Gravity Defyer Vs New Balance: Which Is Better For You?

Talking about quality and comfortable shoes means considering New Balance and Gravity Defyer because of their loyal customer base. 

Both brands are highly reputable as the best shoemaking companies, but which will be the best bet for you? 

To answer this question in detail, I have compiled some factors along with overviews of both brands. So let’s start:

Comparison Table Between Gravity Defyer and New Balance:

Gravity DefyerNew Balance
Suitable for walking, traveling and casual wearGood for everyday wear, running, walking and training
VersoShock technology shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, sandals and work shoesCasual shoes, sports shoes, running and athletic shoes
Runs smallTrue to size 
DurableHighly durable
Less breathableMore breathable
AverageSlightly more expensive
2-months warranty period6-month NDurance rubber outsole limited warranty

Overview of Gravity Defyer:

Alexander Elnekaveh crafted the first Gravity Defyer shoe in 2004 after he realized the cancerous growth in the heel area of his nephew. 

Gravity Defyer founder

However, Gravity Defyer, a medical technology corporation, was founded in 2008 with the help of mechanical engineers, designers and podiatrists. 

Gravity Defyer is known as the therapeutic footwear company that manufactures shoes to provide support and relief to feet from injuries as well as maintain alignments. 

The brand features an original sole technology called VersoShock, which allows your feet to take each step by absorbing shock. 

Other than this, the brand also has incorporated VersoCloud and Fit orthotics in many daily wear shoes that care for your feet. 

The use of engineered polymers as well as industrial-grade Memory springs push the feet and make them feel light and pain-free. 

People with foot, ankle, and even back pain can go with Gravity Defyer shoes because the brand offers a wide range of shoe options that allow them to get the experience of life that they deserve. 

The headquarters of Gravity Defyer is in Sherman Oaks, California, but the shoes are manufactured in China because of low manufacturing costs. 

The Mighty Walk Athletic Shoe is considered as the best-selling product of Gravity Defyer because it offers enough support and comfort to users who are suffering from foot issues. The incorporation of VersoShock technology minimizes the impact on joints and allows to wear these shoes for long hours. 

Overview of New Balance:

In 1906, New Balance Arch Support multinational Company was founded by William J. Riley in Boston. 


William was inspired by how chickens balanced their body on three divided feet, so he decided to manufacture his first footwear product called “flexible arch support” with three support points to enhance the balance and comfort of shoes. 

The brand is different from other brands because of the adaptation of technical features such as a heel counter, a wide range of sizes and a blended gel insert, which make New Balance shoes slightly more expensive than other companies. 

New Balance sponsors sports teams, leagues, New York Road Runners, the Basketball Association and the Boston Red Sox. Besides, the company has collaborated with Aimé Dore, Norse Projects, NBA star Leonard and Paul Smith.

Regardless of many other world-renowned brands such as Adidas and Nike, New Balance kept itself as the best brand that has been working for almost 100 years in the manufacturing of quality and exceptional sneakers and shoes with utmost comfort for athletes.  

New Balance manufactured the globe’s first running shoe with a ragged sole named Trackster in various widths and styles. Mostly, New Balance used the term ‘Dad shoe” to describe highly performing models. 

New Balance mainly manufactures shoes in the US, while some famous models, such as 990, are manufactured in the UK. Some other countries where these shoes are manufactured:

  • Vietnam
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

New Balance has introduced many sneakers and shoes that are famous among many customers but the best seller product is the New Balance 990V5 Core with classic outlines and premium leather that make shoes ideal for an active lifestyle because they offer cushioning and support. 

Differences Between The Brands

After overviewing both brands, I am exploring some factors that can make one brand a superb choice over the other.

1) Comfort

New Balance shoes have fresh foam soles with a high-level comfort zone that offers a soft and responsive feel to feet. With sides stretching more, the shoes offer a secure fit with a bucket seat feeling. Also, the pinhole side pattern minimizes the weight of the shoes by offering a thick cushioning stack. 

New Balance shoes are equipped with an ultra cushioning feel and improve natural foot gait because of the use of EVA foam and ABZORB technology that keep them last for many years. Also, the spacious toe box allows the feet to flatten as per needs and keeps them cozy and free of injuries. 

Gravity Defyer shoes have G-comfort orthotics, which enhance cushioning and support on the feet. Also, the shoes put less strain on joints and become the better choice for arthritics and diabetic patients. With the PU parts, the shoes enhance the cooling effect in all types of weather conditions. 

Each Gravity Defyer shoe is equipped with a sock liner that minimizes the fungal and bacterial growth, which then reduces odor

The use of VersoShock, along with VersoCloud technology, reduces the impact and stress on your feet and aligns your feet by offering stability. However, both of these technologies don’t let the shoes to be supportive while walking and running on rough surfaces. 

2) Flat Feet

If you have flat feet and want comfortable plus supportive shoes, then New Balance must be your priority because these shoes offer enough arch support and stability while walking and running. 

However, Gravity Defyer shoes are equipped with VersoShock technology that enhances comfort and shock absorption but doesn’t let flat feet feel comfortable and supportive

3) Popularity

New Balance shoes are highly famous because of quality construction, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Also, enough arch support plus special technologies such as Rollbar, fresh foam and ABZORB enhance the fame of this brand not only among fashion enthusiasts but also among many celebrities. 

Gravity Defyer shoes are mainly famous because of their ability to alleviate foot pain, enhance comfort and absorb shock. Also, the use of sustainable materials makes them the best option for casual wear and professional use without leaving much impact on the planet. 

4) Target Market

New Balance addresses the needs of all level athletes, comfort seekers and fitness lovers. From children to men to women to adults to all genders and ages, New Balance is the best brand. The brand also targets the demands of people with flat feet and overpronation. 

Gravity Defyer attracts users who have to play sports and those who want to relieve their foot, ankle, back and knee pain. Most importantly, GDefy shoes overcome the comfort needs of diabetic patients because these absorb shock and keep the feet comfortable during long day wear.

However if you are looking for casual shoes then Gravity Defyer is not a good choice so make sure to find another brand that is specially designed for casual wear.

5) Price

Gravity Defyer shoes scale from $145 to $160. 

While New Balance asks you to pay $100, however, some expensive models can go upto $200.

6) Design

The lace-free and easy slip-on and-off design of GDefy shoes makes them an ideal footwear and minimizes the need of bending the waist

With breathable and ventilated upper, the shoes enhance coolness keep the feet dry and comfortable even on rainy days and reduce the chances of fungal and bacterial growth

Gravity Defyer shoes come with removable insoles and VersoShock technology that leave less impact while evenly allocating the energy in the shoes. 

With the soft inner portion, the shoes enhance the cushioning feel while the spacious toe box allows the feet to move comfortably by enhancing blood flow and minimizing stress and pain in the toes. Also, roomy toes make the shoes super comfortable for people with diabetes and arthritis. 

New Balance shoes come with quality and traditional craftsmanship along with a modern twist. The use of quality materials and precise stitching along with classic elements and contemporary flair, the shoes enhance the look of your overall outfit.

Each New Balance shoe has the N logo along with cutting-end features with a bold statement and versatile look to overcome the needs of all individuals. 

The ergonomic design and durable style of New Balance shoes make them the perfect fusion of form as well as function. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

After reviewing this article, I came to know that Gravity Defyer is the best brand for people who are suffering from leg, ankle, knee, back and foot pain and want a pair of shoes to minimize fatigue and enhance athletic performance.

However, when it comes to enough arch support and responsive feel New Balance takes the winning title because it has both features along with great durability. 

According to me, all these are the main points of both brands which can help you decide which next shoe you need. However, you must try both brands to find out the winner. 

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