Victoria Sneakers VS Veja: Which Is Better For You?

Are you curious to know which brand is better for you, either Victoria or Veja? I understand your curiosity before choosing the right brand for your next activity.

Victoria and Veja are two famous footwear brands with unique features and the latest technologies that make them perfect for different outdoor activities and casual wear.

Victoria sneakers are affordable, stylish, and comfortable with different colors and styles, so these are perfect for casual and everyday wear. Veja focuses mainly on sustainability and ethical production, so sneakers are minimalist with the use of innovative materials. 

To explore major differences and comparisons between the two brands, read this article. Here I have compiled everything from a comparison to an overview of brands to major differences that make one brand a super choice compared to another. 

Comparison Table Between Victoria Sneakers and Veja:

Victoria SneakersVeja
Founded In 1911Founded In 2004
Comfortable, durable, versatile, classic, stylish and convenientComfortable, stylish, transparent, sustainable, slim, versatile, flexible and cool
SneakersSneakers, tennis shoes, and running shoe
Less breathableMore breathable
More weightlightweight
Made in SpainMade in Brazil
Less expensiveSlightly costly
1-year warranty2 years warranty

Overview of Victoria Sneakers:

Victoria is a famous Spanish footwear brand for casual and sporty shoes and was founded in 1911 by Gregorio Ortiz.

The reason behind the foundation of this brand is the adventurous love story of Gregorio with his wife, Victoria. The brand represents the incorporation of innovation, tradition, and design for manufacturing high-quality footwear for daily use. 

Victoria is committed to sustainable practices and social responsibility, which ensure the use of recycled and high-quality materials in the manufacturing and packaging of classic and timeless sneakers. 

In 1950, Gregorio invented the idea of manufacturing shoes with natural rubbers and organic cotton. At this stage, the brand introduced a unique model called Inglesa, which then became the reason for the fame of Victoria’s footwear brand. 

Victoria has a strong presence in Spain and Portugal, but it also has earned fame in other European countries such as America and the United States.

Mainly, Victoria sneakers are manufactured in Spain, but this brand has a long-standing position in La Rioja, which is a famous region for the footwear industry. Some other countries where Victoria’s sneakers are manufactured:

  • China
  • Indonesia 
  • Vietnam

Among different footwear products, the best-selling product of Victoria is the Victoria 1985 C80 Canvas sneaker which has a classic design with different vibrant colors such as black, red, white and navy and is equipped with a high-quality canvas that makes them comfortable, lightweight, cushioned and breathable.

So it is the better choice for people who want versatile shoes for different occasions. 

Overview of Veja:

Veja is a famous French footwear brand founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and has headquarters in France and Paris.

Veja Founders

As Veja was founded in 2004 but its official launch was done in 2005 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

The brand is well known because of its commitment to sustainability and ethical ethos for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable shoes.

Veja also collaborated with French designer Agnes B. In 2006, Veja introduced its first tanned leather product with innovative technologies.

The brand has minimalist and simple design shoes equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and rubber.

The brand also works with fair trade companies to ensure that its employees are treated fairly. Veja mainly uses waterproof recycled bottles gathered from the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the soles of shoes. 

As Veja shoes are expensive compared to other companion footwear brands, but this company believes that quality matters rather than price. 

Veja has also won The Guardian Sustainable Business Award and The Observer Ethical Award.

Veja shoes are manufactured in Brazil because of the long history of Brazil in manufacturing shoes and a strong environmental record.

Among many footwear products of Veja, the best-selling product is Esplar, which is a simple and minimalist design shoe made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton.

It has vibrant colors and is equipped with vulcanized soles, round toes, padded tongue and rubber toe cap that make these shoes durable, lightweight and breathable. So these are the perfect shoes for casual wear and occasions

Major Differences Between The Brands:

Now you have an overview of both brands along with their best-seller products. Now is the time to explore some differences in terms of comfort, popularity, target market, design and price. 

1) Comfort

Victoria’s sneakers are equipped with canvas, which makes them more cushioned and supportive. However, these sneakers also feel a bit heavy during different outdoor activities.

Veja shoes are less cushioned and supportive compared to Victoria’s, which means these don’t offer as much comfort as Victoria’s. However, these shoes are flexible and lightweight, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities.

So in terms of comfort, Victoria is more comfortable than Veja. 

2) Popularity

Victoria’s Sneakers are traditional and popular because of the comfort and support they provide due to the use of canvas or leather upper. Another reason for the popularity of Victoria’s sneakers is that they were worn by two famous influencers such as Alexandra Pereira and Carla Campra. 

Veja is a sustainable brand with minimalist design and social responsibility that make it famous among eco-conscious people who want shoes made of durable and sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, cotton and Amazonian rubber. 

3) Target Market

Victoria’s sneakers mainly target people who prefer comfortable shoes for casual wear, adults and children who are looking for supportive shoes, and budget-conscious people who want quality shoes at a reasonable price point. 

Veja mainly targets eco-conscious people who want sustainable and ethical shoes, fashion-forward consumers who prefer minimalist shoes, and people with an active lifestyle who want sustainable and fashionable shoes at a time.

4) Price

Victoria sneakers are less expensive than Veja, with a price range of $50-$100. However, some expensive models are available at the price range of $120. 

On the other hand, Veja is costly compared to Victoria because of sustainable practices with a price range of $100-$200. However, some expensive models are available at the price of $240. 

5) Design

Victoria is a classic and timeless canvas sneakers brand with a variety of colors and simple designs, which are mainly covered with contrasting piping and small logo accents. 

Veja is a minimalist shoe brand with simple lines and uncluttered outlines, which provide a versatile and timeless look with a natural color palette that complements sustainable ethos and innovative materials. On the sides of Veja sneakers, a signature style “V” logo is present, which represents the brand identity. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Victoria and Veja are two well-known brands in the footwear industry. As Victoria has been long in the footwear market with an affordable price range and comfortable and supportive sneakers so many people consider this brand.

While Veja aims to manufacture sustainable shoes according to ethical ethos but, the expensive price often discourages people from buying these shoes. However, these are the perfect choice for eco-conscious people who prefer minimalist shoes. 

That’s it from my side today I hope you now have a clear perspective on which brand to go after.

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