New Balance Vs Ryka: Which Is Better For You?

Having the perfect pair of shoe not only let your feet feel comfortable but it also boost your confidence and performance while hitting the ground. 

With so many options to choose from, two brands (New Balance and Ryka) touch the hearts of many fans because of their wide variety of footwear product lines equipped with the latest technologies. 

To decide the right brand, you need to do a lot of research and here comes this article that will explore many points about both brands. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance and Ryka:

New BalanceRyka
Classic and understatedClean, simple and women-centric design
Offer better arch supportOffer little arch support in a few models
For men, women and childrenOnly for women
Good for everyday wear, running, walking and trainingPerfect for walking, running, training, fitness, outdoor adventures, water activities and orthotic use
Casual shoes, sports shoes, running and athletic shoesWalking shoes, running shoes, training shoes, cross-training shoes, trail running shoes, water shoes, sandals, sneakers and slip-ons and Mary Janes shoes
Highly durableDurability may vary based on models
More breathableBreathable
Lightweight models in different categories, mainly in running and performance linesLightweight models in training and athletic footwear lines
ExpensiveAverage price range
6-month NDurance rubber outsole limited warranty1-year limited warranty

Overview of New Balance:

In 1906, New Balance Arch Support multinational Company was founded by William J. Riley in Boston. 


William was inspired by how chickens balanced their body on three divided feet, so he decided to manufacture his first footwear product called “flexible arch support” with three support points to enhance the balance and comfort of shoes. 

The brand is different from other brands because of the adaptation of technical features such as a heel counter, a wide range of sizes and a blended gel insert, which make New Balance shoes slightly more expensive than other companies. 

New Balance sponsors sports teams, leagues, New York Road Runners, the Basketball Association and the Boston Red Sox. Besides, the company has collaborated with Aimé Dore, Norse Projects, NBA star Leonard and Paul Smith.

Regardless of many other world-renowned brands such as Adidas and Nike, New Balance kept itself as the best brand that has been working for almost 100 years in the manufacturing of quality and exceptional sneakers and shoes with utmost comfort for athletes.  

New Balance manufactured the globe’s first running shoe with a ragged sole named Trackster in various widths and styles. Mostly, New Balance used the term ‘Dad shoe” to describe highly performing models. 

New Balance mainly manufactures shoes in the US, while some famous models, such as 990, are manufactured in the UK. Some other countries where these shoes are manufactured:

  • Vietnam
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

New Balance has introduced many sneakers and shoes that are famous among many customers but the best seller product is the New Balance 990V5 Core with classic outlines and premium leather that make shoes ideal for an active lifestyle because they offer cushioning and support. 

Overview of Ryka:

Ryka is a women-inspired footwear brand and was founded by Sheri Poe in 1987, who aimed to manufacture women-fitted athletic shoes because she understood that women’s feet are different in size, shape, weight and arch height. 

Ryka was established not only as a footwear brand but also as a commitment to the use of innovative technologies to set new standards for women-inspired designs. 

Sheri’s understanding of the complexities of women’s feet, as well as her introduction of enough arch support and cushioning, make the shoes not only stylish but also enhance performance during running, walking and training. 

Ryka shoes are also the celebration of charm, power and individuality of women who want to embrace their style in the athletic industry. 

After 10 years of foundation, in 1997, the brand merged with Global Sports, which was then sold out to American Sports Company. 

Sheri established a Rose Foundation to stop cruelty against ladies and introduced her shoes to Princess Diana.

The headquarter of Ryka is situated in Irvine, California which makes it a US brand. However, all Ryka shoes are manufactured in different Asian countries, mainly in China, but stored in US warehouses. 

Ryka has introduced a lot of walking, running and athletic shoes but the best-selling product is Devotion Plus 4 Walking Shoe because of its anatomical design and latest cushioning technologies that offer a better walking experience. 

Differences Between The Brands

The story doesn’t end here. Now I will let you explore some other features of both brands to decide which must be your next companion:

1) Comfort

Ryka prefers comfort in each shoe specially designed for women’s feet biomechanics. The main feature of each Ryka shoe is arch support that evenly distributes weight and minimizes stress on feet for long days standing or other activities. 

The Ryka shoes are equipped with a RE-ZORB cushioning system that not only absorbs impact but also keeps the feet responsive and comfortable. 

With the soft footbed and midsole and customized fit, Ryka shoes allow women to walk extra miles without making their feet feel fatigued. 

Each Ryka shoe has breathable and moisture-absorbing features that maintain the temperature and keep the feet dry and cool. 

New Balance shoes are highly cushioned and comfortable because of the use of fresh foam as well as ABZORB technologies that offer a cozy and cool cocoon to your feet while reducing impact and fatigue, which makes them the right option for long-distance activities

With the availability of different widths and sizes, the shoes fit perfectly to each foot. Also, the brand’s commitment to quality and precision makes the shoes supportive and stable as well as breathable, which becomes an ideal option in intense workouts

2) Flat Feet

When we talk about people with normal arches, both brands are somehow a better choice, but when it comes to flat feet or high arches, New Balance offers excellent arch support, stability and comfort that also minimizes the risk of overpronation.

However, Ryka shoes are specially designed for women to overcome the biomechanics needs of women’s feet, so they are not recognized as perfect for flat feet. 

3) Popularity

Ryka earned fame because of women-centric designs with athletic shoes mainly customized according to women’s feet biomechanics. Due to the construction of supportive and comfortable shoes, Ryka is famous among women involved in different physical activities such as training, running, walking and fitness.

New Balance shoes are also popular among the athletic industry and have a broad customer base of all genders and ages. Due to the construction of quality, comfortable and functional shoes, New Balance is the best brand in athletic and casual footwear

The brand also offers a diverse footwear product line in various sizes and widths that can fit all feet shapes and sizes.

4) Target Market

Ryka mainly targets women who want to embrace their style and name in the athletic industry as well as other physical activities. As the shoes are manufactured according to the unique biomechanical needs of women’s feet, these are supportive as well as comfortable. 

New Balance’s target market doesn’t lie around only women, while the brand is committed to overcoming the needs of all genders and ages who want to engage in athletic activities and embrace their casual style. Also, the brand is the right option for comfort seekers who want supportive plus cushioning shoes. 

5) Price

For New Balance shoes, you need to invest $100-$200.

Ryka shoes need an investment of $80-$140, which is not a big amount if you want supportive and best shoes. 

6) Design

Ryka’s design mainly revolves around women-centric innovative shoes with a keen focus on biomechanics and the anatomy of women’s feet. 

The brand constructs shoes with proper arch support, foot shape and weight distribution for a woman’s feet, which ensure support and cushioning from heel to toe. 

With a breathable upper and overlays, the shoe allows the air to flow and keeps the feet comfortable yet dry and cool. 

However, the RE-ZORB technology creates a plush yet responsive feel that not only absorbs shock but also reduces stress on joints. 

The traction and durability of Ryka shoe’s outsole is because of the use of quality materials and patterns along with attention to each detail that enhances stability on all surfaces. 

New Balance shoes are the fusion of functionality, style and comfort because of the incorporation of advanced technologies that overcome the needs of all genders and go better for different activities. 

The classic and understated design with unique lines and contemporary flair make the shoes attractive for casual wear and go ideal with all types of outfits. 

New Balance shoes are also available in a wide variety of styles, widths and sizes that make them perfect for all foot shapes and sizes. 

The versatile and sleek look of the shoes not only makes them an ideal choice for casual wear while these is also perfect for running, walking and other activities. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

It is concluded that both brands are a super choice whether you have to choose them for running, walking and athletic activities because these have unique benefits. However, which brand is better for you is based on how and where you walk or run and which shoe fits you comfortably. 

New Balance is the better option because the brand is dedicated to catering to the needs of all genders and ages with a variety of different sizes and widths.

In comparison, Ryka only caters to the needs of women because the brand only constructs shoes with women-centric designs.  

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