Allbirds Vs New Balance: Which Is Better For You?

No outfit is completed without an attractive pair of shoes. When deciding to choose the right shoes for your new outfit, many factors need consideration. One of these is the comfort of the shoes that allow your feet to remain cushioned.

In today’s competitive world, almost every second brand offers footwear with the incorporation of the latest technologies, and most of the brand’s shoes are similar in shape. So it is somehow challenging to decide which brand and model will go better with your outfit and overcome outdoor activities needs. 

Among famous brands, Allbirds and New Balance are on top but which must be your choice, it can be decided by reading this article.  

Comparison Table Between Allbirds and New Balance:

AllbirdsNew Balance
Minimalist and versatileClassic and understated
Don’t offer enough arch support Offer better arch support 
Suitable for outdoor activities and mild hikingGood for everyday wear, running, walking and training 
Slippers, shoes, runners and dashers Casual shoes, sports shoes, running and athletic shoes 
Good durability Excellent durability 
Limited variety of stylesA wider range of styles 
Highly flexible Flexibility may vary based on models 
More breathable Breathable  
Lightweight Slightly heavy-weight
Costly  Slightly more costly 
1-year warranty6-month NDurance rubber outsole limited warranty

Overview of Allbirds:

In 2016, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger founded Allbirds with the aim to protect the environment by using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and materials such as eucalyptus fibres, sugar cane and merino wool (sourced from New Zealand) for breathable and soft feel along with water absorbing properties. 


Due to the commitment of the brand to minimize its carbon footprint, conserve energy and manufacture sustainable shoes for men, women and kids, it has earned huge fame among eco-conscious users and celebrities.

Besides considering sustainable practices, Allbirds shoes are available in minimalist and versatile designs along with lightweightness and flexibility that offer a barefoot-like feel. It means you have the option to choose from casual sneakers, athletic shoes and slip-ons. 

Allbirds offers a 1-month return policy and allows to return shoes if customers are not happy with them. 

Allbirds is also committed to the community and continuously updates shoes with the latest technologies and more sustainable materials and invites collaborations from customers to manufacture shoes not only perfect for the community but also for the planet. 

Allbirds commitment to different manufacturers is a testament that the brand cares about transparency and accuracy in each product. 

The headquarters of Allbirds is in San Francisco, but the shoes are manufactured in different countries. Commonly, the merino wool used in these shoes is processed in Italy, and shoes are manufactured in China. 

Allbirds Wool Runner is the best-selling product with a classic design and commitment to sustainability and comfort. 

Overview of New Balance:

In 1906, New Balance Arch Support multinational Company was founded by William J. Riley in Boston. 


William was inspired by how chickens balanced their body on three divided feet, so he decided to manufacture his first footwear product called “flexible arch support” with three support points to enhance the balance and comfort of shoes. 

The brand is different from other brands because of the adaptation of technical features such as a heel counter, a wide range of sizes and a blended gel insert, which make New Balance shoes slightly more expensive than other companies. 

New Balance sponsors sports teams, leagues, New York Road Runners, the Basketball Association and the Boston Red Sox. Besides, the company has collaborated with Aimé Dore, Norse Projects, NBA star Leonard and Paul Smith.

Regardless of many other world-renowned brands such as Adidas and Nike, New Balance kept itself as the best brand that has been working for almost 100 years in the manufacturing of quality and exceptional sneakers and shoes with utmost comfort for athletes.  

New Balance manufactured the globe’s first running shoe with a ragged sole named Trackster in various widths and styles. Mostly, New Balance used the term ‘Dad shoe” to describe highly performing models. 

New Balance mainly manufactures shoes in the US, while some famous models, such as 990, are manufactured in the UK. Some other countries where these shoes are manufactured:

  • Vietnam
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

New Balance has introduced many sneakers and shoes that are famous among many customers but the best seller product is the New Balance 990V5 Core with classic outlines and premium leather that make shoes ideal for an active lifestyle because they offer cushioning and support. 

Differences Between The Brands

After getting an idea about both brands and their achievements, it is time to explore some common points that help you differentiate between the two:

1) Comfort

Allbirds shoes are highly committed to comfort because of the use of eucalyptus tree fiber which improves soft and breathable feel. With simplicity, these shoes are also comfortable and become the best choice for casual wear. 

With low-density foam in the soles, Allbirds shoes feel light, and merino wool offers signature style comfort like walking on the cloud feel. Due to merino wool, shoes are perfect to absorb moisture as well as odor which enhances comfort and long day wearing experience.

A survey has been done, which showed that almost 60 people with different foot sizes, needs and genders consider Allbirds shoes comfortable. Overall, out of 100%, almost 91% of people rate the comfort of these shoes. 

New Balance shoes come with unlimited cushioning types and support systems, which make them the right choice for everyday wear. Along with that, the upper sole is equipped with premium materials that provide ventilated room to shoes, which makes them perfect for all types of foot sizes, even for extra wide and flat feet. 

The use of cushioning technologies such as Fresh Foam and ABZORB enhances the comfort and responsive feel in both the running and walking shoes of New Balance. Plus, the shoes come with different widths to overcome the fit needs of all feet. 

2) Flat Feet

Flat feet need more comfort, cushioning, stability and exceptional arch support. In such a case, New Balance is the winner because it comes with many cushioning technologies that enhance support for flat feet.

Among many other models of New Balance, the 860 series is considered to be the best for flat feet and overpronation issues because of the use of advanced technologies such as Fresh Foam for excellent comfort and support. 

On the other hand, Allbirds shoes are committed to comfortable yet sustainable construction but not as perfect for flat feet as New Balance shoes.

3) Walking

Allbirds are considered the best walking and traveling shoes that allow you to walk long miles. Among all other models, wool runners offer comfortable walking as well as a day wear experience. Also, these models have moisture-absorbing and breathable features, which make them the right choice for jogging, hiking and cross-training activities

New Balance also offers the best walking shoes because of the brand’s commitment to comfort, support and durability. Also, the use of cushioning technologies absorbs shock and enhances comfort, which aligns foot movement and minimizes the risk of discomfort during long walks. 

Some famous walking shoes of New Balance are:

  • New Balance 928v3 
  • New Balance 847v4
  • New Balance 411v2
  • New Balance 1865 
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 
  • New Balance 840v4

4) Popularity

Allbirds earned success and fame as the Silicon Valley Staples because of simple and comfortable shoes. But now it has earned huge popularity because of celebrity endorsements such as Jessica Alba and Leonardo DiCaprio. In today’s generation, from college students to busy parents to dancers to nurses, everyone is seen wearing Allbirds shoes. 

New Balance is another famous brand because of its commitment to innovation and craftsmanship that attracts a diverse customer base, such as professional athletes, comfort seekers, and fashion enthusiasts. 

5) Target Market

If you are looking for sustainable and comfortable shoes, Allbirds is for you. Due to simplicity, quality and merino wool, these shoes attract the attention of users who want to enhance their style with minimalist plus ethical shoes.

Whether you are a beginner-level athlete or a professional as well as lifestyle-conscious user, New Balance is for you. With comfortable, supportive, stylish and functional shoes, this brand also attracts the attention of casual wearers. 

6) Price

Allbirds shoes have an average cost of $100-$170. 

While New Balance has an estimated price of $100, some models can go upto $200.

7) Design

Allbirds shoes have a simple and comfortable design without flashy logos and extra details that can enhance the natural beauty of shoes. With a unique aesthetic and a wide variety of colors, these shoes are easy to recognize. 

With minimalist design, clean lines and unembellished outlines, these shoes look perfect with any outfit. Also, the use of merino wool and other sustainable materials makes them perfect for eco-conscious users. 

New Balance shoes are available in classic and understated designs with striking details and precise stitching, which can enhance the wearer’s personality. 

With modern flair and contemporary elements, these shoes offer bold and versatile statements according to different tastes. The N logo on each New Balance shoe reflects a deeply rooted legacy along with innovative features. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

In the end, both brands offer quality shoes for different conditions, such as for performance seekers or people with foot issues, New Balance is good to go. It is because the brand is committed to style and fun without sacrificing functionality. 

However, for casual wear, Allbirds shoes are the right choice because they keep your feet cool and relaxed even after a long time of wear. 

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