes using a soft bristle brush and apply the solution on the surface and interior. 

Step 4: Rinsing and drying of the shoes

Rinse the shoes with clean water to remove solution residues and pat them with a clean towel. Then keep them in the full air or ventilated place to dry completely. 

Step 5: Disinfection of the shoes

After completion of the cleaning process, ensure to disinfect your Vivobarefoot shoes. It is crucial if you have to wear shoes without socks to avoid bacterial growth. 

Take a bowl and fill four parts of water in which add one part of the vinegar. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle and spray on the shoe surface, interior and all crevices. 

Things to look for when cleaning Vivobarefoot shoes

By following the given below tips, you can easily clean your Vivobarefoot shoes:

Inspect shoe materials

Not all shoe materials are the same nor they need the same amount of attention and cleaning methods. So be sure to check the shoe materials whether these are suede, knit, mesh, synthetic or rubber. 

Check the severity of the dirt

Some shoes are heavily dirty while some are lightly dirty. So check if the shoes are heavily mudded so you need to scrub them a lot. However, for lightly mudded shoes, you need slight or gentle scrubbing. 

Watch for color transfer

Wet shoes are at high risk of shedding color on the cleaning towel or tools. 

Air dry fully

Place the shoes in the full air or well-ventilated area to dry them completely. 

What not to do when cleaning Vivobarefoot shoes

Never do the following things during the cleaning of your Vivobarefoot shoes:

Machine washing

Hand washing is a better option than machine washing as it may affect the integrity of the shoes. 

Bleach or harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals or products containing more chemicals cause more harm to shoes and fade their color with time.  

Direct sunlight

Keeping shoes in the direct sunlight poses damage to the surface as well as decreases their lifespan.


No need to soak your Vivobarefoot shoes because it may cause water entry into them and change their shape. 


Caring for your Vivobarefoot shoes means increasing their lifespan and shine for many years ahead. May be you consider washing them in the machine but don’t do this. Hand washing is much better in the mild detergent solution for your Vivobarefoot shoes.

Find a reliable and mild detergent, keep the shoes looking stunning and make them odor free with the right techniques and tips mentioned in this article. 

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