Veja VS Common Projects: Which Is Better For You?

Veja and Common Projects were launched in the same year, but both brands came up with different aims to overcome the needs of users. 

Common Project aims to produce luxurious shoes, while Veja aims to produce sustainable and minimalist shoes that can protect the environment and look stunning at the same time.

However, the sneakerhead gets confused when it comes to deciding between the two. So Let’s delve into the differences between both brands to decide which is for you.

Comparison Table Between Veja and Common Projects:

VejaCommon Projects
Sneakers, tennis shoes and running shoesSneakers, boots, sandals and loafers
More breathableBreathable
More weightLightweight
Made in BrazilMade in Italy
Affordable Costly
2 years warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Veja:

Veja is a famous French footwear brand founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and has headquarters in France and Paris.

Veja Founders

As Veja was founded in 2004 but its official launch was done in 2005 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

The brand is well known because of its commitment to sustainability and ethical ethos for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable shoes.

Veja also collaborated with French designer Agnes B. In 2006, Veja introduced its first tanned leather product with innovative technologies.

The brand has minimalist and simple design shoes equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and rubber.

The brand also works with fair trade companies to ensure that its employees are treated fairly. Veja mainly uses waterproof recycled bottles gathered from the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the soles of shoes. 

As Veja shoes are expensive compared to other companion footwear brands, but this company believes that quality matters rather than price. 

Veja has also won The Guardian Sustainable Business Award and The Observer Ethical Award.

Veja shoes are manufactured in Brazil because of the long history of Brazil in manufacturing shoes and a strong environmental record.

Among many footwear products of Veja, the best-selling product is Esplar, which is a simple and minimalist design shoe made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton.

It has vibrant colors and is equipped with vulcanized soles, round toes, padded tongue and rubber toe cap that make these shoes durable, lightweight and breathable. So these are the perfect shoes for casual wear and occasions

Overview of Common Projects

Common Project, a well-known American footwear brand in the industry, was founded by two friends, Flavio Girolami (brand creative consultant in Italy) and Prathan Poopat (art director in New York) in 2004 who aimed to produce luxurious sneakers to come up with the needs and preferences of users. 

Common Projects Founders

Prathan and Flavio introduced the first sneaker, Achilles, for their personal use with a simple and classic design, but after the popularity of this shoe, they decided to make their official brand to serve the community with luxurious shoes.  

At first, Common Projects released 60 pairs of Achilles, but these were sold out immediately. 

The name Common Project was taken from the idea of working on common projects together. All the Common Project shoes are hand-stitched in Italy with the use of Nappa leather. 

Mostly, the brand focuses on the production of sneakers, but now it has extended its product line to Chelsea boots and loafers with different color choices from white to black to blue to mini green. 

All Common Project sneakers are available in different styles, from low to high tops to slip-ons, and a variety of classic and neutral colors that can go perfectly with all types of outfits. 

Moreover, the brand offers limited pairs of shoes. Due to this rarity and brand reputation, the demand for Common Project sneakers is high. 

Common Project also has earned an award, Sneakers of the Week,” two times by GQ magazine because of its commitment to simplicity and quality craftsmanship and gold stamped serial number on each shoe rather than using flashy logo. 

The headquarters of Common Project is in New York, but the factory is located in Marche, Italy, where these shoes are hand-crafted by skilled shoemakers using different traditional artisanal techniques. 

Achilles is the first shoe of Common Project and is the best-selling product.

These classic low-top sneakers are clean and versatile, with availability in different colors such as black, grey and white and use of premium quality materials such as Nappa leather (soft and durable) and the latest techniques. 

These are called the GOAT of classic sneakers because of their versatile look with suede heel lining and rubber outsole. 

Major Differences Between The Brands

Now I am going to explore some differences of aspects which will help you know which brand is a better option and which brand attracts more customers and sales:

1) Comfort

Veja sneakers are superb comfortable with maximum cushioned insole and supportive midsole that can’t let your feet feel aches during the long walks but these are not the comfortable shoes for regular running. 

However, people with flat feet can go with these comfortable shoes because of maximum arch support and cushioning along with lightweight construction. 

Moreover, the use of extra breathable materials in the construction of Veja sneakers reduces the risk of discomfort while increasing cooling and ventilation. 

Common Projects are minimalist shoes with perfect comfort levels and secure fit because of the use of super-quality leather and other materials that can enhance comfort. 

Moreover, the soft and durable sneakers come with a padded insole, arch support and sleek profile that make Common Project sneakers a versatile option to be comfortable for different activities. 

2) Popularity

Veja is considered the number one sustainable sneakers brand because of its use of super-quality sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled materials, and leather. 

The popularity of Veja is more in Europe among those who prefer sustainable but fashionable shoes because of its clean and minimalist design that can be paired up with any type of outfit and perfect cushioning and durability, along with many celebrity endorsements. 

Some celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Meghan Markle and Kardashian make these shoes popular. 

On the other hand, Common Project sneakers are more famous in North America among those who prefer stylish and super-quality shoes with minimalist and clean designs to pair up with different outfits to maintain the fashion trend.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to producing standard shoes with excellent craftsmanship and limited models makes the brand super popular. 

The aesthetic lines and Italian craftsmanship make these shoes a trendy option for the fashion community and classic sportswear. 

Common Projects are the beloved sneakers of many celebrities such as Jay Z, Kanya West, Nick Jonas, Ellen and many others that became the reason of fame of these sneakers. 

3) Target Market

Veja sneakers mainly target eco-conscious users who want to resonate with the community with trendy and sustainable shoes, fashion-forward users who prefer stylish shoes that not only look appealing but also act as the most versatile shoes and urban professionals who want sleek and cozy shoes for work and leisure. 

Common Projects mainly target fashion enthusiasts who prefer high-quality and premium-looking shoes, luxury consumers who don’t hesitate to invest in the most stylish but pricier shoes, and discerning shoppers who can break their banks for premium quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity in shoes. 

Due to its sleek and versatile design, Common Project also targets urban and city dwellers who want comfortable but stylish shoes for leisure activities. 

4) Price

Veja shoes come up with high prices, but compared to Common Projects, these are somehow affordable with the price range of $100-$200, but some expensive shoes are available at $240. 

On the other hand, Common Project shoes are highly expensive, with an average price of almost $440, but some high-profile shoes can go upto $495. 

5) Design

Common Projects are premium casual shoes with timeless, stylish and luxurious designs along with classic lines and Italian craftsmanship that can go well with all types of outfits and classic sportswear.

Moreover, Common Project models come with signature gold labeling along the heel and ten golden digits on the upper that give them an appealing and trendy look.

Veja sneakers are sleek and minimalist sneakers with the availability of different colors that make them an eye-catching addition to any casual outfit to elevate the look and fashion sense. 

Moreover, the V logo with a basic black or neon yellow color on each Veja shoe creates a unique look and is the representation of the brand. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

It is hard to decide between Veja and Common Projects because both brands come with unique features and comfort levels that attract not only fashion lovers but also those who prefer casual and sporty shoes. 

If you want to buy sustainable and comfortable shoes in a low price range, then you can go with Veja.

If you want the most luxurious and stylish shoes, then go with Common Projects, but remember these shoes are pricier; they look perfect, and they are worth investing in. 

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