New Balance 2002r Vs 990: Which Is Better For You?

When we talk about lifestyle, comfort and versatility in shoes, New Balance is the top name that comes to mind with its wide variety of shoe options to overcome the needs of everyone from professionals to newbies to runners to athletes to fashion enthusiasts. 

However, choosing between 2002r and 990 may be a confusing task for people, especially newbies who have no idea with which model to go. 

As both are iconic models with a long history in the footwear market and a large customer base finding the right model may be challenging. For this, stick to this article and know which model is worthwhile. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 2002r and 990:

PropertiesNew Balance 2002rNew Balance 990
FeaturesLightweight and sleekStable and padded
SupportEnhanced arch supportEnough support
Weight (men)12.7 oz (Unisex)13.2 oz
AthletesLight athletic activitiesHigh-intensity athletic activities
OutsoleRubber and N-ergyRubber
Upper soleLeather, mesh and suedeLeather, mesh, pigskin and suede
CushioningHighly cushionedModerately cushioned
Distance5-10 km5 km upto half marathon

New Balance 2002r Vs 990: Good, Bad and The Worst:

To help you decide on the right pair of models for your next addition to your wardrobe, I have compiled some major points about both shoes:

1) Comfort

Similar to other shoes, the 2002r has suede overlays and mesh upper, which not only give a nice look to shoes but also let your feet feel comfortable and cool with ventilated portions and airflow even on the hottest days. 

With diamond patterned ABZORB technology, REVlite and ABZORB SBS heels, the shoes feel soft and cushioned along with stable and comfortable due to SBS pods. 

However, the stability web and N-ergy outsole provide a shock-absorbing feature and add a new level of support to keep your feet stable and comfortable. 

Other than this, 990 shoes are also equipped with the same upper construction, but pigskin is an additional material that not only offers phenomenal cushioning and breathability to shoes but the shoes also remain dry and comfortable during long day wear.

With ENCAP and fuel cell midsole, the shoes provide an exceptional level of stability as well as cushioning. Plus, the midsoles are designed to maintain the shoes according to foot type to avoid any type of discomfort

Moreover, the use of Polyurethane in the midsoles makes the shoes lightweight and enhances the running experience by providing more cushioning and absorbing impact from foo during heavy-duty activities. 

The Outsole of 990 is made with rubber to provide enough traction on different surfaces and protect the shoe from wear and tear to ensure a long lifespan. 

2) Popularity

Due to the durability and comfort these shoes provide, almost every level of athlete considers them as highly performing shoes for light physical activities. 

However, the classic and stylish look makes the shoes super versatile and a perfect addition to any outfit making them famous among fashion enthusiasts

Other than this, the shoes are also famous among sneakerheads because of their vintage style and iconic design that become the love of people who prefer sneaker collections.

Many celebrities and influencers were seen wearing NB 2002r and 990 shoes, which added a new layer of popularity. Plus, the demand for both sneakers on different social media platforms is increasingly growing their popularity. 

3) Running 

For intense running experience, both 2002r and 990 are not the perfect option even if these shoes are inspired by running sneakers but these are useful for everyday use because of cushioning and support that is required for casual walks and runs but not for long-distance runs. 

New Balance 2002r TOP VIEW

New Balance 990 top view

4) Walking

Due to its lightweight design and breathable materials, the NB 2002r is a perfect shoe for walking because it keeps feet comfortable. However, the cushioned sole with supportive features makes 990 shoes perfect for the walking experience. 

5) Versatility

New Balance 2002R is a versatile casual sneaker that is good to go with maximal comfort on different types of terrains. Though the shoes are not designed for intense activities and outdoor terrains but they are still perfect on urban and suburban surfaces. Commonly, the shoes offer enhanced grip on pavements and become ideal for walking, light jogging and casual visits

New Balance 990 is also a highly versatile sneaker with an extra level of support and comfort which make them ideal for different terrains, urban surfaces and outdoor activities. Due to its durable outsole, the shoes offer enhanced traction on concrete, asphalt, track and trail which makes them super comfortable for light to moderate terrains. 

6) Flat feet

New Balance 990 shoes use ENCAP technology and EVA cushioning that offer unparalleled arch support and cushioning that make them ideal for flat feet. Other than this, the wide base and supportive heel evenly distribute the body weight and maintain the foot alignment, so these shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists

New Balance 2002R is equipped with ABZORB and N-ergy technology that provide more shock absorption and support which is beneficial for flat feet because it can minimize stress on arches. However, the sturdy heel counter provides more stability and a secure fit that feels perfect for flat feet. 

7) Design

New Balance 2002r has a sleek and modern design with a lightweight feel and mesh upper that contribute to breathability and make the shoes super comfortable for those who don’t want to sacrifice style, comfort and performance. However, the sporty and fashionable look make the shoes loved by fashion enthusiast. 

With ABZORB and REVlite in the midsole, the shoes feel light and cushioned which maintains the feet shape accordingly and allows them to perform better. However, the rubber outsole with N-ergy provides enough traction to shoes and makes them good to go on different terrains.

New Balance 990 is a classic shoe with a timeless design and is famous among fashion lovers who just want to elevate their style with quality and stylish shoes. However, the upper sole construction of these shoes is similar to 2002r and the additional material is a pigskin that enhances cushioning and ventilation. 

The thick midsole with 12 mm heel-to-toe drop, the shoes feel protective to feet and joints. However, due to reduced flexibility, the heel-to-toe drop may feel higher to the feet. As a result, it provides more shock absorption but limits performance during races.

The outsole is similarly designed as 2002r, so it provides more traction to shoes and feet on different surfaces during different activities. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 990: Due to wide sizes, the shoes feel fit and comfortable to people with wide feet. Other than this, the cuteness and colors are the loving features of many customers who prefer the style and want shoes to go with any outfit either sweatpants or jeans. 

The quality of the shoes is perfect, and there remains a slight space at the front of the toe box and a little bit looseness at the heel back that may not be an issue if you perfectly tighten the laces. However, the extra space causes going out of feet during walks

Some users rate the comfort and lightweight feel of the shoes, which makes them perfect for everyday use and travel. At the same time, the shoes feel unstable to many customers on uneven surfaces such as brick sidewalks. 

New Balance 2002r: Most of users consider these shoes for walking and casual wear because of their nice look and comfort but they never recommend these shoes for running. On the other hand, people also love the style and colors of the shoes that make them versatile with any outfit. 

However, many travellers consider these shoes super comfortable and supportive and do not let their feet feel uncomfortable and injured. 

Other than this, the 2002r shoes are good for people with overpronation and flat feet because these offer enough arch support. The shoes are also perfect for many other foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

After reviewing NB 2002r and 990, it is revealed that both models are known for their exceptional comfort and durability. However, both are different in some aspects, which may be a good choice for some people but not for all.

The NB 990 shoes have a padded sole with enough cushioning and support, so they are perfect for runners who want comfort during workouts.

However, NB 2002r has a dedicated midsole with comfort and lightweight, which are the preferred features for athletes who want feathery shoes.

In terms of size, both models are true to size, but the 990 is somehow wide, so people with wide feet prefer this model. 

No matter which shoe you choose, it will be a worthy investment

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